Planning a Family Trip to Singapore : The Best Decision We Made in 2023


Planning a family trip to Singapore was such an exciting decision for us! It had been 14 years since we last visited this amazing city on our honeymoon, and now we were thrilled to take our child and show her all the incredible things Singapore has to offer.

We had so much fun getting ready for the trip, looking at old pictures and finding the best places to stay and visit with our little one. We wanted to make sure everything was perfect for our family adventure in Singapore. The days couldn’t go by fast enough as we eagerly counted down to the day we would finally get to explore Singapore together again.

Returning to Singapore, this time as a parent, allowed me to witness the transformation of this extraordinary destination through the eyes of my child, reminding me of the timeless joy and wonder that travel brings to our lives.

How to travel to Singapore with kids

When it comes to getting around Singapore with kids, flying is a convenient option, especially if you’re traveling from India. Several airlines offer direct flights from major Indian cities to Singapore, providing a hassle-free journey for families. It’s advisable to check for airlines that provide family-friendly services such as priority boarding, in-flight entertainment for children, and special meals.

Now, let’s talk about planning your trip.

Booking your Singapore adventure in advance is highly recommended, especially when traveling with kids. Aim to secure your flights and accommodations at least 2-3 months in advance to have a wider selection of options and potentially avail better deals.

We booked our tickets two months in advance and it cost us Rs 27000 return per person . We searched portals like sky scanner in incognito mode and we got some discount on our credit card.

Weather in Singapore

Singapore is located very close to the equator, just one degree north. That means it’s super hot and humid here throughout the year. During the day, the temperature can be around 28-34°C, and the humidity level is high, around 80-90%. With kids, it’s essential to be careful not to get dehydrated or have heatstroke. Here’s what you can do to stay safe:

  1. Sunscreen, Hats, and Sun Coverings: The sun’s rays can be very strong here, so make sure everyone wears sunscreen, hats, or anything that protects them from getting sunburned.
  2. Light and Airy Clothes: Wear light and breathable clothes like cotton t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. If you don’t have suitable clothes, you can visit a Uniqlo store in Singapore and check out their Airism line, which is designed for hot and humid climates like Singapore’s.
  3. Carry an Umbrella: It rains quite a bit in Singapore, so it’s a good idea to have a small foldable umbrella with you. You can even use it as extra sun protection when it’s not raining.
  4. Stay Hydrated: Drink lots of water because you’ll sweat a lot in the hot weather. Bring a reusable water bottle, as there are many water fountains in Singapore where you can refill it. The tap water in Singapore is safe to drink.
  5. Mini Electric Fan: Sometimes, there’s a breeze in Singapore that makes the heat bearable. But on days when there’s no breeze, it can be very uncomfortable. Bring a small electric fan for yourself and the kids to stay cool. You might notice that some kids in strollers even have electric fans attached to them in Singapore.

By following these tips, you and your kids can enjoy Singapore’s weather without feeling too hot and uncomfortable.

Details Of our Family Trip To Singapore

Trip Type: Family Trip To Singapore
Flight: INR 27000 return per person
Duration: 6 Days, 5Nights
No. Of People: 2 Adults, 1 child
visa fees :  Rs 3500

Eating Yummy Food in Singapore

In Singapore, you’ll come across many Indian food options, especially South Indian cuisine, as well as Chinese dishes and a unique Singaporean blend influenced by various cultures.

If you want to enjoy tasty south Indian food, go to Little India, and if you want to enjoy north Indian go to Clarke quay. Chinese cuisine excites you, visit Chinatown. Mc donalds is great economical option if you are non vegetarian and easily available everywhere .

Hotels in Singapore that are Great for Kids

If you want to be careful with your money, you can find family rooms in hostels in Singapore. However, it’s essential to know that these might not be as cheap as in other parts of Southeast Asia.

Here are some child-friendly hotels in Singapore:

  1. Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa
  2. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
  3. Shangri-La Singapore
  4. Raffles Hotel Singapore
  5. Shangri-la Orchard

Getting Around Singapore with Kids

Singapore has a fantastic public transport system that is easy to use. You can find bus stops and MRT stations near almost all areas and attractions. If you want to visit the Southern Islands, there are public ferries available too.

When we were in Singapore, transportation was the one thing we try to save money on.

For detailed itinerary check my next blog.

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