A transformative age called tweens #AtoZChallenge


Tween is an age where kids transform from a kid to an adult .The word” tween” is derived from in- between stages of childhood and adolescence. Children enter their tween years around ages of nine to twelve years old. The kids of this age not just undergo physical changes but also noticeable mental and emotional changes. The cute and cuddly kids who once would not spend a day without telling their secrets are now suddenly distancing themselves and have reduced their need for parents

It will be a little tough to see kids grow but these are the times when these kids need their parents the most as guidance before they transition into their teenage years. Parents play a significant role in shaping a kid into a mature adult. Hence it is very important to understand them better to make them a better individual and to guide them for a better future

What changes can be seen in kids in their tweens?

Kids in their tweens are like baby birds learning to fly for the first time as they grow more independent. Kids try new things as a way of finding their identity. Despite enjoying family times, tweens will more likely develop unique interests on their own. Some of it starts from their circle of friends where they together discover new ideas and ways of entertaining themselves.

Here are some behavioural changes that may be noticeable in tweens

  • Becoming adventurous 
  • Rebelling against rules set by the parents and finding ways to bend the rules or finding a way around them 
  • Finding interest in new hobbies and trading them for old ones. The old habits seem to disappear over time. 
  • Trying different things like sports, books, art, and more until one of them clicks to them and fits as a hobby for them perfectly 
  • Need more time to sleep especially during the weekends and the school break
  • Finding ways to fit in among their peers 
  • The feeling of embarrassment increases in front of the others
  • The rush of emotions due to hormones after hitting puberty
  • Bodyweight and physical appearance start to matter

Tweens may also start to spend more time on their electronic gadgets by watching videos, playing online games, and socialising on the internet with their friends

Challenges commonly faced by tweens

Tweens undergo many challenges on their own. Being conscious of their appearance, trying to look and fitting in with their peers. They may start swearing to sound more authoritative and to impress their friends. Sometimes they will also question their parents trying to go against them and adapting a know-it-all attitude. 


With all the changes the tween goes through they still need their parents to guide them. Communicating with them about their problems and needs helps create an understanding and builds trust with the parents.

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15 Replies to “A transformative age called tweens #AtoZChallenge

  1. being a mom of tween I could co relate with this post. and faced these challenges in my day to day life. but I believe making an open communication with tween help a lot in dealing with these common challenges.

  2. This is really good information about those challenging years in a chiold’s growth. I remember those days, I was at boarding school for some of that time and I started to draw away from my family, my Mum in particular.

  3. The physical and emotional changes that begin even before children reach the teens, can result in trauma, unless handled with care and sensitivity. Handling kids with velvet gloves during this phase is really important.

  4. Communication surely is the key at any development stage of kids and with respect to a tween, an open communication will surely be very beneficial for both the parents and the kids.

  5. Hey my daughter is in that stage now. She’s 9 going on 10. I have seen very few changes in her. I think if we are constantly monitoring them and making sure that they are spoken to if they feel different, it should all be good. This stage won’t be as bad a stage as it seems.

  6. As a mom of a soon to be a tween child, I understand these behavioral changes and their route to exploring self amidst all the commotion of growing up game. Valid points mentioned above.

  7. Thank you so much for this post. It will be very helpful for me in the coming years for my daughter. This stage is extremely crucial, for us parents to monitor our kid.

  8. Wow informative post. Its good to know the transformation and changes that happen to kids when they are turning into teens. We all went through the same transformations but never saw these changes from a parent perspective. I do not have kids but will send this to my friends who have.

  9. I could relate to this post as a mother of a tween, and I face these difficulties in my daily life. However, parents must find new ways to connect with their children and build relationships to support them during this challenging stage of development effectively.

  10. Being a mother of teens, I understand the mental and physical changes these tweens go. It’s so important to understand their thought process and grow with them.

  11. True buddy communication is the key with the tweens as they themselves are undergoing so many changes difficult for an individual kid to fathom

  12. Loved reading this and I agree, that proper communication is a must among kids and parents.

  13. My daughter has turned 9 this year and I can already see some of the changes that at times are scary but I guess as parents we need to be prepared for these changes and also empower kids to embrace the age and experiences of life. Nice post.

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