Anxiety in new mums: How I learned to calm down

Anxiety in new mums: How I learned to calm down


This is my first post for A toZ challenge and here I begin my journey with theme “parenting tips for first four years of motherhood. So today i am writing about Alphabet A – ANXIETY IN NEW MUMS.

Motherhood brings along with all sorts of emotions, such as joy, anxiety and fear. The emotions are overwhelming. Whether it is the happiness of being a new mom or the anxiety of dealing with the baby issues the first time or the fear of doing anything wrong. Like any other mother, I too went through these emotions. There were many questions in mind that bothered and fear of harming the delicate little one is just unexplainable. The anxiety overwhelms you more after a few weeks. All you need is to address the issues at hand, one by one.

Here are some of the issues that bothered me then:

1)Is this the right way to do things?

Since I dealt with the issues for the first time in life and the responsibility of doing it right was immense, I always in a dilemma. Many a times decisions had to be taken immediately and I had no idea to know if the decisions were right. Besides, there were many other things that troubled me. Whether to co-sleeping or make the child sleep in a cot? Breastfeed or formula feeding? Feed on demand or schedule the feed? Should I let my baby cry or wake up as many times as needed? When to wean? Are these nappies size okay? How can I understand whether she is tired? Is he feeling too hot or too cold? What can be the right water temperature for a bath, does he need a cold-water bath or a hot one? list is endless.

2)I hope there is no abnormality in my child!

I was really worried about this. I would keep checking google if she is able to hear properly? Is she reaching her milestones on time? Is she gaining enough weight?

3)Always judging my mom-skills and feeling guilty about it: I used to constantly worried at that do I give enough time to her and Do I read enough books to her? Am I handling her tantrums correctly? If my parenting style is right or not ? Am I a good enough mom for her?

Just know these six corresponding truths about motherhood that would help you combat anxious thoughts

1)whenever you think, “Is this the right way to do things?”, just remember.

There are no such set rules to do anything . Take conscious decision

2) whenever you think, “is there any abnormality in my child?”, just remember

Trust your mother’s intuition. When in doubt, consult a trusted medical professional. And stay off of Dr Google. That’s quite a recipe for disaster every time!

3. Instead of experiencing any guilt, just remember,

You are enough and doing your best

4. Instead of comparing yourself to others, remember…

Keep your eyes and ears turned inward.

After giving birth your Focus has to be on activities that really matter, that is, your health and your kid’s overall well being. Don’t get too involved in the life of social media, because it’s never the way it’s shown!

Do remember that seeking validation from people out there will just lower your self-esteem. Each parent has their own parenting style, and if yours differs from theirs, it surely does not dictate how good of a parent you are.

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20 Replies to “Anxiety in new mums: How I learned to calm down

  1. I can so relate as I personally went through this buddy and I am so glad you choose to own on this crucial topic

  2. yes motherhood is beautiful but it is equally hard too. new moms often feel anxiety during initial days of motherhood. the steps you have suggested are so useful. great theme dear. all the best for challenge.

  3. You brought back my memories from the initial days after delivery. Yes, new moms go through a lot of anxiety, and sometimes family also cant see it. We are surrounded by queries and doubts, seeking answers. Nice post

  4. Anxiety is obvious in any job we do for the first time, so does in motherhood. You have crafted all the truthful points so well. I am sure all the new moms are going to benefit a lot from such tips.

  5. This is so relatable… Motherhood sure is a roller coaster ride. And especially for a new mother anxiety is another thing to deal along with all the physical stress factor. I am glad to see that now ladies are coming forward to share their experiences which will benefit others in the same boat.

  6. Seeking validation will lower your self esteem 🙌you’ve hit the chord just right!! Kudos to the writeup!

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