Namyaa Period Care Kit – A newfound treasure for every woman’s period problem!


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Women are doing wonders in society, be it from becoming an entrepreneur, handling the 9-5 job to leading the country, and their babies too. They are hustling and getting the rewards they deserve. But with the everyday struggle to exceed, it’s normal for them to ignore their physical and menstrual health.

Well, women might not ignore the periods and the related pain purposely; all of it affects their reproductive health. Menstruation is part and parcel of women’s lives. It’s essential to sensitize society about intimate wellness. Everyone should speak about their workplace problems, or in the home, to get the right care they deserve. But what actually is Menstrual Hygiene? And why is it necessary to take care of?

What Is Menstrual Hygiene?

The right menstrual hygiene refers to women and adolescent girls using clean menstrual management material to collect or absorb the blood. One must often clean their genital areas, and must take appropriate supplements for irregular periods, PCOD, or Discharges.

Why Do You Need A Period Care Kit?

A little negligence in menstrual hygiene management can spread infection in the intimate regions. Using unsafe methods like old clothes during periods, not only hampers mobility but also spreads diseases.

If the problem gets severe, one must consult the doctor immediately. The doctor will perform appropriate tests to rule out the core problems.

Menstrual Problems are often caused by birth control pills, too much exercise, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), stress,

Overactive or underactive thyroid. Thickening of polyps on the uterine lining is also among the major reasons for irregularities in periods.

No doubt, that one must diagnose their intimate problems, but getting stressed about the same, makes the situation worse.

Hence to ease the stress relating to menstrual health, Namyaa has come up with a Unique Period Care Wellness Kit. The kit consists of herbal medicines based on the principles of Stree Rog Chikitsa, as mentioned in the Ayurveda. Both women and adolescent girls can use these products as they all are chemical-free, with no artificial fragrances.

To choose the best product according to your persisting condition, below are the product descriptions in detail –


Namyaa Aarthava Kshaya from the Namyaa period care kit is for women’s suffering from PCOD and PCOS. As mentioned previously, all the herbs, extracts, and oils used in the tablets are certified, and safer for consumption. The main ingredients include Aloe vera, Neem, Kultha, Sahastravedi, Pippali, and Kanchnar.

The tablet works on treating the root cause of hormonal disbalances. Moreover, it also works on correcting the tridosha and improves immunity and fertility. As a result, the menstrual cycle gets balanced, and toxins are eliminated through the discharge itself.  The added benefit of these tablets are, if you are suffering from weight issues, it can solve that too!

For Irregular or Delayed Periods –

Namyaa anartava syrup from the Namyaa period care kit is for Irregular and delayed periods. The absence of periods, also known as Amenorrhea, is among the most common issues in women.  The major ingredients of the syrup, like Aloe vera, Pippali, Karanja, are known for their effectiveness. Also, the syrup is packed with some of the rarest herbs like Kultha, Krishna-Tila, for regularising periods.

Moreover, the syrup also works effectively on doshas like Vata and Kapha. It also boosts the immune system by removing the toxins and purifying the blood. The added benefit of this syrup, is that it takes care of the internal system in the best possible way!

For White Discharge

Namyaa Shwetkanika tablets from the Namyaa period care kit are for controlling the vaginal discharge. These ingredients of these tablets include some of the rarest herbs like Guduchi, Lodhra, Jeereka, Ashoka, and Daruharidra. Vaginal discharge often occurs due to internal reaction between organisms, and can get severe if ignored.

Stomach pain, UTIs, Itching, Painful intercourse, blood drops during urination, and fatigueness are some of the common symptoms. The tablet works on eliminating the root cause, by healing the internal inflammation or other related problems. It balances the doshas and improves intimate hygiene.

All the intimate care products by Namyaa are free from chemicals, artificial fragrances, and any kind of additives. Consuming it regularly will help you to balance your problems effectively. Just look after the detailed product description and treat your irregularities in the best possible way!

17 Replies to “Namyaa Period Care Kit – A newfound treasure for every woman’s period problem!

  1. This is really great and also new to me. This menstrual care kit looking so good with addition of excellent ayurvedic medication. Thanks a lot for sharing about it. Will surely explore this from my side.

  2. Ayurveda has been a long trusted traditional medicine of India , and I am sure this kit should help with most of the common gynaecological menstrual problems like menorrhagia and PID etc.

  3. This kit is absolute blessing for women. Do we need any doctor’s advice before using it? This can be a great help for women, glad you shared will spread the message for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is so amazing one brand with all the ladies issues… My cousin has PCOD problem definitely will be sharing this out thank for the review of these products which really looks great.

  5. This seems like an interesting concept and I guess if as promised there are no side effects, even better. I would however prefer to take a gynecologists advice before taking alternative medication.

  6. My daughter is suffering from PCOD and I am going to look up this medicine and get it for her. Thanks for sharing it. She has no set routine which is why this suffering. She works all days of the week and weekends too most of the time.

  7. I am truly impressed with this period care kit by Namyaa.. All the products are so thoughtfully developed. The best part they do no have harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances in it.

  8. Great information. But I’m wondering if it is a good practice to keep taking these supplements to reduce white discharge. I mean it’s a natural thing na. I didn’t know that stopping it was a good option.

  9. I am wondering how did I not know about these products yet, thank you for introducing this. I am definitely checking this out and would be recommending it to my friends too.

  10. Yes irregular periods is very common problems women suffering from. Namyaa Period Care Kit sounds effective in treating irregular periods

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