Parenting Tweens: A Balancing Act

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 1,020 total views,  1 views today Parenting tweens is a difficult balancing act.In a world where there is much to explore it is very hard to keepRead More

Ways to teach our kids about money

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 2,713 total views,  1 views today Money is important to perform in life, daily activities. Our living, clothing, the food we eat, our vehicles, education, health; everythingRead More

sustainable living

Lets Shift to sustainable living

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 1,822 total views,  1 views today It’s essential to build and maintain a sustainable living that would not just benefit towards the better environment but also consumesRead More

How to handle Your tween first crush

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 3,247 total views,  116 views today If your tween has a crush, it is a sign that nature has taken its course. The safest thing about thisRead More

Why is parenting a tween so exhausting

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 3,252 total views,  115 views today Parenting should seem easy as kids grow up. Tweens are more likely to be more independent in this stage of theirRead More

Watching Television together with the tweens

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 3,467 total views,  115 views today Kids of this century are surrounded by gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more.These gadgets have given them access to anRead More

Teaching Values of to the tweens

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 663 total views,  1 views today Parents stress teaching values to their tweens through books and articles. But what are these values and what is their importanceRead More

Teaching Responsibilities to Tweens

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 655 total views,  1 views today Tween years are most likely the best time to teach responsibilities. The level of conscientiousness begins to rise for the firstRead More

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