Get More Happiness Out of Credit Card Rewards

Are you searching for happiness in this hectic worldly life? And if you’ve got a credit card, what are you waiting for? Credit cards are the reason for millions of smiles; are you wondering why & how? So, let’s read some modern & outstanding tips to make the most of the credit card rewards.

While swiping your credit card anywhere at the store or petrol pump, you earn some points by it & when these points become more and more, they will provide you certain rewards, or you can call them incentives. A considerable number of people don’t know about it or find it a little bit difficult, but the reality is another way round, and you can actually earn it to a large extent.

What do you get if you have credit card rewards?

Credit card rewards can give you cashback, points, or miles on purchases.

These offer you benefits every time you spend (rewards that do not change from one purchase to the next) or give you enhanced bonuses in certain categories such as increased earning rates on dining out or groceries.

To get a Credit card reward, you have to purchase something completely new — and not just balance transfer or cash advance transactions.

Benefits of Credit Card Rewards

More Shopping

If you’re a shopaholic & prefer dozens of new dresses over every visit to a shopping mall, then credit card rewards are purely just for you & only you. Whenever buying expensive dresses or shoes, you’ll have to never think over & over again for it, as by utilizing your credit card reward points, you can easily avail it, with a broad smile.


Who doesn’t prefer to eat free & lavish food at a reputed restaurant or why don’t celebrate beloved’s birthday at an expensive restaurant? A big yes, and do you know; how? Yes! You can eat well, happily & freely by using a credit card with cashback rewards at an exceptional restaurant. Don’t wait for it & avail these offers to make your life happier than ever.

Extra Vacations

Yes, you’ve read it right & nicely. Credit card rewards can be a great support while extending your vacations. As nothing is more enjoyable than visiting more, stunning & newer places & experiencing new modes of life. So, just redeem & get ready to roam around the world.

Booking tickets

While traveling, booking airline tickets is a huge expense, especially when you’re traveling with a family. A bunch of airline companies offer flexible miles  as they have partnered with credit card companies. This benefit of credit cards will be highly beneficial to you & undoubtedly you’ll enjoy it with your loved ones. Besides this, while buying gifts for your friends or family, credit card rewards help you at that moment too, to make your moments just wonderful & memorable.


Credit cards abundantly allow you to borrow how much money you need, which eventually you have to pay back to  the bank in the future at the designated time. People  avail the offers given to them by this small piece of card  handed to them on a silver platter, by the credit card company itself, in the form of rewards, also known as in its general term, points.

In conclusion, credit cards help purchase and motivate you to continue spending. They bring immense satisfaction upon spending. However happiness comes in various forms for us humans. It could be money or merely a mess of sugar threads on a stick. Happiness is not something that you can buy, but in the form of credit cards it can be redeemed.

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33 Replies to “Get More Happiness Out of Credit Card Rewards

  1. These days credit cards are used everywhere. Gone are the days when we carry lot of cash. And along with the convenience if they are adding up to our happiness then why not. We have used such rewards in the past. They do bring a smile on our face.

  2. My husband is very fond of using various credit cards and I know the feeling when we get various rewards as bonus. your post mentioned all those credit card rewards so well in this post.

  3. Yes sometimes we overlook the rewards earned and keep spending on the things which we can earn for free. Once in a year we also look at the rewards to gain more.

  4. As a principle I do not use credit cards because after all it is a loan which has to be paid back! That said the banks are really giving such great rewards and discounts on using credit cards that I am quite tempted to get one.

    1. I frankly do not use credit cards for various reasons, but your post has outlined amazing rewards one can reap by using them correctly.

  5. I love redeeming my credit card points, though have mostly done it for shopping online. I loved your last line of the article… Yes, you cant buy happiness but you can definitely redeem it via credit cards 🙂

  6. Infact I am a very Debit card kind of person but I have always wondered if the benefits are substanial for making that switch 🙂 Looks like shopping can be one good reason 😉

  7. I have loads of points accumulated but havent done anything with them, high time i check it. This is such a helpful post you have written for clueless people like me

  8. These credit card rewards are really good. We are anyways spending on things which are necessities so if we spend and add rewards points it’s like a bonus. We have got done really good rewards in past and digital transactions are always better.

  9. My husband too uses his credit card especially for expensive shopping and we make the most out of the reward points that we get after that. Credit cards went rightly used can be very beneficial.

  10. I don’t prefer using my credit card jic I forget to pay the bill on time. Also haven’t really redeemed any coupons or benefits on whatever spending I did. But let me look more into it 🙂

  11. I’m just waiting to close all credit cards on my name. When things were bad during the pandemic, I got a headache with the number of calls they made to settle the payments.

  12. But this happiness sometimes might cost getting noticed by ITO if the spending goes too high in urge of more, and more, and more, reward points getting converted to various modes of happiness.

  13. But this happiness sometimes might costly by getting noticed by ITO if the spending goes too high in urge of more, and more, and more, reward points getting converted to various modes of happiness.

  14. I’m petrified of getting a credit card so I stick to my debit card. But dad has one and it’s always fun to spend his reward points 😉

  15. We predominantly use only the credit card, but usually stick to only one for all the expenses. That way the amount of rewards points/cash backs increases. But yes, do pay the card on time, else it becomes a liability

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