Cleansing At Its Best- Detailed Review of PUER Products


Nowadays, everyone is very concerned about the clean environment and personal hygiene. With the up strike of Covid-19, cleanliness becomes a way more crucial factor to ponder over. There are many products and brands available in the market that are giving neck to neck competition to each other. But, when it comes to having the best products to witness the best cleansing action, then PUER products never fail to show their mettle. But, before grabbing PUER products, it is very essential to have a background about them.

About PUER

All the products of PUER are designed with utmost care and they only constitute natural ingredients that will make your surroundings even more reliable and cleaner. They use only the natural extracts that can clean every kind of fabric prolifically. Now, by having a brief sneak peek into the utilities of PUER products, let’s have a deeper look into two of its products i.e. PUER Dishwashing Gel and PUER Floor Cleaner.

1. PUER Dishwashing Gel

Experience on the product’s efficacy:

PUER dishwashing gel is formulated with completely naturally-derived ingredients to offer a powerful dish cleaning experience. You will notice that there are no dried-up stains of food left on the utensils with only one easy swipe of this dishwashing gel – stains are gone in a blink. 

Usually, we don’t wash our utensils immediately after eating or cooking, we leave them for a while to pile up and then wash those clean altogether, this leads to food remains and stains, drying up, which eventually gets difficult to wash later. In addition to that, if you leave the utensils overnight then the stains of spices become even harder to deal with. But, with the PUER dishwashing gel, this difficult task has even become unbelievably easy, because no hard work is required in clearing the stains. So, with PUER Dishwashing Gel, it is just a drop and one easy swipe for tough stain-removal, and utensils shine as good as new. 

Completely Natural:

No signs of harmful chemical patches after the wash will be observed.

While using the regular dishwashing gel, you must have observed that even if they clean the utensils, there is a bit of chemical residue left on them. With PUER dishwashing gel, you won’t find any such chemical patches in the utensils, because there are no chemicals used in PUER dishwashing gel. PUER dishwashing gel has ECOCERT and COSMOS ingredients that not only help in faster cleaning, but make utensils safer too. So, you can use it effectively without giving any second thought. The utensils seem so clean that you will find it hard to believe whether they are new ones or old ones.

2. PUER Floor Cleaner

Experience on effectiveness:

PUER floor cleaner has all the natural power to clean the floors with its naturally-derived ingredients.

Floors are highly prone to stains. Things often get spilled on the floor unintentionally. At times, it is difficult to get rid of the stains. Older stains demand even more effort to be removed. With PUER floor cleaner, removing stains is no more a difficult task. 

Highlights on fragrance:

After using PUER floor cleaner, the place feels and smells blissful.

Once you clean the floor with the PUER floor cleaner, you will be mesmerised by its fragrance. Floors mopped with PUER floor cleaner, eliminates every trace of musty or unpleasant smell, and floors literally shine amazingly and ‘happy’.

My Overall Experience

I have been using both of these products since a month now and I am stunned by their results. PUER dishwashing gel and floor cleaner have made my life easier and safer. With the current pandemic situations in mind, it is very important to maintain cleanliness in your surroundings, and if you have a toddler then you need to be even more cautious Now, with PUER dishwashing gel, I don’t have to spend much time removing stains from utensils or generally washing them, and with PUER Floor cleaner, my floor is always squeaky clean. These products with no harmful chemicals in it make them super safe too. With PUER products, effective cleaning is easy and mesmerizingly fragran

13 Replies to “Cleansing At Its Best- Detailed Review of PUER Products

  1. When it comes to cleaning products, be it floor cleaners or dish wash, one of the challenges is the harsh chemicals, which can have an adverse effect on the skin. Puer products seem to be really promising as they are made from natural sources.

  2. I too tried the Puer products recently and really liked them. A good choice for those who are looking to make the switch to all-natural products that are also good for the planet!

  3. Cleaning products means a lot of chemicals which damage the skin of hands specially. But I like the fact that Pure is all natural. I’ve been hearing lots of reviews about it and it’s time I try it out for my house too.

  4. I have also tried PUER products and must tell that they are good and have all natural ingredients. It is good that we are getting effective natural cleansing agents that makes our lifestyle healthier.

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