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Makhana also known as lotus seeds or fox nuts are extensively grown and cultivated in Asia. Makhana or fox nuts are rich in protein and are very good for health. They are easily available in the market and can be stored for a long time. Makhana is obtained from a perennial plant that grows in wetlands and ponds.

The Makhana seeds are commonly used in dishes. The benefits of using these Ferox plant-driven seeds are enormous. I’ve started trying fox nuts from the  Indian fox nut company recently and found significant change in my body. It keeps me healthy, energetic and helps to perform daily activities efficiently.

We have gathered below some of the many benefits of Makhana:

High in calcium

Makhana seeds are a great source of calcium. Calcium is an essential nutrient that promotes teeth and bone health. Appropriate intake of calcium reduces blood cholesterol and blood pressure. Lotus seeds relieve pain in arthritis patients

Reverse the aging process

The miraculous Makhana seeds help to slow down the aging process.  Consuming a handful of Makhana every day can reverse the skin aging process and promote skin hydration.

Aids in weight loss

Makhana is low in calories and has a high level of protein and fiber. So, if you are someone who is on a calorie-deficit diet then fox nuts are a great snack option. They will make you feel full and prevent unnecessary cravings.

Improves fertility

Makhana seeds are a lifesaver for someone suffering from infertility. They help to maintain the water level of your body. This is very essential in keeping the semen hydrated. They help with the problems related to premature ejaculations. So, daily intake of Makhana seeds can aid people having reproduction issues.

India Foxnut Makhana Company

Indian foxnut – Makhana Company

India foxnut- Makhana company  established in 1980 has been the market leader in selling makhanas and it is known as India’s no.1 Makhana (For nut) producer that supplies from Muzaffarpur, Bihar. They have been in the business for over 40 years and providing the best quality makhana has been the primary goal of the Indian fox nut company. Over the years, Indian fox nut company have expanded their business to a global level with different flavours of superior quality Makhana.

Flavours of Makhana- India Foxnut Makhana Company

They sell six variety flavours of Makhana and they are :

  1. Indian Foxnut – Barbeque (Roasted)
  2. Indian Foxnut – Butter Tomato (Roasted)
  3. Indian Foxnut – Cream & Onion (Roasted)
  4. Indian Foxnut – Peri Peri Makhana (Roasted)
  5. Indian Foxnut – Pudina (Mint) Roasted
  6. Indian Foxnut – Tikka Masala (Roasted)
India Foxnut Makhana Company

Makhana nutritional facts

Makhana with roasted characteristics have low calories with high fiber and are contributive towards effective digestion. It has 64% of carbohydrates, 2% fats, and 15% protein hence it is a better staple food.

On average, 32 grams of makhana have 102 calories. To consider the ideal situation, 30 grams of makhana can get a regular diet equal to a handful of makhana per person. In a report by USDA, makhana contains B vitamins, especially thiamin, and it gives numerous dietary vital minerals including phosphorus and manganese.

You can order roasted makhanas online from Indian Foxnut – Makhana Company website.


Makhana is a great snack as it is high in nutrition and it is a snack that will keep you healthy. From the Indian fox nut company, you can buy makhana of your choice as they are the ones who provide the best quality makhanas. Order makhana of your choice from the Indian fox nut company to have a great experience.

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53 Replies to “Benefits of Makhana – India Foxnut Makhana Company

  1. I too enjoy eating makhana but never knew it is such an healthy snack. Flavourful Makhana is a great way to tickle the taste buds. Will definitely give this product a try very soon.

  2. Foxnuts are our most favourite snack. Aarav loves them specially caramelized in Jaggery. Perfect traveling snack

  3. Makhana is one of my favorite snack. And i am so glad that it comes with such variety of flavors. This is one of the healthiest snack which I introduced in my diet when my first baby was born.

  4. Fox nuts are our in-house favorite snack which we have nails with evening tea. Loaded with benefits I like to keep them as east finger food
    for off time hunger pangs for my kids.

  5. Makhana is one of my favourite snacks. Most of the time, I roast it myself and store it in air-tight containers. But when we travel, I always carry packets of makhana, my most fav is pudina and peri peri flavour.

  6. Absolutely agree with you. This for me is like God’s own food 😀. A very detailed and well written post. You have outlined all its properties

  7. Makhana is one snack that my dad used to like a lot and it has so many benefits which many are unaware of. I am glad you shared all these.

  8. Woah, really!! Makhana is one of my favourite afternoon snack yet I didn’t know about those benefits it does have. It’s really good to know. Would definitely try this brand.

  9. Wow I did not know Makhana is high in calcium. I have never tried Makhana till now and I will try to get them home as it has so many benefits.

  10. I have never tried Makhanas from Indian Foxnut but I would love to try the following flavors: Barbeque (Roasted), Butter Tomato (Roasted), Cream & Onion (Roasted), and Peri Peri Makhana (Roasted). I didn’t realize that Makhanas had some many benefits, so your post has certainly helped increased my awareness.

  11. My daughter absolutely loves eating makhana and we often have it in our evening snack. I never knew these have so many benefits 🙂

  12. Makhana is one of the yummiest and healthy snacks. I often fry these with ghee and serve them with salt and pepper to my kids. Will surely check out this brand of makhana as well.

  13. Makhanas are a new rage and I love them in different flavors. I made caramel makhanas for my grandsons as they love sweets. My favorite is mint and peri peri flavor.

  14. Thanks for sharing these. Most of us only know the names of such food items and are aware that they’re good for health but not the specifics of how they benefit us

  15. Makhana has a prime spot on my kitchen shelf. It is our favorite eve snack with tea. Yes, it serves numerous health benefits. Although I never tried the Indian Fox nut brand, I will check this out in detail.

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