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Naukuchiatal is a mountainous paradise surrounded by luxuriant green hills, fulfilling the desires of all lovers of hill towns. Naukuchiatal sometimes referred to as the “Nine Corners of the Lake,” is nestled away from the tourist crowds and makes for a lovely vacation destination. Some of the best activities to do here are bird watching, kayaking, and hiking. But nothing beats taking a leisurely boat trip around Naukuchiatal Lake. Pack your luggage and visit Naukuchiatal for an exciting and memorable getaway.

The Hosteller Naukuchiatal, near the well-known Kamal Tal (Lotus Pond), is a haven of nature, tranquility, and rest. It is conveniently situated just one kilometer from the well-known Naukuchiatal Lake, the venue for all thrilling water sports events. The hostel has cozy dorm rooms and 4 roomy private rooms to meet all of your needs. From the windows and balconies, a breathtaking view of the majestic mountains and the huge blue sky welcomes you, adding to the pleasure of your stay. The Hosteller Naukuchiatal is the ideal place to spend those peaceful days away from the rush of city life. It can be your new home away from home. There is a working cafe to meet all of your food needs as well.

Here are some must-visit spots that you should add to your list:

Visit Naukuchiatal Lake-  To experience its ethereal tranquility. Beautiful scenery is created by the surrounding greenery and the chilly, shimmering waters.

The Hosteller

Discover The Lovely Bhimtal – The Bhimtal Lake is a stunning lake with clear blue waters. This lake, which is only 19 km from Naukuchiatal, is well-known for the tiny island that sits directly in the midst of it.

The Hosteller

Take a trip to the Hanuman Temple-  The Hanuman temple, which is home to a 52-foot-tall Hanuman statue, is a fascinating location. The nearby caves also lead to the well-known Vaishno Devi temple.

The Hosteller
The Hosteller

Click pics-  Visit Jungliagaon, a stunning location just 8 kilometers from Naukuchiatal. This serene area is perfect for bird viewing and wildlife photography because it is lush with vegetation.

Furthermore, if you’re a solitary traveller, have no fear—you’ll meet people at The Hosteller.

You will meet some new people and share some entertaining stories that you will always treasure. The Hosteller will make sure you get the greatest possible hospitality. 

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  1. Wow, I really loved this place, and it’s like living in dreams with clouds. Thanks for sharing all the simple and informative details!!

  2. I did not heard about the place Naukuchiatal before. but seems it is a great option to being close to nature and spend quality time with family. thanks for sharing information about this wonderful place with us.

  3. I really loved this place, and it’s like living in dreams with clouds. Loved this concept by Hosteller. It’s superb Hostel stay more enjoyable by giving us the ability to connect, plan and communicate.

  4. Being a travelholic, I always look for such offbeat places close to nature. I’m keeping this place at the top of my bucket list.

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