Book review : Happy Endings by Suchita Agarwal


Book Name:  Happy Endings

Genera: Fiction

Author: Suchita Agarwal

Format: eBook

 About the Author 

Suchita Agarwal has completed her Master’s in International Business. She is a writer, and has also been working in the content creation industry for quite a while now. Campaign management, and strategy building are something she loves doing the most apart from writing. So far, Suchita has published 2 eBooks – Hunter and Love. And in both the books Suchita didn’t fail to go a step ahead and impress the readers with her words. You can find more writeups by Suchita in her blog Tales of Suchita.

My take on the book

Suchita Agarwal, in this book – Happy Endings, shared stories about five people who had their own issues and how in the end they tackled it all and found happiness.

The first story is about Sameera, a cancer patient who is grateful to have doctor Punit Khera around her. The doctor from the initial stages itself didn’t hide anything from Sameera, instead tried to show her what her next three months would look like. Sameera was a great survivor, to be specific a happy survivor who looked at life in a very positive way. This story is all about how positivity can change a person’s whole life.

The second story is about a guy Mayank who is frustrated with his life, even the job he does, and the people he stays around. In fact, Mayank is so trapped in his emotions that his own room’s decor – the white wall and the red sofa is giving him suicidal thoughts. Mayank is not exactly unhappy with his journey, he is just feeling emptiness quite a bit more. He has everything around him, a job, a great place to live, and friends, but still, something is missing. However, the end of this story gave me a whole different perspective on human emotions – how different people feel differently in different situations, and we are no one to judge it!

The third story is about a young, full of ambition 24-year-old librarian, Avantika. After reading the whole story, I personally liked the character more than the other ones.  Avantika loved books, and the library was her happy place – a place where she discovered mysteries and secrets quite often without even getting bored. Raj, a good friend of Avantika’s dadi is a special character in this story. Raj too was much confused and wounded in his life, but the way they both connected at the end is what I liked very much.

The fourth story is all about two sisters – Urmila and Renuka. Both the sisters never loved together, even the professions they chose were completely different. Renuka was a popular Bollywood heroine, however, Renu died of a heart attack very soon. After this incident, Urmila took a step ahead to fulfil her sister’s last wishes, but what she discovered late about her sister and her life is just so unexpected. This story is full of complex emotions, but the ending is just quite much happier to read.

Last, comes the fifth story in the book about Pranjal, a boy battling his own demons everyday. Dr. Mahesh, the psychologist of Pranjal has been a good friend to him since the start of the sessions. He patiently listened to the boy’s problem, and the answers he gave to each, is just so wise to read. Even though the last story of the book took a psychological turn, the ending of the story gave me (as a reader) life lessons that I might not have read anywhere.

Some hidden gems from the book that made me rate this fiction book 5/5:

All the five stories from the book have some hidden gems that kept me hooked to the book till the end. The actual happy ending at the end of the book sends a message to the reader that every demon can be fought off.

You do not go after dreams – but after goals

This statement from the blurb caught my attention within seconds. The sole reason behind me liking this statement a lot is the meaning it shares with the reader from just at the beginning of the book. And I believe that many other readers out there will also relate to this statement much.

The next thing that caught my attention was the last line from Sameera’s story: She was no longer scared of life and that was the biggest gift she had received. Only the worst happened in Sameera’s life, but the way she held herself till the end was applaudable.

In Mayank’s story, in the end, the writer embraced the beauty of one-sided love, and how important it is to let go of the past. The line Or maybe the universe had something better planned for him was a powerful statement to wrap the story up on a positive note.

As a reader, I really liked the way Suchita gave happy endings to all the characters. Each story’s plot gives readers hope that things will end the right way. Every incident happening around is just a phase of life that’s making the individual stronger than ever. The turmoil and trauma each character went through in all the five stories give a distinct hint to readers that demons can be slain, and happiness is just very near!

This book is the best read for someone looking forward to reading short, crisp, and engaging stories. Because of the characters, the smooth story plot, and the ending, I give a big thumbs up to this book!

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Happy Endings by Suchita Agarwal

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