Gender Inequality at Workplace

From workplace, to work-related injustice at home, a woman has to face a lot of gender inequality in her whole life. Many expect her to be a superwoman who need her to work for for her family’s dreams only. There are a lot of uprising issues in the globe, out of which inequality between men and women is the deeply rooted one.

Over the years, the world has got a bit closer to achieving gender equality, but there’s a lot yet to be done. Women are representing a lot better in academics, politics, economic opportunities, and healthcare areas. The only reason behind this is quality education, and respect for womanhood in society. However, in some areas, the position of decision-making is still in men’s favour.

Let’s face it. Women make the world a good world, and the home, a sweet home.  Despite juggling crazy inequality out there, women never failed to outshine. The reason why I am saying this is because I have been through the same. With this being said, here are some gender inequality issues for women that are perpetuated nowadays!

Topmost Gender Inequality issues – Pay At Workplace

For decades, women have been struggling to get an equal pay at the workplace besides better degrees than men. Many higher authorities still believe that women should not work after having kids . And that’s the reason why they ask them to go for a part-time job instead of a full-time one. Sometimes, half the women end up leaving their workforce for at least a year,

Major companies even tried curbing this discrepancy by adopting new policies.  Some of these include parental leave, support for child care, and other pro-family policies. But are these just on paper?

In my case, before marriage my company used to pay me good . But as soon as I got married the mindset changed .They started thinking of me as a burden at the workplace.  Even after working for years at the same place, I am offered the less salary as compared to my colleagues.

Most Commmon Gender Inequality Issue – Sexual Harassment At Workplace

Over the years, we have seen many cases of sexual harassment of women at the workplace. However, only some managed to shed the right light on the audience. For example, the #MeToo movement – A step that showcased how women are often mistreated by higher authorities at workplace. The increased risk of sexual harassment or assault at the workplace is one of the major reasons why women still hesitate to step ahead and work at someplace.

Racism At Workplace Common yet the most avoided Gender Inequality issue

Unfortunately, even after this much modernization, race still seems to play a major role in how women are compensated in the workplace. Many women out there still get paid depending on their race and ethnicity. The idea that racism is still alive in the workplace is haunting, and more uncomfortable when it comes to women who are struggling to get a place despite the consequences out there.

Fewer Promotions As Compared To Men

Even after a woman is more educated than her colleagues, she ends up getting half the pay. Another daunting situation here is, women constitute nearly half of the workforce, and are promoted at work far less often than men. Many higher authorities cite the only reason for this existing problem, that women can’t be moved into higher-up executive-type roles because of the existing responsibilities. Hence, moving them into a leadership-type role is simply unattainable.

The reason why I relate a lot to this disparity is that I have been through the same situation. During this lockdown, I’m working round the clock, still getting no promotion, and no salary hike. Moreover, even after working throughout the day, the higher authorities still consider me to be a part-time worker.

Fear Of Opening Up And Talking About The Real Issues

Even after struggling a lot at my workplace, I still hesitate to ask for a salary hike. I have proved my presence, and work in every possible way, like working round the clock and attending meetings whenever required. The same struggle is faced by a lot of women who are still overworking and getting underpaid. The fear of discussing money is a major issue that affects women more significantly than men. Whenever I have tried discussing my concerns with my higher authorities, they kept on telling me we are doing a charity by keeping you in our company.

Tactics to promote Gender Equality in the workplace

To promote a fair working environment it’s essential to work thoroughly on Gender Inequality. Because if the employees are happy with what they are getting, the productivity rate increases ironically. Over the period of time, I have understood how best I can stand for Gender Inequality issues, and here are the tactics which anyone can follow –

  • Know your job specifications and just check whether you are facing any specific barriers to reach your goal
  • Be vocal about your issues, and salary indifferences, if there are any. Talk about wages to your colleagues, and ensure every woman around you is as vocal as you about their problems
  • Understand the importance of work-life balance, and do things accordingly. Also, promote the same for both genders
  • Ensure the company has an anti-harassment policy, and they are actively sorting out issues. If there isn’t any, demand for it!

The only way a country can achieve their goal of sustainable development is by resolving gender disparities. Our younger generation demands for an equal society, regardless of their gender. And me being a victim of gender inequality, always would home that my kids don’t fall for the same trap! This blog is a mention about how difficult it gets for a woman, and how these little situations take a toll on mental health. I believe that every one of us must have been through such a situation, if yes, do let me know in the comments below!

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26 Replies to “Gender Inequality at Workplace

  1. Gender equality at workplace is a big challenge many working women face. Inspire of equally qualified (sometimes more). they have to face the discrimination. And the it continues, it can turn into serious issues like mental health and lower self-esteem.

  2. You echoed my thoughts Jyoti. Gender inequality is a deeprooted problem not only at workplace but everywhere around. Glad you wrote about it, hope we as a woman get the reality check and get ready to create a better world a deep rooted with firmed equality norms so that coming generation can reap the benefits of equality!

  3. Yes agree dear with your thoughts. it is really sad reality of our system where women face lots of issue related to gender discrimination. I feel if women take stand for themselves and be vocal about their issues, then things can change for better in future.

  4. Gender inequality is something which is everywhere in our society and these workplaces also have this issue. We need to stop doing this from out home and then only we will be able to bring some changes.

  5. Yes absolutely!! And this pandemic has shown the worst for some people. Just because a women has become late for the meeting for few minutes, she has been fired. Just because she has a lot of home works and cannot handle the professional job.

  6. This is such an important topic to be discussed. Yes inspite Of All the measures gender equality still exits and as your rightly pointed out women need to speak up and for that she should be aware about her rights.

  7. oh yes. very well said . Gender inequality in the work place is worst. I was working for a firm where the pay slab and job role for women were minimum coz we would opt out for delivery anytime after marriage.. That’s the worst place to work I felt and quit

  8. Gender inequality at workplace has so many nagging issues that go unattended. Sexual harassment is often followed by intimidation too. I’m glad you wrote on this topic.

  9. I am so glad you raised your voice for this dear, have been there, faced it and know it all. You have so critically analysed all the points

  10. I had been a part of the corporate world for more than a decade and I completely understand this. In spite of being worthy of the position, women have to go through a lot and face these inequality norms quite often. Sad reality.

  11. Gender inequality is a common thing at the workplace. I have faced it too that to after having a female boss. She used to use gender card for doing the favoritism. Such a disgusting phase of life that was.

  12. Gender inequality is present in most places. I had to suffer something similar in my workplace when I had declared about my pregnancy and post-delivery as well. And it was to such an extent that I was harassed and made to resign indirectly from a very good position. And that too this was done by an international PR agency with great standards.

  13. It’s a shame that even in this century the world is still lacking the basic understanding that women are equally competent than man and despite proving it time and again, they are still treated with differences.

  14. Gender inequality is like cancer in society, I have covered it last quarter in the #causeachatter campaign and was astonished by the facts of disparity. You have shared so correctly the way it has been prevalent in corporate culture.

  15. Women should be trained to raise the voice if they feel that there is gender inequality in the workplace. While sexual harrasment and racism is blatant reality, lack of promotion is something that has been brushed aside as it is subtly done.

  16. I think the problem is everywhere around us but yes it’s mostly found in the workplace more. You have given brilliant suggestions at the end. We should teach our kids about gender equality.

  17. Gender inequality is one of the most common problems faced across sectors. Infact I have faced this in two of my jobs when I was in a good position but pregnancy and later childbirth led to a forced resignation.

  18. I loved how you have written this sharing about your personal experience. Yes women are seen as burden ar workplace after marriage. People’s perspective of women change as soon as they know we have added responsibilities. It’s an age old thing but luckily we are in an era where we can strongly raise our voice and see changes happening.

  19. very well said, work place gender inequality is worst. I have experienced it and felt annoyed . We need strict policy to deal with work place inequality when it comes to responsibility, role and pay-scale

  20. You just spoke my thoughts, I have been in the corporate sector for over 12 years and even though being in middle management, the issues were almost the same. it is so sad that when women have reached the sky still they have to fight such fights at work.

  21. Gender equality in workplace this is one of the less talked about. And there is no doubt that it exists more or less in every sectors. This post definitely impart awareness about gender equality

  22. One need to talk about the requirements of the job profile and the commitment, the gender factor should come later on. And the worst part is most of the HR team is women and yet they justify the low payout to the women.

  23. while there is definite improvement in the inequality, the fact remains that even in 2021 this is something to be managed!
    definitely working hours is still something that there is a lot of disconnect over.

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