My New Travel buddy

Being a women you will very well agree to the fact that women hygiene is one of the most important aspects of the women’s health.

I always dreaded using public toilet as I’m easily prone to UTI. But sometimes You don’t really have a choice to opt out of using public restrooms, be it in your malls, office and especially when you’re travelling.

So after hovering over many options I came across this unique product called Worlds first Female Urinating Device from Peebuddy India.

What is PeeBuddy?

It is a portable female urination device; funnel shapes and laminated with the water-resistant coating. This device is very easy to carry around and easily disposable as well.


  1. It gives you the freedom to stand and pee.
  2. Saves you from the plight of holding the pee for long hours.
  3. Is a escape from UTIs or other vaginal infections.
  4. Has a laminated water-resistant inner layer.
  5. Is use and throw types. So, no hassles of cleaning or keeping it sanitized.
  6. Easy to carry and Convenient to use. For proper instructions, please check the pack.
  7. Very reasonable and believe me,it is worth every penny.

Ideal for conditions like pregnancy, diabetes, arthritis, while travelling or trekking & also for cancer patients who have very low immunity.

PeeBuddy is the buddy to carry around. I now always carry one along with me. It’s easily available on

11 Replies to “My New Travel buddy

  1. This is surely a great travel companion. Thanks team for such revolutionary concept.

  2. This is really a good product women while travelling. I hate to use toilet seats in the wash rooms we come across on road trips. Pee buddy is really helpful in such situations.

  3. This happens with me always… i hate using public restroom. I prefer nt to use rathr then use it . This is a must . Thank u for sharing it .

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