Daily Affirmations to Follow for Your Mental Health!

Daily Affirmations to Follow for Your Mental Health!

Did you know that we humans follow affirmations daily, maybe knowingly or unknowingly?.

Positive affirmations have deep impact on our mental health balance. But what exactly are affirmations? And how does it play such an important role in any person’s life? Well, I am writing two articles in this series. In first article I am listing down few affirmation that I practice in my life and in second article we will learn steps to practice these affirmations.

Affirmations are a personal growth strategy used to promote self-confidence and acceptance in one’s own abilities. When people are under depression, they normally become pessimistic towards life and these daily affirmations when said out loud improves their mental health. Simply put, affirmation means to provide encouragement and emotional support to the ones who need the most.

Let’s recall a moment, where you were flooded with loads of problems, and you calmed yourself with your words, like –

“It’s okay, I will get through this!”

“I believe in my ability to resolve these issues “

Didn’t the situation get a lot easier to accept and handle, just by these words?

Affirmations help the brain to take situations positively, in fact, it encourages one to do their best to reach the goal. And isn’t it true that When you truly believe you can do something; your actions follow your mind? Even though affirmations are not magic bullets, but below are some of the positive words, which I follow the most during difficult times –

“I Love Myself For The Way I Am!”

Self-acceptance is an underrated term, but a much needed one in this era of social media. Whenever a person starts thinking of themselves negatively, they ought to do things without heart. For example, you begin to put yourself down because of your body posture, personality, or dressing sense. You went in the party, and made it in your mind that you aren’t looking good. As a result, you won’t be able to enjoy the party and the people around.

Hence, always focus on positive things, and be grateful for whatever you have, or however you look. Remember, it’s you and your body, and it’s your duty to respect it all!

“I Am Capable And Strong Enough To Overcome Problems!”

Never disrespect yourself and your abilities to perform certain tasks. Even if a situation feels difficult to handle, give your best move every time. Think about all the things you have achieved in the past by overcoming the negative thoughts, like –

“I have the worst communication skills. I will probably fail at this interview, because everyone else here is much experienced and looks confident. No way this company will hire me, I should opt out.”

With a positive affirmation:

“I will give my best shot to this interview like never before as I have all the necessary skills with experience.”

And you got confident with your words inside out, isn’t it magical?

“My Feelings Matters”

The only person who will take best care of you is just you. Either you can make yourself the happiest person, or an anxious one. Hence, always do something that makes you happy. Be it any sport, or a specific hobby, or your favorite cuisine, have it! Make choices in such a way that make you happy, don’t be a reason for your self-destruction.

I Will Allow Myself To Be In A Healthy Relationship Only

Take Care of where you invest your feelings on, and in which kind of relationship you stay in. Unhealthy relationships often turn out to be a toxic one and are among the major causes of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Understand your group, your close ones and evaluate them. If they are doing any harm to you, both mentally or physically, let it go. Better things are waiting your way! 

I Must Control My Anger For Myself

Try to forgive things, because it’s for you and nobody else. You can’t change every situation around. Learn to let go your anger and be the best version of yourself.

Try saying yourself a positive affirmation like “I will try my best to stay calm even if I will get frustrated”.  You can also try deep breathing and grounding exercises to calm your body and mind.

I Will Take Care Of My Body, Mind, and Actions

You are responsible for your overall wellness, and for this try practicing neutral affirmations.

I will keep myself in good health, whatever the situation will be. Because my body is my treasure, and it does a lot for me.

I will regularly consume nutritious food and would avoid eating junk for my health.

Also, to keep yourself physically healthy, try exercising regularly, get enough sleep, and Spend time on doing things you enjoy.

Never get into the trap of thinking “I’m busy”, instead take your health as your top most priority, because if you won’t, nobody else will! 

I Deserve To be Happy

There’s a big difference between positive affirmations and Ultra-positive affirmations. If any situation, job, relationship or the place is not giving you happiness just think about the way to change them.


Consider making these slight changes to make yourself truly happy without conditions.

Be patient throughout the process, because this time it’s about your mental health, and these affirmations act like magic.

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26 Replies to “Daily Affirmations to Follow for Your Mental Health!

  1. Affirmative statements are very powerful. We have to remind ourselves about these positive statements. Just a little change in the way we look at situation and ti can do wonders. Sels-acceptance. I have also written a post on Affirmations on my blog.

    Alpana Deo

  2. In the mental health world, affirmations are short, encouraging statements that you can use to create a more positive frame of mind. … The more often you use an affirmation, the more it can help reinforce your value and self-worth and it may even positively affect your behavior.

  3. Wow great post and I agree that positive affirmations have a strong positive effect on our mental health. it is all depends on how we think and how we react because most of the time out side things are not in our control. all the best dear for #CauseAchatter. I am also doing it and my theme is also mental health talk.

  4. A wonderful post, indeed. Thank you for sharing this post. Though not considered of importance, some even ridicule the approach as trying to lift a person up using his boot straps, auto suggestion works. It is said, we become what we think. A lion become a sheep and start bleating like one, if it thinks it is a sheep. Similarly, if we think we can, we can. This is the power of self affirmation and auto suggestion. At the end of the day, we are successful in any endevour, only when we believe we can.

  5. I am a big advocate of self affirmation and feels it is you and only you who can help you to have better mental health. So be happy and have positive self image which in turn will help you to be more confident to face anything in life.

  6. Affirmative sentences make a great impact on our confidence and our lifestyle. Having a positive attitude and saying them to yourself helps you keep going through tough times.

  7. Affirmations can be important to boost one’s morale. They are powerful and have a positive impact when you have doubts about your ability to do something. Many times these affirmations have helped people overcome challenges and touch new heights.

  8. I am a huge advocate of affirmations. I have a long list pasted on my dresser wall. But right now going through extreme anxiety attacks. Nothing seems to be working but fighting it.

  9. Affirmative statements are very powerful. We have to remind ourselves about these positive statements. Just a little change in the way we look at situation and ti can do wonders. Sels-acceptance.

  10. I have a firm belief in affirmations, it helps a lot to calm down and has a proven impact on our mental health. Thanks for sharing this Jyoti. This is the least we can do for ourselves in our daily life.

  11. Affirmations are often underrated but are a great way to motivate, to psych ourselves up. You have listed some excellent ones and “I Deserve To be Happy“ is ultra important. Bookmarking your post 🙂

  12. Wonderful Affirmations Jyoti. Affirmations were my last post of the year. I am trying to change things and these have been a great help to shift my mindset and thought process. You have shared wonderful easy to do affirmations

  13. We do follow our statements or phrases that eventually become our affirmations. The picture is superb. Never thought of them as affirmations, but your post really is encouraging one to speak positively and always look ahead in the right way in the hope of achieving something, rather than cribbing.

  14. Daily Affirmations are really a good source to start your day on a positive note Jyoti. Loved your post.

  15. What a wonderful post Jyoti! I truly believe that affirmations work wonders for people. It not only helps one to change the mindset, but also brings a lot more focus, calmness and empathy in our lives. Loved reading this post as a part of #CauseAChatter

  16. Self acceptance and self respect is very necessary for own sake. I came to know that self cursing leads you to depression and more failures in life. I really felt good after reading this post.

  17. This is such a lovely and positive post. Even I believe, the moment you feel like giving up these affirmations to self, act as miracle. Self affirmations lead you to success. It’s a great way to stay motivated.

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