Women, Mental Health, and Tips to overcome them!

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The pandemic was an eye-opener to many! The word Mental Disorder came into highlight, due to increasing stress, but What actually is Mental Wellness?

In simpler terms, Mental Health is related to a person’s emotional, social, and psychological wellness. If an individual is able to handle stress positively, and can make healthy choices without hurting it’s own and other’s life cycle, then they have a great mental well-being. A sound mental health helps an individual to work productively and fruitfully.

However, due to constant hustle-bustle in everyday life, it’s difficult to maintain a healthy balance.  Stress can happen to anyone at any stage of life, be it childhood, adolescence, or adulthood. But realizing and accepting that it is okay not to be okay is the key spirit to stay upright and on the right track.

Emotional vulnerability is among the major causes of stress, and that’s the reason why womens are more prone to get any mental illnesses than mens. Being a woman myself, I feel this everyday, and it’s not just me, but even the numbers display the same. Did you know  One of five women experiences mental problems at least once in their life? Yes, that’s the fact!

Womens become more sensitive while trying to gracefully carry out their lives. We try to do everything best in the most possible way to keep everyone around us happy. Be it from taking care of our families, or giving our best at the workplace.

However when it comes to taking care of our own self, we hesitate a lot, Don’t we? And in return all of this invites different types of mental issues like anxiety, mood swings, depression, eating disorders, stress, resulting in menstrual imbalances, and a lot more! 

Different Types of Mental Health Issues Women’s Face due to irregularities in their life –

Postpartum Depression:

After my delivery, I used to worry and cry a lot over small things. This made me reach out to my gynae, and she suggested expressing my problems; thus I shifted to my maternal house for a month. Postpartum depression occurs after childbirth due to dramatic drop in body hormones.

Many women staying in a neutral family, face this problem, as it’s difficult to take care of a baby all alone. Thankfully, my gynaecologist told me about this situation, and it helped me to come out of the situation sooner!

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder:

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder also called PMDD is a severe premenstrual syndrome affecting an individual’s lifestyle changes adversely. I personally didn’t go through this situation but this chronic condition is getting common nowadays. The symptoms of PMDD are experienced during the second half of the menstrual cycle and can last until menopause!


Depression impacts several areas of women’s life including relationship, career, social life, physical health, and a lot more. The symptoms of depression vary from mild to severe and can cause changes in sleeping and eating patterns. Some of my friends often had stress due to several reasons, but drawing on the support of others is very helpful under such cases!

Workplace stress :

Workplace stress is quite common in every individual’s life, and I personally felt this! I started working part-time, and it was not easy at all. After my maternity, I resumed my job, and faced a lot of inequalities. I became an easy target for not staying up late for meetings. Some days, I used to leave the office early, and as a result I didn’t get an expected raise in my salary.

On one side it was my child and on the other side the work pressure which I feel many women have got daunted by! I used to feel worried most of the times, and it took almost a year for me to accept the reality.

How Can Women Maintain Their Mental Health Issues Effectively:

Speak up about your depression:

Hiding your anxiety or depression may make it worse. Try to tell your problems, symptoms, and effects to anyone ready to listen to you. If you don’t feel like talking to a closer member of your family, you can take the help of a therapist. Psychotherapy is one of the effective ways to treat anxiety and clinical depression, as well.

Do more outdoor activities:

Outdoor activities not just make an individual physically fit, but also it has major benefits on mental health. Even after I don’t have any mental disorder or illness, I choose to go for long walks with my family once in the whole day to stay fit. Exercising release hormone called Endorphins, that boost up the overall energy and reduces pain.

Stay strict on caffeine:

Mental illness in women often oversee changes in eating habits. Caffeine intake causes headache, irritability, and fatigueness, leading to depressed mood. Instead of caffeinated products you can drink more water or juicy fruits to keep yourself hydrated.

Plan proper bedtime:

A lack of sleep worsen the symptoms of mental illness in womens, and can cause insomnia. You can try improving your sleep cycle naturally by following some simple tips. I often do a lot of physical activities throughout the day so that I get a sound sleep in the night. During mental illness, you must avoid large meals and try following a healthful diet!

Build a strategy for Indoor Activities:

Indoor activities are a must for those suffering through any mental illness, and for almost everyone. I try doing Meditation in the morning. Meditation is much needed for mindfulness and mental relaxation which I learnt through the gratitude workshop, I joined recently.

Planning my day beforehand, and practicing regular breathing exercises worked well for me. I often try doing enjoyable activities with my daughter like talking with her about her day, helping her with studies, during my break time, and hence even you can follow the same!

Anxiety or depression occurs in most women’s lives because of their hectic schedule and lack of stress and time management. If you feel like you are going through any mental health difficulties, don’t ever hesitate to talk to someone. It’s not a curse to be depressed or anxious, and the quicker you take action, the sooner you will get the results. Speak out your problems to a close member of your family before taking any medication, because emotional support matters a lot.

Live freely, because you live once!

I am a part of the women supporting women community #WSWBlogHop and I truly believe that we should support, empower each other and grow together.

32 Replies to “Women, Mental Health, and Tips to overcome them!

  1. Very insightful article! Rightly said, ‘Stress can happen to anyone at any stage of life’. This pandemic has definitely made it worse.
    Women need to focus on their mental health. It is extremely important to accept ‘that its ok not to be ok’.
    You have pointed out the elements related to this issue very fittingly, creating an important awareness.

  2. So agree with you Jyoti we women give all our mind and heart in the best care of peoole around us and becomes the laziest creature when it comes to our own self, which is actually a major long term drawback of being a woman. Absolutely well said by you that depression and anxiety problems can be solved in no time just by a simple discussion with the right person at the right time.

  3. Wow lovely tips. Mental Health is something that can’t be recognized earlier till we get to know from a survivor. It took me long to detect that I am a depression fighter. Your tips are very useful. We should follow them properly. Thanks for sharing dear. Best wishes.

  4. Awesome tips that make so much sense. I mean I can understand why women are generally stressed out. Housework. And then the added crap like abusive husband or non-supportive in laws, etc just make things worse.

  5. Jyoti, you have listed all the stages a woman can confront depression. Many times the acceptance of the anxiousness is not taken and then it leads to more stress and further when one cannot match their expectations then the depression occurs.

  6. I agree with you that a woman’s life is very stressful especially post motherhood. Handling children and a career is not easy. I can totally relate to workplace stress. After my daughter’s birth, my employer refused to give me any flexibility with work and therefore I had no option but to quit my job. I do meditation and Surya namaskar on a regular basis to release my stress.

  7. A woman’s life is very stressful especially post motherhood. Handling children and a career is not easy. I can totally relate to workplace stress. After my daughter’s birth, my employer refused to give me any flexibility with work and therefore I had no option but to quit my job. I do meditation and Surya namaskar on a regular basis to release my stress.

  8. Live freely because you live once. That’s a beautiful mantra. Women often keep juggling between lot of responsibilities and trying to give their best on each front. This sometimes adds up to expectations from others. But every woman should keep an eye towards their well being. If she is not well, her mental health is not stable then how can she handle her other responsibilities.


  9. Such an amazing write up with many useful tips to keep you mentally healthy. I believe talking to your near one is best way to relive your day to day strees . This small act also work great in dealing with many problems. I really like the way you had shared your own set of struggles here and also shared wonderful suggestions too for dealing with them. My morning is starting with your post. Thanks for giving a positive vibes.

  10. Practical and awesome tips shared. Can’t agree more on this we,woman are the caretakers of all except for ourselves. A topic much needed in today’s time. Pandemic has pushed several to suffer depression and the worst victims are the lady of the house. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this need of the hour topic.

  11. building a strategy is key to creating a routine and some sanity in life. Nicely written, concise and to the point tips to work out issues like depression, PMDD, postpartum depression.

  12. Yes, lack of stress and time management is also a key factor apart from sleep routines. There are so many important points you have highlighted, I am sure it’s going to help many.

  13. Women definitely are easy targets for stress and depression because as you said we have to look out on multiple things. I often feel overwhelmed while taking care of my toddler, but the key is expressing and taking help.

  14. The changes in our lifestyle added stress, environmental factors all add up to affecting our mental health. Its time that we make informed lifestyle choices and work on good quality sleep.

  15. Stress has almost doubled for a woman in the pandemic. WFH, cooking, cleaning, tending to kids with zero minutes left to spare for self care, women are literally getting crushed under pressure. You suggested some rather amazing pointers to kick stress related mental health issues out.

  16. Very useful tips. I feel the solution for most of the problems are sharing. Speak to someone who cares for you, which many of us avoid as we do not want to trouble others. Yoga or any kind of exercising is another way to keep yourself mentally stable.

  17. Seriously every woman goes through so many issues which impact on our mental health especially at work place or family responsibility now this post is worth reading for all the ladies out there definitely going share with my sis and mom..

  18. A much-needed post during these troubled times. I suffered from postnatal depression 35 years ago when no one had even heard about it. Mine became chronic and only when I had a relapse when my daughter was born 5 years later.
    Yes..we should talk about it and destress.

  19. For me personally, the only 2 things that have worked to help me maintain my mental health and peace is 1. Talking out any issues I have 2. Setting out time for myself and thankfully my husband makes sure I get that everyday.

  20. Yes mental stress can happen to anyone even a person who seems to be successful. 2020 was truly an eyeopener. In fact postpartum depression and PMDD are very prevalent.

  21. Yes women does undergoes depression. But the problems is they overlooked and less talked about this issue. Agree seeking doctor help does help

  22. I so agree with the stress factors and reasons of depression in women, however the research shows that men are more prone to depression than women, because we are more adaptive and can handle stress in a better way than men. But again we need to find out the solution to combat the stress and bounce back happily out from every situation.

  23. This is a topic which should be discussed more and more. As a woman, I feel we pay attention to almost everything and everyone around us except us, this needs to change. We have to keep ourselves in priority after all a happy woman can only make a happy home. 🙂

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