Employment Opportunities In The Post Pandemic World


Last week, as I sat down for my evening cup of tea, I had an idea – I decided to call an old friend up. The time that would have otherwise been spent mindlessly scrolling through online stores or looking at strangers’ social media pictures was now occupied by a long conversation with a dear friend.

My friend was slightly distressed and was venting to me about how her favourite nukkad store had decided to shut shop due to a huge hit in sales during the pandemic. I realised through our conversation that this issue is not unique to this one store but a lot of small businesses have suffered heavily due to the pandemic.

The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector plays a major role in India’s economy. This sector not only creates millions of jobs every year but also has a significant contribution to the country’s GDP.

Unfortunately, as a consequence of the pandemic, small and medium businesses were hit the hardest. Survival and continuity became a point of major concern. Roughly 7 out of 10 firms have reduced their production capacity to lower the number of temporary workers. 

But, how did people overcome the losses and make employment opportunities even during the pandemic?

While troubleshooting and trying to come up with ideas to save the little nukkad store, we started brainstorming through what other businesses have been doing. Many businesses during the pandemic faced the same challenge, but only a few were able to cope up with the losses. Owners started to find creative ways to change their operating model, and the fun fact is, thousands of them doubled their income by adapting to new strategies.

People started bringing their business online

One of the best modes to operate business even during the pandemic was to take the whole business online and serve customers virtually. With this step followed a few more steps like asking employees to learn new skills to support changes, and adopting new technology processes.

Started selling through marketplaces like Flipkart

Bang in the middle of our conversation, I got a notification from my Flipkart app and remembered something I’d read about a couple of days ago. Since a lot of businesses were unable to sell their product by building their marketplace due to the absence of a certain level of technical skill as well as financial capacity – big names like Flipkart offered to help! Online sales were at a peak during the COVID outbreak, and many sellers with the help of Flipkart sold billions of products during festivals and exclusive sale time.

Started using unconventional advertising methods

Many small businesses stepped into the world of unconventional advertising and made millions through it. By unconventional advertising, I mean using social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook to sell products online.

Starting a business online was no less like starting over, and this time it was not brick and mortar, but an online store. A feasible way for businesses back then, step into the world of online selling was Flipkart as a global marketplace that helped such businesses a lot.

An Initiative by Flipkart

Flipkart, through its initiatives and support, helped the MSMEs on its platform to stand on their foot again. Not only this, Flipkart generated growth and business opportunities. The MSMEs, including sellers, traders, and manufacturers, in turn, generated multiple employment opportunities for Indians, not only in Tier 1 cities but also in Tier 2 & 3 cities and even in the villages.

E-commerce is a huge ecosystem consisting of logistics, warehouses, sellers, and manufacturers. The scale of Flipkart’s operation is so huge that it created lakhs of new jobs through this ecosystem. Flipkart sells more than 80 million products of all kinds on its platform – a product range so wide that it touches every sphere of life in some way or the other. These products are manufactured and sold by millions of people from every nook and corner of the country.

Flipkart’s innovative initiatives helped many families to generate income in tough times.

How Flipkart is empowering MSMEs to generate employment

Since April 2020, Flipkart has been empowering hundreds of MSMEs across the country. Flipkart, a native Indian e-commerce platform has generated plenty of opportunities for MSMEs by supporting their journey of expansion and stability. This was made possible with the help of their robust supply chain infrastructure and dynamic digital ecosystem, which lead to over a million direct and indirect opportunities.

To support and uplift artisans, Indian handicrafts, and the impoverished part of Indian society, Flipkart launched a program called “Samarth” in July 2019. This initiative is aimed at helping them grow their businesses and increase their income by easily reaching the targeted market through digital means.


Well, after a long and heavy conversation, my friend decided that she would take our newly-gained knowledge and offer it to the kind uncle that runs her favourite nukkad store. She texted me yesterday excitedly exclaiming that she’s convinced uncle to give Flipkart a go! For MSMEs in the Flipkart ecosystem, the future seems to be very bright. The Flipkart ecosystem not just helps in generating employment but also contributes immensely to the growth of the country – and the growth of my closet space!

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  1. Its so good to see that people are leveraging ecommerce to their advantage and platforms like Flipkart are making it easier for people to start their online selling journey. Wonderfully put.

  2. Many startups have emerged in the pandemic and few unconventional methods have given them exposure that builded their confidence to move ahead in their business ideas. It is good that company like Flipkart is supporting many MSME’s.

  3. This is a great initiative by flipcart. yes during this pandemic many businesses have suffer from huge losses and it is harder for small ones as they already have limited re sources. filpcart’s smarth yogna is great option to get needed support during this hard days of pandemic.

  4. Nice read. Good to know how the e-commerce giant Flipkart is creating opportunities for people in the post-pandemic world.

  5. Loved to see lot of opportunities mentioned as well as they are available for lot of people!! Definitely a very impressive blog which is trustworthy to implement.
    Thanks for sharing and loved to see more opportunities in next part.

  6. Thanks for this super informative post. Yes during this pandemic employment opportunities and the existing jobs had to face adverse impacts. It is great that giants like Flipkart are giving opportunities for business.

  7. This was such a wonderful initiative by Flipkart to support the MSMEs by providing them an opportunity to grow their businesses. The brands that adapted to the change survived and some even bloomed.

  8. E-commerce is a boon for many businesses be it small or big. Pandemic has really hit hard and instead of complaining people have critically analysed the situation and coming up with some very creative options like online marketing And flipkart is doing great in creating this initiative.

  9. The world acknowledged the power of online platforms and also made rhe most out of it during the pandemic. From online education to shopping, everything is just a click away and it’s a wonderful way to get ones business noticed now.

  10. Deeply appreciate the initiative by e-commerce giants like Flipkart to support the MSMEs. Glad you decided to spread awareness on this.

  11. Ecommerce and MSME together can create numerous opportunities so nobody will need to shut shop. Well written post!

  12. Ecommerce and MSME together can create numerous opportunities so nobody will need to shut shop. Well written post!

  13. I love how you put across your points. We must think of ways to expand small businesses and Flipkart is doing so good.

  14. There is a way to recoup losses during these difficult times too. Thankfully we have ecommerce platforms like Flipkart.

  15. Bringing their business online has really been helpful to a lot of small business owners. This is a good post.

  16. Loved reading your blog post. If only all of us were good Samaritans trying to help our nukkad shop owners!

  17. Loved reading your blog post. If only all of us were good Samaritans trying to help our nukkad shop owners!

    1. When the world was coming to standstill, e-commerce has come with such innovative ideas to keep up the trade and give small businesses their due share of light

  18. When the world was coming to standstill, e-commerce has come with such innovative ideas to keep up the trade and give small businesses their due share of light

  19. It’s good to know that Flipkart has helped MSMEs in a great way by providing them a digital platform to showcase their product.

  20. Difficult times has hardened evrry business owner’s thinking capacity. It great that big names like Flipkart came in light and supported MSMEs.

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