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Valentine’s Day is approaching and it is a great opportunity to show your love to your near and dear ones. I know finding a gift for your loved one is a difficult task especially when it is for your female friends. Market is filled with options but buying the ideal gift for your girl can sometimes get confusing and tiresome. It is always advisable that you choose a gift that suits her taste and preferences.To help you in this troublesome situation, I have come up with one of the best gifting options that you can select for her. I have come across the Bryan & Candy online store that can offer you great gifting items.

About the brand

Bryan & Candy offers you luxurious bath and body care essentials. Their products contain no sulphates or parabens or any other toxic ingredients. They use all the skin-friendly ingredients and combines them with various scientific methods to obtain those kinds of premium products that are affordable to everyone. You won’t encounter any single product of Bryan & Candy that is not backed by proper research. It is a clean, vegan-friendly, and powerful brand that offers luxurious products without compromising on the affordability of the products.

About their Products

Bryan & Candy’s products are perfect blend of love and creativity. Once you start seeing the products, then you will be mesmerised by the great bounties that it has in-store for you. Let it be for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion you only need to surf the portal of Bryan & Candy, and find unlimited gifting options. Their bath & body care products have all the natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid which can suit every individual. Due to the overwhelming response for their bath and body care range they have added newer categories also.

My experience

While searching for Valentine’s gift, I came across the Bryan & Candy website and was mesmerised with the Fab Five Combo Gift Set for women. It comprises the five no gas perfumes and offers combination of fruity & floral herbal notes.

This five-combo set includes fragrances:

Wild Salsa –

Wild Salsa has cantaloupe, pear, orange, pineapple, lemon as the base note. Its middle note consists of magnolla, cassis, lotus flower and cyclamen.

Nottie Berries –

If you talk about Nottie Berries then it only has a top and middle note. The top note consists of rose, apple, peach, white flower, and ethereal and the middle note consists of lemon, iris, sweet woods, and neroli.

Urban Scandal –

Urban Scandal consists of all three fragrance notes i.e. top note consists of mandran and black currant, middle note consists of red rose, neroli, oak moss, and patchouli, and base note consists of vanilla, white musk and dried fruits.

Tropical Fling –

Tropical Fling is a mixture of aesthetic fragrances in which the top note is black currant, cherry, raspberry, and orchid. Its middle note is formed from rose, jasmine, wormwood, caramelised sugar and its base note consists of patchouly, mosses, and dried fruits.

Naked Sunshine –

Last but not the least is Naked Sunshine. Its top note is orange, gardenia, and fruity notes. Its middle note is honey, vanilla, yiang yiang, and cashmere whereas its base note consists of amber, mosse, patchouly, and caramelised sugar.

All these mists have different fragrance triangles and are completely different from one another. They are a conglomeration of great fragrance and authenticity. They come with a premium fragrance that will stick with you for the entire day. You can directly use these sprays on your skin to witness the irresistible and fresh fragrance. These mists  offer you the luxurious experience and help you achieve aromatherapy wherever and whenever you feel like it. 

I suggested this gift to my brother and he gifted this to her fiancé. She was extremely happy to receive this bunch of happiness. After using these products, she was very happy to encounter their long-lasting and pleasing fragrance for the entire day. Moreover, they are also travel-friendly so she easily carries them with her without giving any second thought. 

So, my overall experience with Bryan & Candy’s product was truly amazing. In addition to all this, I liked the packaging of the products. Unlike some poorly packed products, their packaging was intact and up to the mark. They use recyclable and sustainable packaging in India and contributes to the environment with its great initiatives.

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s day is approaching and we all are hustled to find that perfect gift that can bring a smile to our loved ones’ faces. Finding a perfect and useful gift was never that easy that Bryan & Candy has made for our lives. So, why not take a look at this platform and choose the gift that can save the environment and shower happiness!!

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  1. Great products, especially for gifting.This is the best for personal grooming. A perfect pack to give your near and dearest one.

  2. I seem to be hearing about this brand a lot and quite intrigued to try it out for myself! The mists seem really nice and would make a great Valentine’s gift for a loved one.

  3. This is the first time I’m hearing of Bryan and Candy. Thanks to your post, this Valentine’s Day I’m going to gift my wife luxurious bath and body care essentials courtesy Bryan & Candy.

  4. Bryan and Candy have really vast range of products, last year we received the Cocoa bath tub kit and must say all the products are great. Shall look for the variant you mentioned in the post next time.

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