It’s Time To Look After Your Kid’s Mental Health!

“My daughter is getting frustrated every time, even after all the luxury around her,” one of my closest friends said to me over the call. As a parent, we try to keep our child healthy and fit physically, but do we really care about their mental health? 

Nutritious food, warm clothes, and a spacious bed can satisfy your child’s physical needs, but what about their emotional needs? Mental health issues can happen at any age, but adults are sound about it, and not kids. Children go through a lot, like exam pressure, bullying, competition, etc.

Good mental health allows children to speak about their problem without hesitating, and can learn new social skills each day. Additionally, encouraging words from parents act as a cherry on the top for improving the children’s self-confidence and healthy emotional outlook on life. 

To make your child mentally and physically fit, it’s important to know the issues too. Commonly, we as a parent are just aware of the stress, but there are some to look after, like:

Some common mental health issues in children’s:


Many parents always get confused between depression and sadness; but, it’s not the same. Depressive illness has a lot of symptoms that affect the kid’s creativity and academics. They will face concentration issues, feeling of worthlessness, increased sensitivity, and changes in sleep patterns. 


If your kid is overthinking about little instances a lot, and are worried about the simplest tasks, then this is anxiety. Anxiety leads to a negative impact on the brain, and the kid gets anger outbursts. Moreover, they will become more irritated than usual, have difficulty sleeping, and think negatively about everything. 


Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a severe mental illness in kids who act before thinking and become more impulsive. This usually happens at the age of 7 to 10, because of sudden changes in academics and school pressure. The symptoms of ADHD are lack of focus, daydreaming, self-focused behavior, and impulsive actions. 


Post-traumatic stress disorders happen in kids because of any past events they face like physical harassment, sexual assault, or bullying. They will also get scary thoughts about these events leading to nervousness, depression, changing sleep patterns, and concentration-problems.

How can you help your child suffering from mental health problems? 

So, as you are now aware of several mental health problems in children, here are some steps you can take to help your child. Being the mother of a daughter, I have realized that this care should not be limited to some days; you need to follow this throughout parenting!

Parental care

Keep a check on physical health: 

I try to build a healthy living environment with my daughter at my home by involving her in my activities, and letting her explore the imaginations. I keep her away from the junks by trying out different, healthy, and exciting alternatives. 

Moreover, my husband and I spare time from our schedule to do a tad bit of exercising every day. I try to tell the benefits of each activity to my daughter to keep her conscious and mindful. Moreover, we plan her bedtime so that she gets adequate sleep every day. 

Keep a check on mental health: 

There are many times when my daughter sits idle and stresses out a bit because of academic pressure and exams. I have learned that kids often crave acceptance from their parents. The relationship between parents and children should be open and secure. 

Your child should know that your love won’t get affected by their accomplishments. When the home is full of affection and unconditional love, kids grow and set realistic goals.

Nurture self-esteem and confidence: 

It’s important to encourage children’s first steps every time to boost their self-confidence and esteem. We often try new games for our daughter as it helps her to explore new things in the surrounding, and become an active participant. 

The best advice I could ever give to any parent is to avoid harmful and sarcastic comments whenever their kid fails to do anything. It can discourage them and can lead to mental issues. 

Make time for play: 

Be a playmate of your child and allow them to lead while playing. I usually play monopoly and other board games with my daughter, and sometimes I let her win purposely to boost confidence. 

Talk about feelings:

As a parent, there are many times you will lose temper and might end up hurting your kid; even I do that sometimes. But I prefer talking about my feelings to her and staying as transparent as I can. 

And as I am open to my daughter, even she speaks out her problems and feelings without hesitating. 

Seek professional help 

Signs of fear: 

There are some common warning signs you can look after before going for the professional assistance of evaluation. 

  • Regular anxiety 
  • Hyperactivity
  • Frequent temper problems
  • Constant irritation
  • Low grades and struggle in academics
  • Poor performance in curriculum activities 

Choose the right therapy:

Not all the problems of kids can be resolved by parents. In severe cases, you need to take the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist as they use a combination of therapies and treatments to help your kid cope with mental problems.

For the past few years, many teenagers and children are going through severe depression and taking the worst steps like suicide. Parent’s hectic schedules keep them busy throughout the day, and the kid doesn’t get the proper attention and care. 

Be there with your kid when they need you the most because a little ignorance affects their brain adversely. Enjoy every little moment, because if you don’t do it now, you may regret it later! Happy Parenting! 

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25 Replies to “It’s Time To Look After Your Kid’s Mental Health!

  1. The current COVID19 times have taken away the normal lives of children. Its heartbreaking to see how so many kids have changed their natures and behaviour. Your post is extremely useful for all parents. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this insightful post because yes today kids mental health is very much important and apart from that how to deal with kids mental health is is equally important I really like the well researched article

  3. I agree keep a check on kids mental and physical health has become even more important during this crisis. I make sure to spend lot of time with my kids whether its is study or playing time.

  4. I’ve seen my kids through tantrums like never before during the lockdown and it has been challenging to indulge them. Mental health issues in kids are just as serious. Good and helpful post!

  5. COVID has affected kid’s mental health. Not all are able to express their feelings and it is our responsibility to understand and closely monitor their mental health.

  6. I believe it is very important to maintain an open communication with our kids to know their mental state and with regular communication you can help them to cope up with routine stress, and depression. Great post with useful tips.

  7. Because of the covid thing kids are very much affected and that is putting a bad impact on their mental health and behaviour. Your post is very much helpful in this case .

  8. I really hope all pay attention to the mental health of their kids , specially during this pandemic situation. Mental issues with kids is for real and it’s important to notice it’s signs right in time, so the required help can be provided to a child right in time.

  9. thought provoking article. indeed, in these times, we are all dealing with situations that are new and this has heightened the emotions of almost everyone. it is important to recognise symptoms and take steps to help kids with their well being and health.

  10. Mental health and well being of children often goes unnoticed. In recent pandemic kids are bound indoors and the external environment is taking a toll on them. This post is an awareness for many parents. Glad you spoke about it.

  11. Thank you for writng on this topic. I agree with you that we often worry about our child’s growth and physical health but at the same time we don’t pay heed to their mental & emotional health. I am sure many parents will find this post helpful as you have explained the ways to help children suffering from mental health problems. It will make them aware of the mental health problems.

  12. This situation is really difficult for kids and like us they also feel depressed and down. Mood swings happen for them too. So its high time to take care of their mental health.

  13. I agree with the current situation that is ongoing Kids mental health needs to be looked after also. As they are currently restricted at home and cannot mingle with kids physically in playground etc. Parennts need to address this thing.

  14. This time is not also easy for kids. Like us they also have mood swings, down feeling but they cant express. So we have to understand it and have to deal this with care and love.

  15. A very helpful post. I’d say that there’s one more thing that we must watch-out for. The restlessness caused due to the addiction to screens. For example improper sleep or the lack of any. Missing noon nap time, etc. This is that tough time when it’s hard to know what else to do…

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