Book review: Stress Free Education – A Guide for Parents by Deepa Gandhi


Author – Deepa Gandhi

Rating – 4/5

About the Author

Deepa Gandhi is a postgraduate in foods and nutrition,  freelance dietician and writer. She is known for her popular write-ups in fields like parenting, health and travel. She loves to share her experiences as a mom and as a nutritionist in her blog So far, she has published 3 eBooks – Parenting Tips and tricks, Healthy Recipes under 30 minutes and memoirs of my travel which is a travel book And in all these books she never failed to go a step ahead and impress the readers with her worthwhile experiences.

Besides being a nutritionist, she is a proud mother and even a teacher, passionate about everything creative. So, if you wish to be with your child more like a friend,her meaningful activities are all that you have to rush for. Also, if you are looking for a children-friendly dietician, Deepa must be your go-to person!

About the Book

Stress-Free Education A guide for parents throws light on the important aspects of education for kids from the earlier stage . Being a nutritionist, freelance dietician, the author highlighted the need for nutrition and its importance effectively in the book. The book also covers mental health concerns a kid usually faces during school exams and how to cope up with . The author’s personal experiences have turned out to be quite impactful to the reader’s.

The book is very insightful for new parents .It highlighted the importance of teaching soft skills ,homeschooling tips and tricks to the kids.The moment your kid starts to study on their own, there’s a lot on the table to do, as a parent. And Deepa has experienced the same. She even mentioned how she changed herself as a parent, evolved at each step, and learned a lot of new things . As I mentioned earlier, the detailed information about the nutrition tips for kids makes this read even more interesting and insightful for parents’.

She has even shared a lot of new information, which a parent must consider while parenting. And one of those is the Montessori education for kids. She has taken her readers to different facets of Montessori classrooms and how stimulating the environment there is.  All the important aspects of the book were connected to an incident, that made the reading process a lot easier and understandable. Hence, if your kid is going to a school, this book will help you understand ways to help kids do well in their education journey!

My Review About the Book

Nothing about parenting is easy, but the bright side is, you will learn a lot in the process. I would never think twice before saying that this book was a treasure read for me. The author’s nutrition tips, homeschooling tips, and the best easy homework tips for mom worked like wonder for me. She has explained each concept in-depth, and has written every important aspect of parenting in detail. Towards the end, was the topic of the importance of team sports for kids. Nowadays, the tech culture has overshadowed the importance of outdoor games, but the author has explained the information effectively!

Some Hidden Gems

If you were to get a dollar for every algebraic equation you can work out successfully, or every chemistry formula and reaction you can recall, how much ‘wealthier’ would you be?

This statement from the book caught my attention within seconds. The reason is I related a lot to this statement, and I believe that many other readers will also relate a lot to it like me!

Yet another eye-catchy statement was about the education system itself.

The education system is like a rat race and it’s important to make education stress free for kids.

As a parent, we often undervalue the importance of mental health of kids, and overvalue the grades they get. So the time now is to look after the stress-free education of kids. Lastly, the chapter about the Montessori method of education is very insightful an a must-read for all parents out there

This book is an apt read for every parent out there. I give a big thumbs up to this book!

Book availabilty

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Stress Free Education – A Guide for Parents by Deepa Gandhi

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  1. Thank you Jyoti for this wonderful review of my book. I just found it in Blog rolls. I didn’t know you already reviewed it. Glad you liked it and found it helpful.

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