Toy Storage Ideas- 8 Tips For Stylish And Discreet Storage For Kids

When you have kids around you, then you must have already witnessed their mess with the toys. They rule over the entire house with their toys scattered here and there. Therefore storing the toys is not only an essential thing for parents but also for children also. The toys must be stored at a place where they are easily reachable. Storing the toys doesn’t only mean that you should store the toys in the kid’s room or hall. But, it means using various innovative ways to store the toys. 

Now, the question here arises, how can we store toys for kids? Below are a few innovative ways you can use to store the toys. Let’s ponder over them. 

1. Put shelves and cupboards at a lower height

While placing the toys for the kids make sure to design the cupboards and shelves at a lower height. This will facilitate the kids to easily reach the toys when they need them without any assistance. It will even help your child to become more responsible and keep the toys tidy at a particular place.

2. Choose modular storage that can grow with your child.

Modular storage is a great way to arrange the toys aesthetically. This storage approach is used because as soon as the child grows, this design can also grow with the child. They are also a great way to decorate your child’s room without any hassle. 

3. Go low with under bed storage

If you want to store the toys then the underside of the bed is also a great option. This will not only save a lot of space but will make things easy for kids. You can go for the beds with drawers and boxes for the kids. This will help to arrange the toys at a convenient place. Even if you are tight on space then also this bed will act as a blessing in disguise for your needs. 

4. Go with the cube storage

This is one of the optimum small bedroom storage ideas to keep the house tidy. The small open cubes will make things easier for you. With this, you will get the idea of a small room being shown larger. It will keep the surroundings clutter-free and help to store the toys in a single area.

5. Take a seat with bench storage

Boot benches are a great way to store the toys in a single place. You can go for seating with added cushions so that you can easily store the toys. As soon as the child grows, you can easily change this storage in no time.

6. Put it under the stairs

Using the stairs as a storage option is one of the great options for storing toys. It is one of the hidden storage options for storing. You can easily convert the area below the stairs using the drawers to make it easy to use. 

7. Diversify the desk storage

Desks are normally present in every household. So, why not use this concept for storing toys? If you have a desk in your house then it can be prolifically used for storage purposes. It can be used for the maximum potential. These desks will not only serve the single purpose of doing work but will also act as a great storage area.

8. Make it personal 

Personalization is the new normal for storing toys for kids. If the kids are allowed to make something as per their own choice then nothing can match the joy and happiness of that. You can upcycle the old furniture to make a storage area for the toy. The old boxes can be recycled to make the storage space. This will not only help recycle the old things but will also add a touch of creativity for the kids. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the innovative and effective ways that you can employ to store the kid’s toys. In addition to that, kids will even get the opportunity to learn and maintain the tidy surroundings around them. So, what are you waiting for? Make your surroundings more clear by arranging these toys in a proper place.


18 Replies to “Toy Storage Ideas- 8 Tips For Stylish And Discreet Storage For Kids

  1. Wonderful ideas for toy storage Nowadays space is very difficult and kids toys are increasing.My grandsons have these open boxed to store.S song is played… Clean up the room and they enjoy stowing away their toys.

  2. Wow these are some great storage ideas to store kids toys. indeed, this is best way to keep toys and our home organized. personally I like cube storage most. they look cute and stylish.

  3. I reorganized my son’s room last week. And personalized it according to his favorite color. He was actively involved in sorting out his toys and putting them in the bins. Using storage cubes are always my first choice when it comes to organizing.

  4. Now these are some great storage ideas for kids toya. Especially because they keep on increasing with growing kids. I loved the chair storage option and will try it too

  5. These are wonderful ideas. I follow some of these ways of storage and these do help in organizing my kid’s stuff conveniently & makes it easier for him to pick his toys & also to rearrange them after play.

  6. With online shopping I would say the surge in th etoys have increased a lot. These are some brilliant ideas to store toys. We should also encourage kids to play in different manner with single toy that enhances creativity and boosts the brain.

  7. You have shared some wonderful ideas. I had such cube shelves for my son’s room when he was younger. I still have color coded drawers for him to put toys back!

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