Connecting with tweens :Emotionally and Physically


The world keeps expanding for a tween by every passing day as they grow. For such growing kids the innate, easy and everyday closeness shrinks and starts to change. Parents need to connect with their kids both emotionally and physically. There are a few ways of connecting to kids emotionally and physically and some of them are discussed down here.

5 ways of emotionally and physically connecting to tweens

Touch still matters:

Tweens tend to be independent hence they will distance themselves
from their parents as they go on to explore their world on their own. Sometimes they will refuse to hold hands in public or refuse bedtime kisses. Despite this there are many ways to connect to tweens like watching TV and reading while cuddling together, talking while lying
on the bed next to each other, or playing games like drawing on the back.

Words matter:

While exploring tweens get very busy and are left with much time to have verbal connections with their parents. But phrases like good morning, good night and I love you can have an impact on them. This will remind them there are always people like their parents to connect with them and they are never alone. Like every other relationship,
communication matters a lot in parent kid relationships too. Constant communication can have a great impact on your kids’ lives.

Try having fun together:

Family nights for playing games are a good way of getting the family together. Having fun with the whole family is a great way to connect with your kids in a better way. Reserving a particular day makes it exciting by playing games or just having a laugh by sharing an experience or about anything that happened throughout the day or the

Give them space:

Kids enjoy exploring their world on their own. If parents keep nagging on what they do, it will irritate them and they will distance themselves from the parents even more. It is best to give them space, trusting them and letting them wander on thereon.

Be there for your kids:

Tweens are usually shy when telling their troubles and feelings.
Being there and listening to them helps them offload their troubles and helps them feel safe.It’s very important to find time to spend with your kids and to make them feel that their parents are always there for them. If they are having trouble with anything, make sure that you’re there for them.


Kids sure do grow up fast and they make their parents proud for all they achieve in their young life. However, it may feel bittersweet to see them grow as they will not be the same cuddly babies they once used to be. However, love and affection can still be given by using
these tips mentioned above.

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