7 Best Kids Christmas Movies on Netflix (2021)

As Christmas is approaching and everyone is in the festive mood, children are also enjoying themselves in the home. But, sitting only idle in the house won’t do any good to them. Children can enjoy themselves by watching some of the great Christmas movies on Netflix that can cheer them up. These are some of the great options that children can explore and enjoy their Christmas. 

Let’s have a look at some of the hot picks of Netflix that kids can watch enthusiastically for Christmas. 

1. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Jingle Jangle is a musical fantasy film that was released in the year 2020. This movie includes some of the most renowned actors that one is well-acquainted with. This movie is about a genius toymaker Jeronicus Jangle whose life is shattered while a villainous toy convinces his apprentice to steal all of his inventions. Decades after this incident, Jeronicus found a new ray of hope in his life when his granddaughter visited him. This is a perfect movie for all those kids who love to sing and dance to holiday tunes. 

2. A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas is a movie about a young boy Nikolas who is on an adventure to find his father. This movie was released on 24th November. During the adventure journey, the young boy found a companion in a reindeer and a mouse. It is a British Christmas fantasy film that can capture a lot of interest from the children. 

3. Robin Robin

Robin Robin is a great short film on Christmas that was released on Netflix. It was also released on 24th November but there were not many kids who were aware of this. It is a movie about a young boy Robin who was raised by a family of mice who wished on the Christmas star if Robin was a real mouse. This movie showcases how Robin went on the journey of self-discovery. 

4. David and the Elves

David and the Elves is a phenomenal movie for kids. But, this movie is in Polish so the kids need to turn on the subtitles in English to watch this movie if you are not someone who knows Polish. The storyline of this movie is based upon an overworked elf who leaves the North Pole to find out about Christmas in the real world. Through his journey, he met a lonely boy David and both of them went on the adventure together. 

5. The Christmas Chronicles 1 and 2

The Christmas Chronicle was released in two parts. Its first part was released in 2018 that showcased the Christmas comedy of two kids. Whereas its second part Christmas Chronicles 2 was released in 2020. This showed the story about the youngsters who turned out to be teenagers in this movie. In this movie, the kid is unhappy with his mother’s relationship and how he went to the North Pole to get rid of this situation. 

6. Elliot the Littlest Reindeer

It is a Christmas animated movie that was released in 2018. No doubt, it’s not a new release but it is such an amazing movie that children can watch anytime without getting bored. This movie is all about a miniature horse named Elliot who is very keen to be a part of Santa’s reindeer team after getting retired. 

7. Klaus

Klaus was released on Netflix in 2021. This movie is not only meant for kids but even the entire family can collectively watch the movie and enjoy themselves. Klaus depicts the fictional island of Smeerenburg where a boy was sent by his father in the hope of reforming him to lead a reformed life. 


In the above section, we have discussed the best 8 movies that kids can watch during Christmas time to enjoy themselves thoroughly. These movies released on Netflix have an indelible place for children. Instead of spending time in sheer boredom during the holidays, children should watch these amazing movies and make the most of their holidays. 

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