Parenting Tweens: A Balancing Act

Parenting tweens is a difficult balancing act.In a world where there is much to explore it is very hard to keep the tweens away from it while keeping them close to us. Parents always feel worried for their children’s safety and always want to keep an eye on them.Upon raising kids of my own and reading articles and books and talking to other parents, the following tips and suggestions have been discovered which will be discussed below:

Making friends with tweens:

Despite their age, every human needs to feel connected and
close to someone. While wishing to be independent and distancing themselves from family and friends, these tweens will always need someone as a friend to guide them and appreciate them. If parents start to provide these needs will allow the kid to find common grounds with the parents. This relatedness will form strong bonds between the kid and the

Building trust:

At all costs, there should be no hidden secrets. Parents and the kids should communicate with no walls between them. Trust matters a lot. It’s crucial for both parents and children to share everything with each other. All problems arise when problems are kept as secrets and not shared with parents.

Pick your battles:

Not every matter is worth arguing for. Handling tweens is similar to handling toddlers. They just can’t be controlled. Prioritise what is very important for the family and allow the little things to slide.

Talking and listening:

Healthy communications determine how healthy the bond between the kid and the parents is. Tween is the best age for learning basic life values and ethics.Hence talking to them and teaching them life lessons and listening to their issues and providing them with reasonable solutions is the best way of guiding and preparing tweens for the future.

Expecting more, accepting less:

Tweens are indeed growing up but are still too little to face the challenges of this world. One way of preparing them for the future is to expect more of what they are capable of. However, in return accept what they can manage to do. With time they will reach what is expected.


Tweens are the time to shower kids with love and affection and to express pride to them. Tell them how strong and clever they are and appreciate them. Instead of wasting time yelling,worrying, and monitoring their attitude, try connecting to them and making a difference in their life. Trying to understand your kids better and connecting with them in a better way can shape their future.

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15 Replies to “Parenting Tweens: A Balancing Act

  1. It was a great theme by you in A2Z challenge and you have shared great tips in each post for easy tween age parenting. congrats dear for completing another A2Z challenge.

  2. Cannot agree more with you.The tweens are indeed a challenging phase. It requires the parents to exhibit their balancing skills, like nothing else.

  3. If parenting is a journey, then the tweens are indeed one of the most challenging aspects of the journey. Lots of empathy and listening skill come in handy to overcome this challenge.

  4. So true. I’m currently going through this stage and I’m already connected to the kids. So if I find anything out of place, i sit calmly and speak to them. It’s like this since the beginning.

  5. I am keeping note of these challenges and advices and very soon I may need them. We have started the journey of soon-to-be tween and this is going to be my go-to blog for help.

  6. It is important to have a healthy and clear communication with our kids at this stage of their growing up They are curious and yet are shy and hesitant to ask us. We need to be approachable as parents.

  7. These are so helpful for parents who have teen kids or the ones getting into their teenage. I am sending this post as well to my friends who have tween kids. Thanks for these tips.

  8. I cannot agree more with you .. Parenting a teen is a challenging phase for any parent, and I am in this situation. Parents must find new ways to connect with their children and build relationships to support them during this challenging stage of development effectively. Very well articulated.

  9. I really liked the tips you have shared, teen parenting seems challenging but with little effort and right approach we can enjoy this.

  10. Being a friend to tweens is of utmost importance and it helps build a strong relationship. Loved reading your take on this topic.

  11. My daughter will soon enter this stage and I guess I should build a platform for her right away and balance my parenting with her. This is quite a supportive and helpful post

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