Hair loss is a common problem that plagues us all. But most of us blame it on shampoo change, weather, or hair care. But did you know that hair loss can have internal causes and can be a sign of an undetected health concern? I am one of those people. I was suffering from hair loss for the last few months. And I listened to the advice of hairstylists, and online experts to try the best hair loss remedies, products and treatments suggested by them but nothing helped. Until I happened upon a website called Traya Health. Let’s get into the Traya review.

A Detailed Report On Traya process and products.

Step 1: Take the hair test at Traya website

Initially, I only went to them for Traya’s free hair diagnosis test, but the questions were so detailed that I went ahead and scheduled a free call with their hair expert. They explained my hair loss condition to me. Turns out it was Female Pattern Hair loss, stage 2 medically known as Androgenic Alopecia. Not only that they also explained to me how my internal health issues – my digestion and metabolism were affecting my hair health.

Step 2: Get your Treatment plan

Once that was done they explained the treatment plan that was recommended for me. Like most other solutions I was expecting a one-product solution. However, going through Traya Reviews showed me that their approach was different. And lo and behold it was actually a full treatment plan. When they spoke to me about their unique approach I was hooked.

Traya uses a combination of Ayurveda, dermatology, and nutrition to give you a holistic treatment for your hair loss. Not only that, but they also understand from you what your expectations are about your hair health. They asked me detailed questions about the issues I mentioned in my forms, such as my digestion, sleep issues, hormonal imbalance, and anemia. They explained how different components of the plan were going to help resolve those issues for me. Their Health Tatva and Gut Shuddhi tablets, these Traya products review were great. Were prescribed to me for my internal health issues. They also mentioned that my Traya Scalp Oil will be customized for my scalp concerns and will aid my sleep pattern.

Step 3 : Start your hair growth

Once you get on their treatment plan. You are assigned a hair coach. When I was reading the traya review, I’d read about how the hair coaches act as a guide for you throughout the treatment and stay in touch with you to ensure you stay consistent with the treatment.

Once my order was placed I got a message to book a call with my hair coach – Ishani. She called me to ask detailed questions about my lifestyle, diet, and underlying health conditions. This information is used by the doctors to write my prescription. She then informed me that my case was being assigned to a dermatologist and an Ayurvedic doctor. She then shared a diet plan with me and guided me on how to slowly substitute the things in my diet that were currently aggravating my hair loss. I was really curious about some of the suggestions from the diet plan. She then informed me that according to Ayurveda, a high pitta diet (oily, greasy, fermented, sour, spicy food) can increase the acidic pH of your body. This can increase hair loss and make it difficult for the treatment to work properly.

A few days later my kit arrived and once again Ishani called me to explain the prescription to me. And then she informed me that she will call me once every 10 days to get an update from me and also to give me any update the doctors might have for me. Well, this is my Traya review for now. Stay tuned for the next update on how the treatment is going. Overall, here are a few things that you should know before you start Traya.

Traya Review: Three things you must know about Traya

  1. If you start Traya, you should commit to the process and use the treatment for 5 months at least to see the best results.
  2. Traya diet plan is super powerful and will make you overall healthy. But some people might find it hard to follow, don’t worry in such a case you can reach out to your hair coach and request a plan that you will be able to follow.
  3. You have to put in the effort. Traya is a treatment plan but they cannot do the healing for you. The lifestyle changes that they suggest, the diet, and being consistent with your medication is always going to be on you. But don’t worry as mentioned in my Traya Review the hair coach will guide you through it.
  4. The cost of their plan can be between Rs. 1700 – 2500 for one month. This might be expensive for some people so you can ask the hair experts for an “essentials only” plan as well. Here is a link to schedule a free call with Traya hair experts.

For any questions about the Traya review leave a comment below or reach out to me here


  1. Hair loss is one of the biggest concern now a days probably due to unhealthy reading habits, pollution and too much of stress. I am glad that such hair care products are available in the market. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am hearing a lt about Traya hair product and services all across the web. seems like a great option to control and treat hair loss. I really liked the fact that they provide a personalized hair coach to deal with all your quarries. will surly visit their website to know more.

  3. I am also using this and found so far really great for hair fall treatment. The best part is their entire process is really great!!

  4. Wow the products look promising. I definitely am looking for some products which can help me prevent hair loss. And this seems perfect. I will do the hair test and see how my hair feels.

  5. My wife complained of hair loss a few years ago. I wished I had known about Traya at that time. She was able to reduce hair fall significantly by trying different products back then. I will ask her to have a look at the Traya process and products as well.

  6. This taking the hair test on the Traya website is a good way to solve the problem from the root. Instead of just trying any products for hair fall. I am truly impressed on reading your article

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