Free educational website part 8 -Indian history


In the latest installment of our free educational website series for kids, we delve into the Indian history.

Discover ancient places and people with our interactive videos and media and learn about them in an all new way. History won’t be boring anymore. Log on to a time travel device that takes you and your child back in time! We are not really talking about a device but we are talking about our collection of historical facts for kids. Let your child discover the evolution of the language he speaks in or the history of other languages. Also the legacy of kings and dynasties that ruled the world much before their time. Let him also marvel at great warriors and orators and feel inspired, for it is because of our history, that our present stands tall. History for kids is not for your child only, but you can learn from our page immensely as well. 

Designed to captivate young minds, Part 8 of our series offers a unique and engaging Packed with interactive lessons, colorful visuals, and kid-friendly content, this installment makes learning about the history .