Gender Inequality at Workplace

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 1,074 total views,  82 views today From workplace, to work-related injustice at home, a woman has to face a lot of gender inequality in her whole life.Read More

sustainable living

Lets Shift to sustainable living

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 1,421 total views,  1 views today It’s essential to build and maintain a sustainable living that would not just benefit towards the better environment but also consumesRead More


Become A YES Parent: Tips and Benefits

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 2,364 total views,  1 views today Being a “Yes parent” doesn’t mean giving your kids freedom to do whatever they want. But rather to say “Yes” to harmless,Read More

exhausted parent

Exhausted as parent? Tips to Prevent it

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 2,517 total views,  2 views today Parenting has now become a challenging task for most of the parents out there because they are already occupied with aRead More