7 Best Job Portals in India for Women


In today’s rapidly evolving workforce landscape, women are increasingly seeking job opportunities that align with their career goals and aspirations. Recognizing the importance of creating inclusive and supportive environments, several online platforms have emerged, specifically tailored to empower women in their professional journeys.

7 Best Job Portals in India for Women

If you’re a woman ready to take the next step in your career, don’t miss out on these top 7 job portals offering women-friendly opportunities!

  1. JobsForHer.com: With a mission to enable women to restart their careers, JobsForHer.com connects women with job opportunities and career resources designed to support their unique needs.
  2. She-jobs.com: This online hub caters to women seeking job openings curated specifically for them, providing a platform where they can explore diverse career options.
  3. HerSecondInnings.com: Whether you’re looking to restart your career or explore new opportunities, HerSecondInnings.com offers a dedicated space for women to pursue their professional ambitions.
  4. GharSeNaukri.com: For women seeking flexible work-from-home options, GharSeNaukri.com provides a range of job opportunities tailored to accommodate their needs and preferences.
  5. myAvtar.com: Empower yourself through career development and job placement services uniquely tailored for women on myAvtar.com, helping you navigate your career path with confidence.
  6. Where Women Work.com: Discover companies and organizations actively committed to supporting women in the workforce on WhereWomenWork.com, where you can explore inclusive career opportunities.
  7. QWeen.in: Join this online community dedicated to promoting professional growth and networking opportunities for women, connecting you with like-minded individuals and resources to advance your career.


As women continue to make strides in the professional world, it’s essential to have access to platforms that understand and cater to their unique needs. These top 7 job portals offer a diverse range of opportunities and resources tailored to empower women in their careers. Whether you’re looking to restart your career, explore flexible work options, or connect with supportive networks, these platforms have you covered. Don’t miss out on the chance to take your career to new heights and embrace the opportunities that await you!