Home Remedies To Improve Your Eyesight


Similar to maintaining your physical health, it’s crucial to prioritize your eye health. Poor vision is increasingly prevalent, yet its severity often goes unrecognized. Neglecting nearsightedness or farsightedness can result in vision impairment. For those seeking alternatives to glasses or contact lenses, here are some home remedies to consider.

Home remedies :Almond and Fennel Seeds for Improving Eyesight

This Ayurvedic remedy is highly regarded for its benefits to the eyes, as all three ingredients in the mixture are renowned for enhancing eyesight. To prepare this remedy, you’ll require:


  • Almonds 50 gm
  • Fennel seeds 50 gm
  • Mishri (Take dhage wali mishri )50 gm

Take an equal quantity of all the ingredients and put them together into a mixer grinder jar.

Now grind them well, make a fine powder of all the ingredients and store it in an air-tight container.

How to take Almond fennel mihsri for eyes

Take a cup of lukewarm milk and add one tablespoon of this powder into the milk and mix well and drink before sleeping at night every day.   

Ensure that you do not eat anything after drinking this remedy and drink this regularly without any delay.

Home remedies: Remedy 2

Soak 8 almonds overnight, then grind them into a paste the next morning and mix with water for consumption. This remedy is effective in alleviating various eye problems.

Home remedies :Remedy 3

Additionally, incorporating soaked raisins and figs into your morning routine—15 raisins and 2 figs on an empty stomach—can further promote eye health.

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