Tween Discipline Tips and Strategies


As the kids enter tween years ,you will start noticing visible changes in their Behaviour. Your kids have started to act out and challenge you . They are beginning to talk back or they have started listening to music whom you’ve never heard of . Your tween are also trying out new fashions, interests and hobbies .

Lets blame this beaviour to that strange in-between age when kids have no idea where and how to start the process. So as a parents , you need help tween get through these years and prepare them for the teenage years. You must have realized by now that strong negative punishments wont solve the purpose. Instead we need to learn more discipline strategies and help your kids through these tween years.

Tween Discipline Strategies:How can Parents help

Stay Calm

Remember that in most cases, tweens are confused and are just testing their boundaries . So it is important to react to their new behaviours calmly. This will in return bring comfort and stability for tweens .

Taking away privileges

If parents witness a questionable pre-teen behaviour, a great way of dealing with it is to takeaway something meaningful to them. Things like their electronic gadgets, reducing their outing with their friends, etc.

To have a behaviour contract

Having a behaviour contract is another way of keeping in check what is to be expected and what behaviour is to be worked on. Any behaviour that is out of the line the first techniques can be applied to this.

Rewarding for their behaviour

If the tween shows their improvement in a positive and calm way, reward them for their acts and return their privileges back to them which they may have taken for granted. If they have tidied their their room, and done their chores or have done well in school then reward them for that.

Embrace problem-solving

There are times when the tweens are undergoing an issue that causes them to act out by talking back and being angry. For such reasons, behaviors need to be looked up very closely. Talking to them and figuring out a solution for the issue and understanding what went wrong can help them get their behavior straight.

Learning lessons on their own

Sometimes it is best to watch from a distance and let the kids do their mistakes. The consequences of their action they will witness firsthand will help them understand the rights and wrongs. Letting them learn their lessons will make them realise how they should have reacted when they went wrong.


There are things parents should be mindful of. While having a child everyone has their vision of what their children will be instead of what they become. It is best to focus on the child they have instead of imposing what they should be. Avoid labeling children for their behavior as
such behavior may have a reason. It is the best work on their attitude and helps them

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