What Makes E-Commerce Platforms Customer Friendly

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Mr. Kapoor, a senior citizen in Delhi, was always fond of fountain pens he had used all his life. However, for the last many years he had been using the gel pens available readily in the market. One day when he thought of writing a book, he wanted to start it with a fountain pen. He searched his neighbourhood stationery shops but could not get a fountain pen. So, he requested everyone in the family to get one but nobody could find it. He then searched it online and could easily find on the e-commerce platform. And since then, he buys everything online. E-commerce platforms have changed the way we shop.

E-commerce platforms are a great way to help customers find the products of their choice in a hassle-free manner even by sitting in their comfort zones. These platforms offer services to the customers every day of the year at any time so that there is no time and location barrier.

1. Convenience of Getting Things Sitting at Home

Like Mr. Kapoor, we all are reaping the benefits of the digital technology and easily ordering stuff sitting at home. It not just saves time, it is also hassle free. No hopping from shop to shop, no parking hassle and no transportation cost. Plus, you order at any time of the day or night as per your convenience and time.

2. Easy Product Search and Availability of Many Options

It rarely happens that you search for a product online and you are not able to find one. Mr. Kapoor could not only find a fountain pen but he found his favourite Parker fountain pen he was very fond of. E-commerce platforms also give you variety of options to choose from. There are millions of products online and one is spoilt for choice.

3. Mobile Apps

Most people visit e-commerce websites from their smartphones. Digital revolution in e-commerce is riding on the back of aggressive smart phone adoption. Mobile phones give us the convenience of shopping from anywhere and at any time of the day. It is a boon to both the sellers and the buyers as it the most user-friendly tool. Mobiles have apps which are designed so well for the convenience of the user. It is easy to search, select and pay online.

4. Different Payment Options

Mr. Kapoor has never used credit card in his life, nor does he trust the online wallets, so he opted for cash-on-delivery option for payment. E-commerce platforms give a user many options for payment like debit card, credit card, wallets and cash on delivery. These days innovative payment options can be availed such as EMI and buy-now-pay-later.

5. Return /Exchange Facility

Most of the e-commerce platforms give 15 to 30 return facility if the product id faulty or not as per specifications. This gives confidence to a customer to freely order product that he or she is not able to touch and feel. The return is picked from the door and replacement delivered. This saves time and transportation costs.

6. Customer Care Facility

Customer care facility by the e-commerce give assurance to the customer that they are in safe hands and their problems will be taken care of. You donā€™t have to haggle with the shop owner for a faulty product. Online chat assistance is another convenient way to contact the customer care at your own speed.

Final Thoughts

E-commerce platforms are a great way to help customers find the products of their choice in a hassle-free manner.E-Commerce is the new future .These platforms offer services to the customers every
day of the year at any time so that there is no time and location barrier.

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10 Replies to “What Makes E-Commerce Platforms Customer Friendly

  1. E commerce sites are time saving and hassle free. It gives great deals that saves money too. Very informative article and so true that e commerce is the new future.

  2. I have had so many incidents like the one mentioned in the beginning of this blog. I remember looking for my childhood candies since a long time and eventually found them on an e-commerce platform. These have actually made life so easy.

  3. Very informative article, and it is undeniably true that e-commerce is the way of the future. Competition is fierce in the e-commerce world. The best eCommerce customer service experiences are quick, positive, and end with the successful delivery of whatever assistance was required from the customer.

  4. I am an avid online shopper from daily milk and bread delivery to shopping beauty products and jewellery I have done. I feel the comfort to shop from home is an amazing plus. Also one can see number of variety and the return policy is the best.

  5. I do love shopping online as it is more convenient and hassle free. and what I love the most is exchange policy that makes things easier for us.

  6. E-commerce is giving us the convenience and flexibility factor. We get the best possible options at deals at the convenience of our homes which makes it customer-friendly choice.

  7. I enjoy shopping on E-comm platforms fr the simple reason, ease. I can choose variety of things at the ease of being at home, get them delivered and exchanged too without any hassle.

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