Take an Eco-friendly move: Shift to sustainable living

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Technology is at its peak now, and after Artificial intelligence the advancement has reached to a new level. It’s just like you are imagining a thing one day, and after years pass by you have it in your front. The abrupt change in humanity is something far beyond someone’s imagination. Humans have not just created towers reaching the height of sky, but also a living space that is much cosier and advanced.

With all these drastic and sudden changes in everybody’s lifestyle, Did we all humans forget the beauty of nature? With so much advancement happening around, nature is paying the toll. Humans are brutally chopping down trees and forests for their own comforts. All the natural resources are getting affected adversely, be it the global warming issues, ozone layer depletion, deforestation, and acid rain. The overall loss of biodiversity is a warning sign for our future generations.

Planet earth has been destroyed by all these environmental hazards humans are practicing. If looked through a clear vision, the future looks deserted. However, humans have adaptable skills and before leading to the path of total doom they can surely start taking steps in the right direction.

To give light to the ongoing environmental problems, humans have practiced a lot of blunt steps.Among several concepts, the most effective ones is Sustainable Housing. This step is getting practiced by a lot of individuals and taking a different kind of momentum. Talking about the importance and benefits of sustainability living, the list is endless.

Through this step you can make use of resources and energy efficiently but also with minimal impact on the environment. As a result, you can responsibly promote a better quality of life having less wastage and best reliability.
If you desire to take a step ahead to converge the natural resources, you can make your home sustainable. Now, many people often get horrified by such big and fancy names, but in reality, it’s a bare minimum step consisting of fewer improvements. To help you achieve the wish of building sustainable homes, you can try the below-given tips, which we have incorporated for your betterment:

Five things you can do to build an Eco-conscious living space:

Lightings: You can make use of lighter hues to set the tone of a room to save energy, as artificial lighting consumes more comparatively. Be it the colour of your wall, curtains, and couches, always try to think of a paler colour scheme that will always reduce the need for lights. To maximise the natural lighting at your home space you can reduce dependency on electricity by switching to natural light or by the use of solar lamps.

While building a new home, try incorporating bigger windows and skylights. You can also use reflective surfaces for utilising the amount of light bouncing off. You can also use LED light bulbs as they consume less power and come in a varied brightness range.

Furniture: It’s quite difficult to find furniture that is made out of sustainable and recycled materials. However, you can take help of several websites or your builder. Sustainable furniture is the best upgrade you can have for your house.Try to avoid plastic and polyester sheets as much as you can. There are many designers available who can help you reclaim all the wood to craft tables and chairs to give a classic yet loft look. Try using teak instead of wood as an alternative because it is highly durable
and sturdy.

Textiles: Many individuals often say that synthetic materials contribute well to the environment in the long run because of its durability and ability. It stays longer as compared to other materials. You can also make use of materials like wool, cotton and jute as they are the best options for fashioning pillows, bedding, upholstery, carpets, etc.Try using recycled materials for construction to reduce the environmental impact.
Additionally, wool is the best choice, as it is recyclable, anti-bacterial, moisture absorbent and fire-resistant in nature.

Flooring: Choose wood and stone flooring instead of vinyl. Yet another best option is linoleum as it offers sustainable flooring. All of these are made of natural materials, which in turn makes everything biodegradable. Use materials that provide the right amount of insulation. Such material options are not just Eco-conscious but in the trend too.

Walls: There are a lot of paint companies offering less abrasive options if you are taking an Eco-friendly step. You can get a perfect and renewable wood finish. The most popular options comprise bamboo and cork. More specifically bamboo, can be harvested quickly in two to three years whereas normal wood takes over a decade.

Solar panels :Invest more on solar power appliances because they all are completely worth it.

Last but not the least, Choose energy Star rating appliances for household purposes as they are more energy-efficient. Try using flush toilets, low-flow taps, and faucets for water conservation.

Final Thoughts
It’s essential to build and maintain a sustainable home that would not just benefit towards the better environment but also consumes less energy. If you are wishing to take up the eco-friendly initiative, then this is the best move to opt for. However, it’s a bit tedious to choose the right pieces,
where most of the individuals don’t prefer sustainable living.

If you don’t have much time around, then simply contact a professional architecture to help you instantly. Being an Architect myself I can help you explore various options and help you best with the energy-saving designs for your dream home. Make the future bright, greener, and the best place to live in for your future.

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  1. I just loved this concept and suggested option by you. Though I knew few aspects of sustainable living but sustainable furniture is really new to me. Will explore more about it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have been meaning to install solar panels in my home, as I believe in the concept of sustainable living. Also wooden flooring is such a wonderful idea. When I used to live in Korea, wooden flooring was so common in several households.

  3. These are some amazing and informative tips. I love such informative articles. And we are planning to invest on solar power appliances just because you also mentioned above that they all are completely worth it.

  4. As they say, charity begins at home, and so does sustainability. There are so many small ways in which one can contribute to sustainable practices like energy saving, reducing the use of plastics, etc.. Your points highlight how one can incorporate sustainability in our day to day lives.

  5. I am so happy reading about the sustainable housing. Such an awesome concept. I know most builders are these days going towards sustainable housing.

  6. This is a beautiful article…. we have shifted frm plastic to more of glass for containers and bottles and also recycle the water used….

  7. Being staunch believer of sustainable lifestyle approach this blog is indeed helpful to put some really practical and helpful approach… Love this ❤

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