Invest in Girls’Education:key to future growth

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Nowadays, girls are progressing at a rapid speed in the nation. But, there are many instances observed that girls are not allowed to study. Even if we say girls are equal to boys, there is no concrete evidence seen in rural areas. In rural areas, girls are not given the privilege of studying. Besides that, they are engrossed in household chores. And as soon as they turn 18 years of age, they are married. But, it is very important to invest in girls’ education as they can show wonderful results.

But, you must be wondering why one should invest in girls’ education. To have better clarity about the same, keep on reading further.

1. Great earnings

When you educate a girl then your investment will bore great fruits. Girls have the calibre of doing higher-paying jobs. Educated girls can earn better in a job rather than an uneducated one. If you invest in girls’ education then ultimately it will come to you as a return on investment in the form of salary. So, don’t hesitate to spend on girls’ education.

2. Helps to maintain small and sustainable family

If the girls are educated then they can make a sustainable and economically established family. Educated girls are seen to have one or two children because they know the importance of their health. And besides that, they also know how to raise children economically. On the other hand, it is observed that if a girl is not educated then there come a lot of problems with her health and she undergoes various complications. Moreover, in the hope of having a son, they have almost four to five kids.

3. Helps to manage a healthy family

If a girl is educated then being a mother she knows the importance of health. She will be cautious of the required nutrition for the family. In addition to that, she will even take proper care about the vaccine or other requirements of the family. But, if she won’t be educated then how she will be able to take care of a family and take their responsibilities. It is very important to provide them with proper education so they can prosper in their life.

4. Put a bar on child marriage

Child marriage is a social curb that needs to be eliminated from society. When a girl gets proper education then she knows the health effects of early motherhood. When she will choose a career over her marriage at an early stage then she is deciding upon a better and brighter future for herself and her family. This can be only achieved if a girl is well-educated and is socially aware of all these situations around her.

5. Empower women

With education, women get a sense of accomplishment. If they are educated then they have their voice and ideas to put forward. Educated women will handle everything ranging from budgeting to handling all the things perfectly in the house. Educated women have started to raise their voice against inequality that exists in society. Empowered women have the zeal and strength to change the world and perspectives of others around them. Besides, they act as an epitome who can manage the house and the outside work not only perfectly but effectively as well.

Final Thoughts

By now, you must have encountered the reasons why you should invest in a girl’s education. There are many exemplary women out there who have shown their calibre and were able to mark their impact in this nation with their education. Girls are not a burden and they should be treated equally as boys. If boys have the caliber to do something then girls can also do all those things that females can do. So, always pay heed to their education as well and motivate them to study.

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19 Replies to “Invest in Girls’Education:key to future growth

  1. An insightful attempt which full satisfies the need for the reader perspective! Women education is the new oil for 2022 and afterwords and we need to implement changes from today onwards in girl education and their improvements.
    Thanks a lot for writing such a helpful blog.

  2. A couple of months ago I read an article on how rate of girl’s marriages went up during pandemic. It was sad to read that they are seen as a burden. But if girl’s education is taken seriously, it will have so many benefits. These benefits may not be prominently visible but they run in the background.

  3. Education plays key role in everyone’s life and more importantly to a girl where her basic right to knowledge is also not granted to her in many families. But with many schemes and opportunities the face of girl education is changing. Educated girl can surely change the fate of the family, hope the rest of the world also understand this.

  4. being a mom of two girls, I strongly believe in providing quality education to girls. agree with all the reasons, you have mentioned in the post. an educated woman can create a strong foundation for not only her family but for the system as well.

  5. As a mother of 2 girls, I couldn’t agree more. We also believe that giving a quality education is the best gift we can give to our daughters.

  6. yes it is very essential that girls are educated as they form the future families. Also for a healthy and progressive family, this is a prerequisite.

  7. I wish more and more people understand this and take girls’ education seriously. More than saving for their daughter’s marriage parents should invest in her education and give her a chance to stand on her legs.

  8. There is a saying that “an education girl/women means an educated family ” and it’s so true. Girls need to be educated to raise a well educated society in whole along with their personal growth and development.

  9. Education is must for both the gender and specially for girls. I agree to your points and girls education still need to be improved and motivated . It is not only helpful for girls but it will help our country to grow and develop more.

  10. Education is very important for both the genders while girl education is more important. When a women is fairly educated ,she made her family educated as well.

  11. You said it right, education is one key element which can change the entire life of a girl. Educated girl can have a healthy family, this is bang on pointer to understand all the benefits.

  12. An educated girl is an asset for an entire family and we as a society must encourage that at every step. This is the best way to achieve real freedom and independence.

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