5 Trending Hair Colour Ideas for Men! Why should girls have all the fun?


Hair colour is one thing we can change about our look instantly. We’re all impulsive at times and hair colour is the perfect choice when your impulsive need to change something about your fashion game comes up, right?  However, most men are intimidated by the idea of subjecting their hair to permanent hair colour, temporary hair colour or any other hair colour out there in the market. 

How many of your guy friends have coloured hair? Not many, I’m sure. As compared to women, the numbers are drastically low. Why, though? Any man can pull off a vibrant colour effortlessly with equal grace and craze. 

Has it ever happened to you that a friend of yours switched their hair color and you didn’t even recognize them at the first glance? That’s what a hair colour does! Why should any man miss out on the fun with the best hair colours of this season? It’s a transformation that looks unquestionably cool at all times.

If you fall into the category of those men who’re scared of the damage a hair colour can cause and the amount of time it might take, you can go for temporary hair colours, instead of permanent hair colours. I happened to stumble upon a newly launched 1 wash hair colour make up from Anveya Colorisma and I think it is best suited to the hair colouring needs of you guys. You can experiment withdifferent styles and colours, find out what works for you and what doesn’t. With these temporary hair colours, there’s no bleach, damage or parlour visits involved. It won’t take more than 2 mins to apply and wash off these ammonia free hair colours. I suggest you go check them out right after you’re done reading this. 

the hair colour trend for men is ever changing! Every other season, a new set of hair colours begins to trend. During the winter season, dark hair colours tend to trend tremendously. During the summers and spring seasons, the warm weather encourages us to go for lighter shades. 

I’m taking the privilege to introduce you to the 10 hottest and most trending hair colour ideas for all the men out there in 2022! Let’s move on to the drool-worthy hair colours for men trends! Go for it guys, you won’t regret it

1.A classy platinum hair colour

The first trend is one I possibly can’t take my eyes off of is this one. Platinum is a shade that’ll never go out of fashion. It’s also an all-season colour, be it scorching hot summers, chilly winters or cosy monsoons, platinum doesn’t discriminate on awesomeness. If you’ve rich black hair, platinum highlights or lowlights would look great on you! It’s the perfect transformation for those who want to add a simple twist to their hairstyle without changing their natural hair colour entirely.

Shaving the sides entirely and colouring the hair strands on top from root to the ends is also a drop-dead gorgeous look you might want to try!

 2.A dash of pink or blue

An adorable pink or funky blue hair colour mixed with rich black or brown hair colour is definitely a look you must have on your wishlist! Dyeing on the entire top portion and leaving the sides in natural colour is super catchy and unique. You won’t regret getting this look even with permanent hair colours either!

Why don’t you experiment with colouring just the ends, leaving the roots? This look will have a natural feel to it, too.

3.An irresistible festive vibrance

How about we celebrate Holi, but this time, on hair? Crazy, no? Exactly the point. With the end of the pandemic and people stepping out of their comfort zones, 2022 is all about being out there and punk territory has taken the front seat. At times, when you feel like subtle colours won’t do anything for your need to completely switch your look on a random Sunday afternoon, here’s an idea. Ditch the traditionally safe hairstyles and colours. Go crazy!

Source: (9) Pinterest

A vibrant mix of two or three strikingly contrasting colours such as red hair colour, purple hair colour or grey hair colour is definitely an out-of-the-box, edgy statement to go for. Standing out from the crowd will not be your worry with this uber-cool look.

4.The epic craze for orange & green

Speaking of daring hair colours, I can’t help but address the never-ending rage for orange and green. Look at our style guru, Zayn Malik effortlessly pull off a global hair colour, neon green! I’m in love. You should give shades of green a shot too, you’d not be disappointed. 

Wild oranges are back in action already. Nothing can steal someone’s attention like a bold orange. I suggest you pair it with some spikes! Spikes and hair colour will take your overall look to a whole different level. 

5.A golden chic

The colour gold is always pure class. There’s nothing like the artsy feel a touch of golden hair colour brings into your look. This head-turning look capable of adding an extra punch to your personality is one of the most sought-after looks this year has seen. Add highlights to your black hair or create a balayage with rich gold. 

This look is stunning yet laid black. How can anybody not possibly fall madly in love with this shade? You could also go for a nice and classy blonde hair colour, too. 

So, which hair colour trend are you leaving towards this time of the year? I’m hoping you got inspired to begin the next fun colour adventure! Also, if you’re too intimidated by the hair-colours-for-men trends to go for permanent hair colours, try effortless temporary hair colours! Colour your strands, try all the quirky styles, pick a few colours from the category of hair colours for men and wash them off at the end of the day. May all your colourful dreams come true! 

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