Traveling with kids – A Great learning investment!


Traveling is fun, and with family around it gets more incredible. The experiences are unmatched, and the stories are endless. I am personally a travel freak and I have explored the whole country with my family before marriage thanks to my dad. I love visiting places, because it’s kind of a stress buster.

While you travel, you explore the world, cuisines, cultures, and most importantly people. Having said that, when traveled with kids, they get to learn things, apart from their curriculum or classroom.

Sometimes traveling with kids can be just visiting a small town, sometimes it can be visit to beaches where a kid can dive deep down into the water, and the other time can explore and experience a new city or a country! Personally, I have found many reasons to travel with kids, and some of them are as follows –

Builds curiosity in their minds

To begin with, the minds of kids are very curious and whenever they will travel, they will open up to a new world of questions. They will interrogate a lot with family members, and would learn more about cultures, places, and people.

Their imagination will boost up, and they will get curious in creative ways. But at this stage, parents should always be careful about what information they are passing out. You need to answer all the questions asked by your kid, so that they get encouraged to question more. You must talk about ancient cultures, abandoned places, and cuisines, to help them understand better.

Boosts confidence and remove fears

Whenever a child gets an opportunity to travel then they can develop extreme confidence. Not every kid is friendly with everyone from their birth. But when we take them to long vacation, they get more confident about their views and experiences. My daughter became more confident while having conversation with strangers .

Travelling helps children to move beyond their comfort zone, and personally they get to challenge themselves in a unique way. Initially she was scared of beaches when we travelled to Goa but gradually started having fun with water. She totally enjoyed her next trip to Phuket.

Better understanding of different cultures

Traveling is a live learning experience. Your kid will learn about different places, its history, geography, in detail. They will explore little things, be it the route or a specific area. Any school curriculum will never offer this kind of knowledge. They will view the world from a broader aspect, and will remember each detail for a long period.My daughter still remembers her trip to TAJ Mahal. Educational trips are the best if you want to explore different cultures.

Making unforgettable memories

I still remember that my daughter was a big fan of Elsa, and meeting her fairy-tale characters in Disneyland was a dream come true . She totally enjoyed the meeting, and was imitating the same chinese accent for a long period. It became a best memory for her and us too! Also, she still remember all of this till date.

Children learn to adapt unpredictable situations

Traveling is never always blues and hues. Many times you will face some kind of bad experience. There can be delay in flights ,bad weather or anything. But it’s important to take it as an opportunity and not as a roadblock.

Traveling helps children to be brave, and I have personally experienced this. While we were coming back from Hongkong, we faced a horrible flight experience because of bad weather. Even though we were scared about this instance, my child seemed to be totally relaxed and didn’t freak out a bit! 

Lively and learning experience for kids apart from the school curriculum!

Many families nowadays often hesitate to not to travel with their small kids. The foremost reason is that they won’t understand the whole trip. But I feel it either way. It’s like not reading them books because they won’t remember the stories. The more the kids are with their parents, the better the bond gets, and the understanding increases. Hence, just after you have thought not to take your kid along with you while traveling, never forget all the above be

15 Replies to “Traveling with kids – A Great learning investment!

  1. Absolutely agree. I believe that traveling is a great learning experience. In fact in my book “raising capable children”, I mention travel as one of the essentials of traveling.

  2. Second your thought. Traveling with kids give them hands on experience. Experiencing world around them, how we should adjust ourselves to a situation can be taught when they experience it by themselves.

  3. Yes travelling offers verious great benefits for children’s overall development and give them practical exposure of different culture. Also it help in building a flexible and adjusting attitude too that help them a lot in future.

  4. I feel traveling for kids is important as it teaches them life’s biggest lessons, the experiences that you cannot have in a classroom. And I agree with all the reasons you have mentioned above.

  5. Well said ! Travelling helps adopt many challenging situations and make the kids realise a totally different perspective. Travelling with kids is full of fun and is most cherishable.

  6. I second your thought. Travelling gives exposure and the options where kids can enhance their learning by observation and implementing ideas.

  7. My son loves travelling to new places with me as I am a travel influencer. Surprisingly he remembers so much from those journeys.. I am also surprised that he mingles with kids of different nationalities so easily..

  8. We love traveling as a family. That’s why it’s such a lovely read.Challenges with traveling make us ready for life.Great reading indeed.Loved the post

  9. Travelling opens a wide canvas for knowledge. When they see and feel everything it stays in mind forever. You have pointed out an important fact with your post.

  10. Mine is a travel enthusiast family. We go on road trips. I agree with you. What my kids learned while travelling stay with them forever.

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