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Go digital – we speak this phrase quite commonly, but is it that easy? Being a mother myself, the one thing I have realized in recent years is that parenting in the digital age isn’t a walk in the park. My daughter often surfs the internet to check for any information, watch YouTube videos, listen to music, explore new skills, but I always have two concerns attached – increasing screen time and exposure to inappropriate content.

I am not saying as a parent we should not embrace technology at all, because we all know the reality now – the future is all about the internet. And just the way a coin has two sides, so does the internet. Like any other parent my struggle was to monitor my child’s online activities, save her from bullying and inappropriate content. This is where Happinetz has been a boon for me. Read on to know more about this box that provides safe internet for kids.

Some of the issues parents face are:

With virtual classes happening during the lockdown days, devices became a part of my kid’s life. It undoubtedly became essential, but for me striking the balance became tougher. Worries about too much screen time and exposure to the wrong content used to haunt me.

And, if at all I was able to manage the screen time issues, the content part still used to scare me a lot. I did ask my daughter to be aware and watch only age-appropriate content, but let’s face it – the Internet is a vast sea of content, and nobody has any control over it.

On the other hand, constantly asking and questioning my little one was irritating for her too. I definitely wanted her to thrive and stay safe, but not at the cost of her getting irritated all the time with my questions.

Website Blockers

I started searching for ways to regulate my child’s online activities and found that the best tool in hand is the website blockers. But it was a tedious task to block websites using browsers or anti-virus.

Then I found something very appropriate. Exactly something that I wanted.

Meet Happinetz: Your Ally

Picture this: you staying out of home, doing all the chores, giving your kid their tablet or mobile phone at specific hours, but not worrying about the type of content they will be watching – sounds dreamy right? But this is now my reality – all thanks to Happinetz.

It’s the answer to all my digital parenting dilemmas. Happinetzis an internet filtering system that provides safe internet to kids, and teenagers, and also helps with screen time management.

Happinetz, from the day I installed it, walked with my daughter in the online world and protected her from potential dangers. The features of the system are amazing, below I will make sure to share each, and also at the end, I will share the feature I specifically am using currently in my tab.

Features of Happinetz

Happinetz has been offering parents multiple parental control solutions. All the solutions work on all browsers even in incognito mode, and are device agnostic as well. Which means that it works on all device types – TVs, Laptops, Tablets, and Phones (Android and iOS). The best part, parents don’t have to install the app on their kid’s devices.

To speak out numbers, Happinetz has a website blocker that monitors 110 million+ websites and apps and blocks 18 million+ adult and 4 million+ unsecured websites and apps. The list doesn’t ends here. Read the features section below to explore what’s more in the box:

Exhaustive filtering system

Happinetz comes with a website blocker that uses multiple filters to ensure your child is not exposed to inappropriate internet. It basically sends the app and website requests from each device to a central filtering system, which further determines what type of content should be permitted or denied. The blocker uses a multi-level filter approach – like Selective Access Control, MAC-based filtering, Web Categorization, and DNS filtering.

The best part about this feature is – it allows me to customize the settings at any hour of the day. There are 15 categories and some of these include – safe search, education, online learning, news and general knowledge, home and family, social media, gaming, games for kids, shopping, advertisements, and adult.

Customisable internet schedule

Besides a website blocker, Happinetz also has a set screen time schedule option. Through this, I was able to set internet access limits for my child very easily. There are slot options given, like slot 1, and slot 2, and within each slot, parents can set a time limit (a specific range). We can also extend internet time for particular days.

Expert insights

Happinetz with its website blocker absolutely aces the website blocking game, but what’s more exciting about this box is it gives parents internet usage insights. For example, I can check out what type of content my kid was watching throughout the day. How many hours did they watch something, how much did they learn, and what were their social media usage timings?

Not just this, the box even gives users device insight, whether the kid was active on a tab, laptop, or any specific mobile phone. 

Some more features I liked the most about Happinetz!

Quick setup

Setting up any tech is often intimidating, with too many logins, too many passwords to remember, and complex UI. But this was not the case with Happinetz. The whole setup process took a few minutes. Within two steps and five minutes, I had a digital guardian up and running.

Zero kid involvement

The best part about using Happinetz that comes with a website blocker is we don’t have to download any app on our kid’s devices. Hence, it doesn’t take your child’s data, and it’s safe to use. Also, this approach respects your child’s footprint in the world of the internet and they only see age appropriate content. And parents get the peace of mind they deserve.

Multiple device compatibility

If you live in a tech-savvy household, Happinetz with its website blocker can be a great addition to your house. Wondering how? Being a mother myself, I am using Happinetz for my little one’s tablet, smart TV, my laptop, mobile phone (almost everyone at my home), and the gaming console which my daughter uses. This means, the software is highly compatible with multiple devices, and as a parent, we can connect up to 10 devices, without facing any issues.

Everyday usage of Happinetz: How I made the most out of this website blocker?

Now that you have explored the feature, next comes the section where I will be sharing how Happinetz with its website blockerpersonally worked for me. Happinetz made parenting easier for me, just after the installation, I knew my child’s online exploration is in capable hands.

I have installed Happinetz in my home, and because of its website blocker and app blocker filters, I am rest assured. No matter what my daughter is doing – from school homework, online classes, watching school updates, to learning things online, I now don’t need to be with my daughter all the time. In fact here are a few features I have enabled which you must check now: 

1. With the multi-level filter turned on, I now know my kids won’t be exploring anything that’s not good for them. Moreover, by turning on education, online learning, news and general knowledge, home and family apps and sites, I am rest assured that my kid will be consuming age appropriate content only.

2. With adult sites and apps turned off by default, I am now not worried about any adult pop ups coming on their screens.

3. The partial on feature is just amazing – I have turned it on for gaming and chats. This means, my kids now get to play games that are age appropriate, and they can’t open any business chats or forums which are either way restricted at my home.

4. Lastly, Happinetz with its website blocker even offers advanced filters. Through this, parents can whitelist or blacklist content according to the kid’s age. They can toggle between two modes – kid and teen. Also, we can blacklist certain links as per our needs.


Finally, I would just say – I am a happy Happinetz parent who has turned her worries into solutions, and concerns into empowerment, the smart way out. I am now embracing the future with open arms, because I know I have a 2 AM expert friend, who does the research all day, to keep my kids safe. Don’t you wish to have such a burden sharing asset to be in your house too?

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