BYJUS’S Parent Plus – A Guide To Parenting!


Learning from home comes with a fair share of difficulties for both parents and kids. Amidst all the chaos, parents have to spare a lot of time for their kids. Getting distressed and exhausted throughout the journey is something that have become normal. And, since many are living in a nuclear family, kids only have solecaregivers around. Ups and downs, learning and unlearning, is all that comes into my mind when someone asks me about parenting. The journey is wonderful, yet there are a lot of difficulties to go through. 

After giving birth to the little one, everything around gets quick. You’ll never know how your 1-year-old champ turns around to be a 4-year-old preschooler. One thing that’s constant throughout the journey is encouragement and guidance. Because with the ever-evolving technology comes the part where parents have to adapt to the newer demands and requirements. 

Even after taking suggestions from hundreds of parents out, there will always be room for some more parenting strategies to learn. Maintaining a balance between work and parenting duties can get fairly stressful. Improper eating habits of kids, digital device addiction, constant whining and complaining, are some of the common yet deep-rooted problems most parents face nowadays. 

Lucky to be in this generation, there are a lot of companies who’ve dedicated their time to create resources that seamlessly support parents.  Let’s explore how many resources I have relied on during my parenting journey, and what worked the best for me!

Some Parent-focused Resources I Rely On upon, Nowadays – 

Many parents still believe that online learning is not of a great deal for kids because they can get into undesirable activities. However, I don’t believe this.  Being a parent, we need to find a platform or resource that can make the parenting journey easier. The mantra here is to find healthy content for the kid, and if you have sorted this out, you can do anything! 

But I know this notion may still feel like a pipe-dream. Hence, to help you with the same, here are a few resources online I found helpful for me as well as for my daughter – 

Online Games – 

Games make learning fun and easier, but it’s quite tedious to find a helpful game from a plethora of options available out there. However, I found some of the best games within Byju’s app itself to help my daughter with mathematics, and vocabulary building. 

She liked the basic 3D shape game a lot because learning shapes and names got easier for her. There are some more interactive games available online, like chess and board games which my daughter loves spending time on. 

Educational Videos – 

Video content is ideally the best resource to help kids learn the most difficult subject in the easiest way possible. Yet again parental control is among the major concerns while allowing the little one to explore videos on their own. Moreover, selecting the right content is a tedious task too. But all thanks to Byju’s, because with it, I don’t have to worry about the content at all! 

Kid-centric Story Audios – 

Yet another beneficial resource to help kids learn from home is kid-centric story audios. I have downloaded a lot of story audios for my daughter to improve her curiosity and imagination power. Even though this concept is quite new, I feel great to adopt this to my daughter’s extracurricular activities. Parents can even record their own voice and let their children listen to it!

Blogs – 

Blogs are a great way of learning for parents. Whatever all I have learned about parenting to date, the major credit goes to blogs. Even when I was nursing, or potty training my toddler, or helping her with homework, I got great insights from blogs. 

And with this being said, Byju’s parent plus blog section has some great advice and ideas to help every parent out there. One of the few blogs I liked was how to stay calm with a child having big emotions, and explore what is your parenting style

Both the blogs give detailed insight about parents’ and kid’s emotions. For example, the first blog mentions tips to help kids calm during any situation. The other blog showcases the difference between authoritative, uninvolved, permission, and some more other types of parenting. Hence, the parent plus initiative by Byju’s really helped me to unders the lows and highs of parenting and how to resolve it all. 

Why is learning all fun and games with BYJUS’S? 

Fun and Interactive Sessions 

Not just for parents, Byju’s happened to be a big relief for my daughter too. She actually liked all the class hours, and was eager to learn new things everyday. Being a student with a curious mind, my daughter liked the activities performed by teachers during the live sessions. She even likes to play games online, and I don’t even restrict her with the same. 

Better Clarity on the subject matter 

Previously, before lockdown online learning was not my thing. I believed that there would be a lot of communication barriers, but during lockdown parents had no option left. However, now I believe that my daughter no longer gets confused a lot with difficult topics. Most of the questions are resolved by tutors during the online class itself! 

Learning gets more effective 

Just reading and writing all day long is not what this generation asks for, and Byju’s didn’t fail to address this issue. Apart from online lectures, there are a plethora of activities performed online. These personalized activities help kids learn new subjects more effectively. 

Apart from all other resources, what proved to be a real helpful and a saviour resource for me during the lockdown was regular posts by Byju’s parent plus. The blog section never failed to keep me updated about ongoing parenting trends, and how best I can take care of my little one. With this being said, I’ll highly recommend all other parents and teachers to visit Byju’s parent plus blog section to get informative help in your parenting journey!

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  1. Byju’s is fast becoming popular and for good reason. Their interactive way of teaching and varied courses are a great way to make online learning fun.

    1. With so many online education option available and so many edutech companies competing each other it becomes highly difficult for a parent to decide the best for their kid. I think this blog will help many parents take a good decision.

  2. Thank you so much for your recommendation buddy. I am hearing such raving reviews of them. Will surely check them out

  3. My kiddo always looks toward byju’s whenever he is stuck in any problem, as they have answers to all the questions almost. Thanks for sharing such an informative post especially during these online education times.

  4. Through their fun and interactive lessons, Byjus sure has made the learning more interesting.

  5. I swear by Byju’s , it is a one stop solution for kids I feel. They got the best and insightful solutions which is easy to understand for kids

  6. Kids at a young age love to learn subjects in a fun manner and thus I have loved BYJUS for my kids. They make learning fun and so interactive. It’s never one-sided learning as that becomes monotonous.

  7. Learning has undergone a paradigm shift and has come right home through technology. Learning blended with fun is the best way to teach children, and there are so many options there.

  8. BYJU’s has so many things that can keep the kids entertained and educated. These are really good things where the kids can learn with fun.

  9. I’ve few friends of mine who’s kids are registered and using Byjus and they only have good things to say about it. So I am going to check 5h3m out for both my kids and get them registered.

  10. Oh I didnt know that Byju’s has so much more to offer for kids. Thanks for throwing light on these features on Byju’s App.

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