#BlogchatterA2Z : “C”is for Crawling Skills

“C”is for Crawling Skills


Watching your little one crawling near you is totally adorable. Their tiny little legs, and their enjoyment is similar like a newfound freedom!

But still with this freedom comes a lot of dangers. Since kids have a knack of finding and playing with anything that they shouldn’t! All because of their curiosity. And no doubt, all the household items are much more exciting than toys for them!

Few Benefits of Crawling

Crawling is very helpful in teaching baby to how to coordinate movements by using both sides of their body equally

It is very helpful activity to strengthen their arm and leg muscles.

It is one of the  first motor activities which help baby use both sides of their brain together.

It helps baby to establish better learning patterns, visual tracking.

Crawling helps baby establish a strong foundation skills like  balance, and coordination which in turn will help baby to gain independent walking skills.

Here’s what you can do to make your kid’s crawling a lot easier and memorable –

  • Try giving your baby plenty of tummy time, from birth itself. This will develop their muscle strength across shoulders, arms, back and trunk (torso) as all of these parts would  help them to crawl better
  • Encourage your baby to move and bring the toys she is interested in while playing
  • Build a safe corner/place for your baby to explore different objects
  • Try placing your palms behind your child’s feet, to protect them!  

How to Child-Proof Your Home for Crawling?

  • The first thing you should get when your little one starts to crawl about are some gates, especially for the stairs and the kitchen, as this is among the major danger hidden spots.
  • Next crucial steps is to get some plastic safety covers for the plug sockets. Because the more you tell them not to touch anything, the more curious they will get about it. It’s a good idea to watch your little ones around these too, as by the age of 2 my kid learnt how to take the safety plugs out – very clever but not very safe!
  • Also, try staying aware about what you have kept on the floor, especially small things, since they can swallow it. The major reason behind saying this is, most of the kids often try putting things in their mouth, just to explore their new found skills. Hence, be on guard for loose coins and small toys left around by older children etc. Remember not everything is safe to eat at this stage!

By keeping an eye on all these little things, you are creating a perfect space. A space that will not only support the kid’s growth but also will provide healthy development. Hence, remember, the better you will be at all these, the better experience you will get!

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19 Replies to “#BlogchatterA2Z : “C”is for Crawling Skills

  1. So true, once the child begins to crawl all the things you kept on the floor disappear or move to higher levels. Its one big challenge to keep them from swallowing things. Well brought out
    Deepika Sharma

  2. Though crawling is not a set milestone it definitely helps prepare the leg muscles for the kid to push up and walk. These tips are superb

  3. Yeah, crawling helps a lot to build a stronger foundation for kids. It’s very important to create a comfortable space for them to make this phase an enjoyable ride. Great pointers.

  4. When my kiddo started crawling, I use to say – I’m leading a high-level life now.
    As all things started going on top of shelves and tables and out of reach of the crawler. Crawling certainly is a beneficial and very important phase of toddlers’ growing years. The hand and feet coordination, the balance, the child is self-learning in this process.
    Good info with childproofing and making it memorable.

  5. so true! i also used to be very conscious once my lo started crawling. It was a mixed feeling. The happiness when she started and the nervousness of getting hurt sometimes.

  6. The crawling stage of little ones means a danger worldwide; parent alertness is expected to accelerate to the next level. A little barricading with plastic fencing at the open kitchen and near electronic devices smoothen this phase’s path for both child and parent. You have perfectly mentioned all the pointers of safety.

  7. I’ve recently been through this phase when my daughter graduated from crawling to walking, initially jittery and later a confident, the ever inquisitive toddler. Baby proofing is another gigantic task which needs a lot of attention from the parents. Great post!

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