Top 10 Luxury Mattress in India 2023

For those looking for luxury mattresses, you’ve come to the right place—we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Luxury Mattress in India so that you don’t need to fuss over pesky details and comparisons.

1.MM Foam Natural Pincore Mattress

MM Foam ranks first on our list of top luxury mattresses for several reasons. For starters, it uses 100% natural latex coupled with Pincore technology to offer commendable comfort and versatility—it is truly the best luxury mattress out there, suited to the needs of all kinds of sleepers. In addition, the use of natural latex rules out any toxic substances in the mattress.This mattress is medium-firm and offers superior spine-alignment qualities, and what’s more,it is hypoallergenic. Latex is known to be highly durable and therefore, this mattress is truly value for money. Also, the MM Foam Natural Pincore Mattress has self-cooling properties which make sleep effortless even in hot weather. One of the most important reasons for the mattress to top this list is that MM Foam offers a warranty of 17 years, which is the highest in the market.

2.Comfort Cell 1.0

In the second position, we have the Comfort Cell mattress, which is a medium-firm mattress made up of triple-layer foam. The mattress offers responsive full-body support. It has a plush top feel and offers natural spinal alignment so that the sleeper is well-supported in every position. The Comfort Cell 1.0 finished second due to the expense factor. Another con of the Comfort Cell 1.0 mattress is that Sleepwell offers a smaller warranty on the mattress, as opposed to the first rank on the list, MM Foam. This might indicate poor value for money and lesser durability overall.

3.7-Zone Latex Mattress (With Memory Foam)

WakeFit’s 7-Zone Latex Mattress With Memory Foam is a dual-foam mattress with medium- firm cushioning which they claim to be good for long-term spine health. It combines both foam and latex to provide spine support as well as air circulation. This is an excellent mattress as the foam gets quite overheated and the latex can offset that by offering a cooling effect through inner circulation. The warranty is quite decent at 10 years, although some reviews have mentioned an off-gassing smell, or the smell of chemicals being released into the air from the foam in the mattress, which could be a red sign. Usually a 100% Natural latex mattress does not cause off-gassing.

4.Sunday Ortho Latex Mattress

The Sunday Ortho Latex Mattress combines both latex and foam in order to create a balance of comfort and cooling. It offers 3 Zoned support, and cotton covers—nothing too fancy. It provides motion isolation and is of medium-firm cushioning. The company also indicates that the mattress is completely chemical-free. While the mattress provides excellent spine support it is supposedly suitable for mildly overweight sleepers only, and not overweight sleepers. Also, this mattress has a short life span—that’s right, not warranty, but lifespan—at just 10-12 years by their admission.

5.Ultima Mattress

This mattress was created by SleepyCat and provides medium-soft cushioning with 7-zone support. It represses motion transfer and is a cooling mattress. This is a mattress fit for all types of sleepers, position-wise. The company also offers 100 days of trial and a 10-year warranty. However, it is important to note that the selling point is supposed to be that it has cooling properties because of its cover. However, foam by nature is not a coolant, and the cover alone cannot offset the overheating problem present in foam mattresses.

6.Kaya Chemical Free Natural Latex Mattress

Made of 100% natural latex, it offers soft cushioning. While it is a great option for those looking to make a switch to sustainable living, the overall feel of the mattress is pretty standard. The mattress offers ventilation as well as anti-sagging. However, it is important to note that the warranty period is merely 10 years, whereas MM Foam offers a much higher warranty on its natural latex mattresses. Another downside is that this mattress does not offer dual-side usage, nor does it provide motion isolation. It also does not have orthopedic certification and does not provide 3-zone and 5-zone body support.

7.Pro Active Jump

Springfit’s Pro Activ Jump spring mattress is an 8-layered luxury mattress with medium firmness. This mattress is hypoallergenic and orthopedic. As it is a spring mattress, the major feature of the mattress is its bounce. While it does have anti-sagging properties, springs in the mattress could prove unsustainable as they tend to become faulty easily. The mattress provides good spine support. The material used for this mattress is memory foam, which usually tends to trap heat. The bare minimum warranty of 5 years is a major downside for this luxury mattress.


Dreamsleep mattress by Kurlon is a spring mattress with high tensile bonnell springs, therefore, making it extremely springy yet durable. Spring mattresses or natural foam mattresses are usually used in luxury hotels, and good spring mattresses are truly hard to come by. It is a medium-soft mattress made up of high-density PU foam. The mattress contains a sidewall to prevent sagging which is a big plus point as spring mattresses are most prone to sagging, becoming stiffer or deformation in shape due to faulty springs. However, Kurlon only offers a five-year warranty on the mattress.

9.Flo Ergo

Flo Ergo is a mattress made up of aloe vera gel-infused orthopedic memory foam. The Flo Ergo mattress provides pressure relief and guarantees a seamless night without twisting and turning. It also provides for anti-sagging and a warranty of 10 years. Other features include ventilation for cooling and lesser motion transfer. While the specifications are great, Flo Ergo is a mattress that provides soft cushioning thereby bringing into question the nature and effectivity of its orthopedic qualities.

10.Euphoria Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

First and foremost, the reason for this mattress being at the bottom of the list is its price,which is exorbitant. Coming to the features, the Euphoria Luxury Memory Foam mattress is made up of high-resilience foam and provides excellent thermal insulation, and supposedly,this mattress contains cooling properties. The company offers a 10-year warranty on the product, which is quite standard. It comes in two thicknesses, 6 inches, and 8 inches. In our opinion, the Euphoria Luxury Mattress offers poor value for money and hence is at the bottom of the list.

With even celebrities investing in luxury mattresses, it is clear that your mattress cannot be the choice of your interior designer. Each body is different and so are their needs. Focus on what you need to enjoy a comfortable and restorative sleep and choose your luxury mattress.
Hope this guide helps narrow down your choices and helps you find the perfect mattress.


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  1. Finding the right mattress is very important for overall wellness. Else you might end up with various health issues and due to lack of proper sleep mental health also gets affected. The recommendations are all good. I will check them

  2. Having a good and right body posture is very important be it while sitting, standing or sleeping. Good mattress is very vital to get good sleep and keep yourself away from back problems. God recommendations, will check them out.

  3. I know the value of good mattress as I suffered a lot because of this simple thing in my life. Severe backpain alarmed me that I need to look after my mattress and then only I discovered the variety of mattresses in market and its different features for quality and comfortable sleep

  4. I haven’t heard of any of the mattresses mentioned above. For me, they are of two types, hard and soft. And I don’t focus that much on it. Thanks for introducing me to these mattresses. Next I will which one suits my body and fits in my budget.

  5. We rarely care about mattresses even now but it is extremely important for your health and body, thanks for sharing all these which will help to select one in the future.

  6. For a good peaceful night’s sleep, one of the best things is to have a perfect mattress set in a perfectly peaceful environment. You have the right answers for the biggest things here. Frankly I wasn’t aware of many of them, thanks for this helpful post

  7. For a good peaceful night’s sleep, one of the best things is to have a perfect mattress set in a perfectly peaceful environment. You have the right answers for the biggest things here. Frankly I wasn’t aware of many of them, thanks for this helpful post.

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