STEM Toys that made our learning fun at home!


Why are kids so curious about each thing they see?. Every parent often tells that my daughter or son is very curious to know about everything . Why are clouds shapeless? Why don’t boats dive in? And How can a car go this long without getting tired?

But did you know that this curiosity is their internal desire to learn about everything around?

Whether your little one is a preschooler or kindergartener there will be more than 100 questions asked by them every day. While the little ones are so curious to learn this much, we as parents desire to learn more about the science, technology, and mathematics of all these activities – just to explain them easily!

But due to our hectic schedule, it gets difficult to catch up on everything by words, and here is where STEM comes in. This being said, Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics plays a pivotal role in today’s life and STEM is all about this only. 

STEM activities or games provide hands-on experience and minds-on lessons to any student. It makes the learning process more fun and interesting as compared to everyday academics. It’s essential to introduce STEM activities at an early age, so as to build the kid’s ability to innovate, be technologically fluent, and understand how and why things work scientifically.

However, it’s quite difficult to find the right STEM projects for kids. Here are my personal reviews of three brands that offer  STEM activities for kids. I have used each one of them and found it all much better and useful than any other ones in the market-


Crettolabs was founded back in 2016. The company’s only aim is to make STEM education accessible, affordable, and easy for everyone. They offer three products, namely –

1) Magnetic Puzzles

The magnetic puzzles by cretto labs allows kids to create and design any colourful magnetic shapes on the given magnetic board. A kid can make more than 1000s of designs on the board. My daughter loves to create shapes on a magnetic board. The company states that this activity is suitable for age groups from 4 to 99 years.

2) Discovering Motions Robotics Kit

Nowadays each kid is curious to know more about how robots work, and how to make one. This kit by cretto labs has a detailed manual to construct models. The models will help kids to learn more about simple machines, force, power, type of motions, etc.

My daughter used to build simple machines at first, and later by my help, she started building complex robots. As there is a manual available for each robot, the process gets a lot easier. I believe that this robot is best for boosting a kid’s imagination and knowledge.

3) Electronics Project Kit  –

There are in total 18 components available in the electronics project kit by cretto labs. Moreover, there are 12 wonderful projects like a torch, an auto night light, that uses a light sensor to switch on the LED when the light goes out. There are also easy to use sliding loops that a kid can relate with real life applications.

The application builds curiosity in kids’ minds and allows them to explore more about electronics. In the pack it’s mentioned that the set is best suited for 6 – 14 years kids, and I am glad I bought it!


Explore toys is yet another best and an ondest toy manufacturer from India. Their STEM toy-kit is well equipped with a broad range of modules that makes the child’s learning experience both enjoyable and safer. Buying toys from Explore was my best decision every, because I have never seen my daughter this curious and expressive while playing.

All the boxes are thoughtfully created to ensure one can get the best learning experience. Here are the 5 boxes which I have personally bought for my daughter –

1) Slime making kit:

My daughter is fond of slime, and the kit contains all the essentials one will need to make their own jiggly and squishy slime! After making slimes, I store them all in the containers available in the box. My daughter used to make 4-5 different types of slime from one box itself.

2) Candle making lab:

This kit by Explore toys helps kids to learn about how candles work and the different types of flames. Kids can also learn to create and package their creations. One can make different types of candles, and my daughter specifically likes the rose candle.

3) Candy making lab :

Candies are the most favourite part of any kid’s life and so as the My Candy Making Lab by Explore. The kit includes candies making process, history of candies, through which kids can turn on their chef mode. I must say I was personally super impressed with this box. My daughter enjoyed the process a lot as she learned to make sweet & sour jelly candies and hard candies with the magic of chemistry.

4) Summer Perfume making lab :

Yet another kit by Explore is the perfume making lab which includes a lot of fragrances. The best part about this kit is one can wear them too! 

5) Glow in Dark Soap Making lab :

This is a total fun kit for kids because they can learn the science behind soap making easily. My daughter learned to make scented and glitter soaps through all the accessories that were available in the kit. She also made some funny shapes with a combination of great fragrances which we have kept till date!  

It’s easy to teach complicated chemical processes by the help of all these boxes. The best part of these kits is they are economically affordable and includes a lot of manuals and materials.  


With Magna-Tiles kids can build several geometric structures, and that’s the reason behind its popularity. Through this construction toy system kids become more creative, and can learn a lot of new things at a single stretch. 

Engaging STEM Toys that made our learning fun at home!

These tiles are among the list of exceptional STEM tools because it encourages 3 dimensional thinking, spatial awareness and different math skills. Even though Magna-tiles are a bit costly, I treat it as an investment due to its benefits. After going through so many brands, we came across with a brand called teamtiny cuddle.

Their magnetic blocks are highly affordable and the shapes come in bright and brilliant colors. My daughter used to create letters, numbers, animals, buildings, etc with these tiles. The tiles are made from premium components and it’s safe to use.


There are tons of STEM activities brands available in the market. Each kit includes all the age-related detailed information. Just make sure to use such a beneficial product for your kid because it plays an important role in early childhood development. When you take the right step at the right time for your kid, you will surely see positive growth in the future!

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25 Replies to “STEM Toys that made our learning fun at home!

  1. My little one is at the perfect age to use STEM toys. I liked the variety you gave in your post. These toys not just fosters imaginations, creativity but stregnthen their motor skills as well.

  2. I really love STEM toys in comparison to the electronic musical toys. My son just creates a ruckus in the house and nothing else. STEM toys are a perfect example of learning while playing. I have been using Smartivity labs for my son. Will try this too.

    1. STEM toys are the perfect way to curb the curiosity of kids today. They learn in an hands on way and understand it well. It gives a two in one function of learning with playing.

  3. I like the STEM toys and my boy used them for a while, before he got into Cricket. Now that has become his first love and life for ever. So he doesn’t want anything else from life these days.

  4. Though not a kid, I would love to explore the explore toys option 🙂
    They all sound so interesting and something that i will enjoy.
    I didn’t know about the name STEM toys at all… though i have always bought ‘learning’ toys or kits as i call them for kids whenever I have wanted to gift.

  5. This is amazing list of suggestions. I am getting magnatiles for Aarav on his birthday. I hope he enjoys it too.

  6. A very informative and well-written post. STEM toys are perfect for learn and play. As a child, I recall playing with electro kits with my brother. They have been around for years but there are definitely a lot more options available now.

  7. Thanks for such detailed recommendations. I am getting Magna tiles for Aarav on his birthday. I am sure he will love them too.

  8. This is quite an interesting concept. I have heard of these type of kits…soap making, candy making etc but had no idea about the STEM concept. My kids quite inquisitive so will definitely be trying out these toys to encourage his creativity and imagination further

  9. Stem toys are perfect for kids to learn how to use their imagination and creativity. My daughter always loved lego building activity. I like the idea of introducing stem toys for kids. Very well written post really helpful for parents.

  10. Stem toys give the right direction to curious minds in the most creative way. It enhances the motor skills in kids. I recently bought Magnatiles for my daughter, and it is really worth it. You have shared so much information on stem toys, surely going to get some for my son.

  11. I love love love love STEM toys !! My kids have the magnetic tiles since 2017 and they are one of their favourite toys to play with. I will explore the other links that you shared and will buy next time we come to India. Thank you

  12. Considering the present scenario STEM toys help in developing the hand and eye co-ordination amongst kids, which is the most important aspect for any child. Glad to know that today we are talking about different toys and the importance of those toys in our child’s development.

  13. These types of toys increase the power of mind and also increases the innovative part of a child. Undoubted they are those toys which improves your child’s mind power.

  14. Thats a beautifully curated STEM toys list Jyoti. My son is just 5 years and he enjoys his magna tiles a lot. STEM toys like these indeed help children get creative, focused and I believe it also helps them to concentrate at the tasks in hand. STEM Toys play a pivotal role in creating the right mindframe in children.

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