“Money Tantra” Exposes The Truth of Black Money.

The first poster launch event of the film “Money Tantra” Presented by Uni Player Films on 2 June 2024 in Mumbai was held on a grand scale and the event was attended by writers, directors, artists, and many senior people associated with the art world from the theater and film world of Mumbai and Lucknow Like famous make-up artist Deepak Sawant , writer-director Akash Aditya Lama, television actress Neetu Pandey , Rajdeep , senior actor Mukul Nag , Arpit Garg from “Brandex Music”, Sohini Niyogi-Abhishek Narayan & Mayura Amarkant from”Karwan Groupp” and many other respected people came and supported the film team.

Money Tantra is the story of three simple characters who bust an international crime worth billions of dollars. The film portrays a very unusual event near reality. The characters, costumes, and dialogues of the characters in the film are far from artificial grandeur and close to reality.

The film stars Shailendra Kumar, Simran Awasthi, Vijay Mishra, Ravi Gupta, Rajveer Singh, Veda Rakesh and others.

Presented by Uni player Films, “Money Tantra” will hit the screens soon.

The film is directed by Anshuman Rawat and produced by Anamika Srivastava.

Ravi Gupta is the executive producer and production designer of the film. The other prominent members of the team are cinematographer Inder Kumar, co-producer Vijay Mishra, VFX Naveen Dhiman, music composer S Vikas, BGM Devendu Ranjan, costume designer Gagan Bawantara, publicity designer Arif Ahmed and editor Anshuman Rawat.

To know every aspect related to the rest of the film, watch the complete film “Money Tantra” soon in your nearest theaters.

Uni player will soon announce the release date of the movie “Money Tantra.”

The music release of “Money Tantra,” starring Shailendra Kumar and directed by Anshuman Rawat, is likely to be done by Brandex Music and the publicity and marketing of the film is being handled by Karwan Group











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