9 Things To Consider Before Getting A Hair Color!


If you haven’t colored your hair before, we understand that taking a plunge can be scary. Getting the hair color job done right can be a real challenge, and you must put in some extra effort to prevent the color from fading quickly. But the good news is that if the hair coloring job is done perfectly, it can transform your look. So we are here to help you and make you more confident by sharing a few things you should consider before getting a hair color done.

Here’s what you need to know before getting a hair color.

1. Evaluate The Maintenance Required For Your Hair Color 

Choose hair colors that are easy to maintain, as certain hair colors require more maintenance and upkeep than others. Fading of hair color is inevitable; you may need to touch the roots every 4-6 weeks. If you are looking for a low-maintenance hair color, you can opt for ombre, balayage, copper gold, and face-framing highlights. Balayage is considered a global hair color treatment that requires the least maintenance hair treatment as it is close to your natural hair color. 

2. Choosing The Right Hair Color 

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Choosing the right hair color plays a vital role in how the color enhances your look. You should choose a hair color according to your skin tone which can be a tricky job. If you have a fair skin tone, a light to medium ash brown color will charm your appearance. Warm hair colors such as golden blonde, auburn, copper or chocolate brown shades complement wheatish skin tones better. Always carry pictures of your desired hair color to prevent any last minute confusion.  beginners, it is always advisable that you choose a shade that is closer to your natural hair color.

3. Choose A Shade That Lasts Longer

Bright, vibrant shades can be appealing, but they quickly fade away. Opt for subtle hues as it stays longer. Instead of using permanent hair colors, experts recommend using semi-permanent hair colors so you don’t have to get into a long-term commitment.

4. Use A Clarifying Shampoo 

Before coloring your hair, remove all the product buildup from the hair using a clarifying shampoo. This will help your color stick better and stay longer

5. Get your hair Hydrated Before Coloring 

Keeping your strands well moisturized is vital in attaining the best results while coloring your hair. You should apply a hydrating hair mask or a leave-in conditioner at least a day before you plan to get your hair colored.

6. Avoid Shampooing Your Hair Before Coloring 

Your scalp skin is similar to your facial skin. Washing your hair can strip the hair and scalp of natural oils. These natural oils protect your hair and scalp from the chemicals used in coloring your hair. So avoid washing your hair 1-2 days before hair coloring.

7. Choose Your Hair Color Wisely

When it comes to coloring your hair, it is crucial to choose a color that won’t damage your hair. Some permanent hair colors can damage your strands as it penetrates deep into the hair shaft, depositing the color pigment. Experts recommend using semi-permanent hair color if you don’t want to deal with chemical damage done to your hair while coloring; Anveya’s Semi-Permanent Hair Color with Hyaplex is a great option to try as it helps repair the damaged strands. You can give it a shot for a gorgeous new look without worrying about hair damage.

8. Get Proper Tools For At-Home Application

If you plan to color your hair at home, selecting the appropriate tools is important to ensure proper application. Be cautious when choosing your tools, else you may not be able to achieve the desired results. Using tools such as a dye brush, bowl, and gloves can help you attain the desired result. Since at-home hair coloring can be messy, it’s best to wear old clothes to prevent any staining.

9. Does the color suit your skin undertone? 

Choosing a hair color that compliments your skin undertone is extremely important. Find your skin undertones, before making the decision. No matter how vibrant the colors are, how they’d make you look is what is important.

How to find my skin undertone? 

Flip your wrists and in natural light, examine what color are your veins! 

If your veins appear blue or purple in color, you have cool undertones. In case they appear greenish, you own warm undertones. If you aren’t finding any particular color in specific, then you probably have neutral undertones. 

Considering these 9 things will make your hair coloring job done easily. Remember that the better the quality of your hair and color, better the result.

Frequently Answered Questions

 What Is The Thumb Rule Of Hair Coloring? 

While selecting a hair color, it is essential to follow the thumb rule of color choice, which recommends choosing within two levels of your base or natural hair color. Hair color is categorized into ten levels, which describe the darkness and lightness of your hair color.

Can Coloring Damage Hair? 

Hair dyes can damage your hair, so it is recommended that you use semi-permanent hair colors which do not penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Look for semi-permanent hair colors which repair the damaged hair.  Anveya’s Semi-Permanent Hair Color with Hyaplex repairs the broken bonds of your strands.

Can I Apply Coconut Oil Before Coloring My Hair?

Yes, as coconut oil forms an outer coating on the strands protecting your hair from the chemicals used in bleach and hair colors.

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  1. Coloring you hair is an important decision and it is important to be aware about pre planning and post hair care to avoid hair damage up to minimum. your post covers all important points so well. it will help lots of people who want to get a hair color and need some proper guidance.

  2. Jyoti, your post is a lifesaver for anyone contemplating a hair color change! With these 9 essential things to consider, you’ve made the decision-making process so much easier. From skin tone matching to maintenance tips, your insights are invaluable. We can use coconut oil before coloring is new to me. Thanks for helping us avoid hair color mishaps and making sure we rock the perfect shade that suits us best!

  3. As someone who colors his hair, I found this post very useful. Hair colors often contain harmful chemicals like ammonia, which is used to open up the hair cuticles for color penetration. Prolonged exposure to ammonia can damage the hair’s natural structure, leading to dryness, breakage, and loss of shine. It’s essential to consider less damaging alternatives, such as ammonia-free or natural hair coloring options, to protect the health and integrity of your hair.

  4. This brand is making news in the hair color world and I also find it very useful when using it for my sister grey coverage. Sometimes hair colors turn out to be need and then such brands come out as our saviour with less damage to hair.

  5. Usually, I prefer not to go for hair color but thanks to my hair color expert in the parlor who told me the best way to select the color for hair. Thanks for sharing these tips to remember.

  6. Coloring hair is a big decision, as you have rightly mentioned in the post, it is much more than just the coloring part. Maintaining and caring for tresses takes so much effort. Glad to read the tips given here.

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