4 Indian Homes That Spotlight Sustainable Design Practises

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Home designs have put everyone awestruck. These designs say a lot about sustainable practises without even uttering a single thing. Let’s have a detailed view of these home designs.

1. Kerala home inspired by Laurie Baker

Kerala home was inspired by the famous architect Laurie Baker and was designed by architect Vinu Daniel. This home was designed for eight family members with a sustainable design. The main idea behind this design was the jackfruit tree and the need for privacy for the family. In this home, the courtyard offered plenty of shade and privacy to conduct family gatherings. This is even accessible from the kitchen. This home is spread across the areas of 2750 square feet and offers a two-story building. The first floor consists of an open living and dining area, three bedrooms, a kitchen, and an open barbeque. Whereas on the second floor, there is one bedroom and a reading area with an adjoining balcony and terrace.

By keeping the sustainable design well in mind, this house is constructed with compressed stabilised earth blocks and rammed earth walls. These walls reduce the consumption of cement by approximately 40% and steel by 30%. But, it doesn’t make it any less strong or durable than reinforced concrete slabs in any aspect. The two floors in the house are connected by a spiral staircase. It is designed with cement over a skeleton of discarded pipes. The brick walls of the house offer a warm glow to the bedrooms of the house.

2. Charming Guwahati home that resides in nature

This phenomenal property spreads across an area of 4128 square feet. It is located within the small premises of the food processing unit in Guwahati. No doubt, this place encounters various noises around it but still, the design of the house is so impeccable that it can easily maintain the privacy of the family members residing inside the house. This house was designed to cater to the needs of acknowledging contemporary living in addition to the responsibility towards the environment. Its central courtyard is the place where the heart of the house lies. The home is decorated with the local arts to give it a royal touch. The main entrance of the house is occupied by lush green surroundings. All the material used in designing the house is of premium quality to offer utmost precision.

3. Home in Trivandrum That Funnels in Air and Light

This aesthetic property is located in the peace of the ever-running city. It is designed with proper ventilation and light to add an extra charm to its beauty. It is designed with sustainable materials to save our mother earth. This place is designed in the form of beehives that are made with fire engine red bricks and offer an illusion of constant movement. The rat trap bond technique is used by the architect to design this house. And, it has proved to be very successful.

This house also experiences wooden scrap pieces with cocoon-like brickwork. It is a true epitome of innovation with sustainability. It even employs a series of mechanisms to minimise resource consumption and offer better and more comfortable surroundings. It is even equipped with a fa├žade with double-glazed units to allow the required amount of sunlight in the house. All credit goes to its low costing e-thermal coating.

4. Home in Ghaziabad that works with nature

This home is designed to respond to the hot and dry climatic conditions of the region in a better way. In this space, the living areas are curated to the north and east whereas a proper private space is allocated to west and south to witness minimal heat. Moreover, the windows are also covered with pergola to ensure comfortable weather throughout the year. This is designed with so much aeration that you only need to switch on fans even in extreme summer conditions. It even accommodates interstitial spaces to offer seamless movement from the inside of the place to the outside environment. The greenery outside the premises creates a lavish and exotic look for the house. This house even serves the hot water requirements of the residents of the house with the assistance of the solar water system installed on the rooftop.


These are some of the wonderful home examples of sustainable development. It is very essential that you should also invest in sustainable products for your house. They will not only help save the earth but also help to have a wonderful design for your premises.

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11 Replies to “4 Indian Homes That Spotlight Sustainable Design Practises

  1. Employing a minimalist mindset and prioritizing hand goods looks so good for our home is truly an eco friendly.

  2. Sustainable lifestyle choices are always better. I’m impressed with how easily goos designs can make home decor beautiful as well as environment friendly.

  3. Superb ideas to decorate the home sustainably. I wish to know more about Ghaziabad home and adapt a few things to make my home more pretty yet functional as Ghaziabad and Gurgaon are from same region so have same climatic conditions.

  4. Sustainable lifestyle choices always appeals to me. I would love to see how these houses looks. so going to google it and will try and aplpy few things in my new home too. thanks for sharing.

  5. I love to read how people are trying to incorporate sustainable practices into their lifestyles. We often feel that its difficult or how to follow environmental friendly things but these examples become our inspiration.

  6. I haven’t seen any of these but I believe all the builder targets one area and first couple of housing schemes enjoy the nature and sustainability until others are built around them.

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