How do you ensure your body retains muscle strength as you age?#EnsureStrongerInsideOut

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The aging process brings a lot of age-related changes to your body. A study found an adult lost 3-5% of his muscle mass every year after age 30.  Reduction in muscle mass and muscle  strength is called sarcopenia, a part of the aging process. It’s normal to lose some strength with the passing of your age. In other ways, improving muscle strength as you age is necessary for a healthy life.

In order to know how you can ensure your body muscle strength at your age, You should have knowledge of how your lifestyle and muscle strength are important to be physical independent

Ways to maintain your muscle strength as you age.

Muscle health and immunity is something you can improve. Muscle strength plays a huge role in keeping you healthy throughout the day. There are a lot of ways to improve muscle strength and immunity. Some of them are :

Gravity Resistance training

Resistance training involves pushups, weightlifting, strengthening your body muscles by moving against gravity.  It produces mechanical stress on muscles which result in growth signals which lead to strengthening your body muscles.

These growth signals combine with satellite cells to prepare themselves by making proteins and protection.

Proper diet routine

It is important to have a proper diet for your muscle strength.  Protein in your diet helps your muscle tissue to rebuild and strengthen.  As you get older, your body resists growth signals. Our body breaks down full protein foods into amino acids, which it uses to develop our muscles. Rich protein providing foods including chicken, fish, eggs, meat, yogurt, and beans are the best things of protein to develop muscle.

Check your vitamin D levels

You can check your vitamin D level that helps with muscle protein synthesis, which helps develop your muscle strength. Sunlight is the main source of vitamin D, but it takes four times as long for 60 years age people to get vitamin D through sunlight. A vitamin D supplement can be used, but always take the opinion of your doctor before starting a new supplement.

By taking vitamin D supplements you can increase your muscle strength. We should intake food enriched in Vitamin D e.g. fish, red meat. Omega -3 fatty acids promote the synthesis of muscle protein in aged people. Corn oil can be used as a source of it.

Get Enough Sleep

Proper sleep is the essential thing for muscle strength. Taking seven to eight hours of proper sleep can help you to balance blood sugar, blood pressure, and hormone regulation, all of which can help you retain and develop muscle strength.

Walking Exercise

Walking exercise can enhance your mobility and increase blood movement. An anaerobic workout is an effective thing to your body’s response to insulin, which helps with muscle improvement. Doing regular 10-minute walking exercises that break the whole day can help you improve muscle mass.

Choose Normal Food Palate

Pick a normal size food plate full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, proteins, and healthy fats. A normal size plate of food can also help you to maintain your muscle mass passing age.

Keeping a Positive attitude

A person’s response to stress can influence how long we live. People who manage their life stresses have a more robust immune system and can better cope in today’s society. Surrounding yourself with family and friends is one way to help relieve stress. Call your friends and family, go out for coffee and a chat, volunteer, or take a class at your local recreation center to boost your sense of well-being.

Consume more water

It is critical to consume eight glasses of water per day. This goal can be challenging for seniors because our thirst centers become slower to respond to the body’s needs as we age. Even if their bodies are dehydrated, seniors may not feel the need to drink. To address this, add an extra glass of water to your day and gradually (over weeks) drink 3 glasses of water per day.

Drink Green Tea Instead of Black Tea

Drinking green tea has a lot of benefits and it’s considered healthy for your body. Japanese or Chinese Green Tea contains compounds that aid in the fight against cancer and strengthen the immune system.

Add some nutritional supplements

Our appetites tend to decrease as we age. A low-fat, high-quality-food diet can help reverse the effects of aging and lower blood pressure. . Processed and packaged foods contain more fat, salt, and potassium than our bodies require. You can add nutritional supplement from Ensure which is designed for adults. It provide high quality protein and 31 other essential nutrients required for a healthy diet.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep allows our bodies to replenish what they have lost while we are awake.  If you get enough sleep, you will feel better, be more alert, and have more energy. Bad sleepers have a higher risk of chronic inflammation, according to research. Better sleep can result in improved muscle strength and immunity for your body.

How to check your muscle age?

Even if you’re a healthy person your muscles might be aging at a faster pace than your actual age.  Taking a muscle age test will ensure the overall health of your muscles. Taking a muscle age test is not a tedious task. You can do it on your own from your home itself. Ensure has devised a simple tool, the Muscle Age Calculator, as part of its #EnsureStrongerInsideOut.

All you need for calculating your muscle age at home is a chair and a muscle age calculator. I’ve taken this muscle age test and my results are my muscle age is 40. I need to improve.

so why not give it a try? I am implementing all the above steps for improving my muscle strength.


Eating a proper diet while having fitness training can help in ensuring your muscle strength as your age. The muscles of a human are an essential thing for living a healthy life. Your muscles strength can be lost with the passing of your age. So if you want to maintain and build your muscles then you need to follow the above ways for the betterment of your muscles mass.

You go Check your muscle age here #EnsureStrongerInsideOut

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  1. Informative post ✌. Our muscles are important. As we age, it’s time to start taking care of them. It gives us the strength and mobility we need to stay independent and prevent chronic diseases. All the above mention points are important to maintain muscles power.

    1. Wow this post is definitely for me. My biggest problem is that I am losing the muscle strength and I think I need to do some of these in order to maintain my muscle strength.

  2. Great post Jyoti. yes, muscle health and strength are so important as we age. healthy diet and regular exercise is key to retain muscle strength. will check this muscle age checker soon. hearing a lot about this all across the web.

  3. Muscle strength is something which should not be ignored and it’s important to properly take care with growing age. Thanks for sharing such an informative article.

  4. As we get old at times it get difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and we get into muscle issues and healthy diet and exercise is really mandatory to have complete sleep to.. Good points you have put up the light.

  5. As you age your muscles power reduces. To keep a check on that this app is really helpful. And thanks a lot for these wonderful tips. I am sure if we could apply all of these we can regain our muscle strength.

  6. Muscle strength is not given a lot of importance although it is very necessary to stay healthy and fit. Your post contains all the right information to achieve it.

  7. This is a very informative post with some sensible tips for improving muscle strength. Gravity exercises like Pushups, weights, etc., are really good and the best part is that they can be done anywhere. Sandy N Vyjay

  8. I have so much admiration for bloggers who write about health and your blog post is certainly the best I’ve read this week. I didn’t know that Ensure has devised a simple tool, Muscle Age Calculator, as part of its #EnsureStrongerInsideOut campaign. Will surely check it out now!

  9. Let me also calculate my muscle age and check the result. if not good, then ur pointers to strengthen the muscles would be helpful.

  10. We always focus on general health and keeping the body fit from outside but we do need to focus on the muscle strength of our body to keep it stronger for long and healthy life. These are good things you have suggested to ensure strong muscle health.

  11. These are really good tips as the combination of strength training, plus a high-protein and low-fat diet can help offset age-related muscle loss so you can avoid injuries and loss of physical function.

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