4 tips for creating a stress-free home


When you get home at the end of a long day, do you feel like you can relax, or do you feel like your home causes you more stress and anxiety? Maybe you have 100 small items cluttering up your space, the colors of your rooms bring up not-so-great feelings, or maybe you feel like you have to clean the second you get home. I know how you feel. However, I think that it is possible to create a stress-free home: a home where you can truly feel relaxed and peaceful in. Here are a few tips for creating a stress-free home:

Think outdoors

If you really want to feel relaxed and stress-free, create an outdoor oasis. Somewhere where you can come to and feel like you are on vacation, not just hanging out after a long day at work. I want you to think about your favorite vacation spot and then try to recreate the outside feel. If this is not possible, then just think about what you can do to add a vacation-like feel to your outside space. There are so many things that you can do! For example, any type of water is a fantastic addition because it is so relaxing to me and to most others, as well, which is why they always have small waterfalls and ponds at spas across the country. When we’re near water, our brains switch off from busy mode to relaxed mode.

This naturally leads our brains to open up because it’s not focused on the millions of thoughts swirling around that can often lead to stress or anxiety. When your brain is in this relaxed state, it is open more to inspired and creative thoughts. In essence, we are switching our brains off or giving it a rest from the norm causing a better mental environment for insight and introspection. When we hear the crashing of waves by the ocean, it can actually put us into a mindful, meditative state. The sound of waves has been found to alter the brain’s wave patterns and invoke a meditative, relaxed state.

Even simply observing the movement of water causes our minds to calm. This has numerous benefits for contributing to lowering depression, lowering stress levels, and anxiety, promoting better mental clarity and sleep patterns. Other options, water aside, are hammocks, lots of greenery and flowers, a swing (or swings), stringed lighting, and maybe even a really nice outside bar area, where you can grab drinks and snacks.

Unplug when possible

There’s no doubt about it: screens intensify feelings of anxiousness and stress. Unplug whenever you possibly can to reduce these feelings within your home. If you can, you could even unplug your wifi. A lot of people say that they get way better sleep when removing wifi from their area!

Get rid of things that are not needed

When you are creating a home that limits your stress and promotes a feeling of relaxation, get rid of things that are not needed. Don’t stop at the little things: if you have large furniture items stored away in your basement, get rid of those too. If you are worried about moving them yourself, so you have just kept them there for convenience, use Movin’, a local moving company who can help with the heavy lifting. These Salt Lake City safe movers are experienced with over 20 years of experience, they offer affordable pricing, and they aim to provide customer-focused service, as well. 

Home is your people

Last but not least, my best tip for you is to surround yourself with people you love. At the end of a long day, your people are the best tool to help you reduce your stress. Focus on joy and laughter with them and you will always have a stress-free home (for the most part, at least).

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8 Replies to “4 tips for creating a stress-free home

  1. I agree, by the end of the day, when we are ready to come to our home, one thing that we crave for the most is peace and comfort. It can be different things for different people. We have to find our thing and make it happen.

  2. No other place is better than home and its so important to keep the environment at home positive and happy. These are great tips.

  3. Lovely tips for a stress-free home. We should leave the stress outside the home only if the home is welcoming. And these are all doable ideas.Home should be peaceful along with being comfortable.

  4. loved all the ideas you have shared in this post for creating a stress free home. outdoor oasis is my personal favorite. I believe creating an outdoor oasis is best way to get destressed and feel rejuvenated after long tiring day at work.

  5. I personally find solace amidst nature, be it a simple walk in the garden or just sitting gazing the beauty of nature. You have shared some of the great ideas.

  6. well said, between clutter and being stuck inside all the time in work from home it can get quite dull and stressful. i agree with all 4 of your tips for creating a stress free home environment and destressing for everyone.

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