Some Board Games For Kids You Must Try Now!

Some Board Games For Kids You Must Try Now


Every game acts as a learning opportunity for kids. They develop hand-eye coordination, identify colours, and learn rules. But finding a game that can help a kid learn a new language, the value of teamwork, and is entertaining too is a bit difficult. But we have got you covered! Here is a list of the best board games for kids, but before that let’s understand why to invest in board games?

Playing board games is not just entertaining, but also it promotes family time. You can learn more about your kid, and can teach them to follow the right instructions. When you play different board games with your kid you can be more aware about your kid’s creative side. Also, if your child is shy to open up to you, this is a perfect game for them, as it develops a stronger sense of individuality and creativity. Leading to a greater self-esteem and a feeling of being respected and noticed.

Moreover, board games will teach your kid to set goals and be patient with the process, which is much needed to grab success. As there are so many options available in the market, here are few board games which I have personally used it, and would highly recommend to any parent –


DICE Toy Labs has a collection of board games for family, girls, boys, and small kids. Some of the popular collections which I have used are as follows –

A) My BOT Bytes

If you want a fun and an action programming board game, then My Bot Bytes is all what you will need. It includes a lot of fun coding activity and simple software algorithms for the little one. It’s a proper strategic board game best suited for 5-year-old kids. My daughter especially loved the cute robots, and playing with them eventually became her routine before sleeping. 

Also as the gaming concept is new in the market, the company has made sure that their customers don’t end up getting confused. That’s why there is an executing instruction manual available in the box. It’s a 2 player only game, and the best part is dice toylabs is an Indian company experimenting with such an amazing concept.



INDUS is a strategizing game, and it’s ideal for leisure play. It’s basically a civilization-building game through which kids can build their civilization step by step! It includes a nice artwork and it’s very attractive as well. Kids can come up with their own ways of doodles like tress, flowers, and mountains.

There are 4 pens included in the box, hence My daughter and I play together every night. She loves to plan and draw cities according to her ideas, as there are 200 City maps available. Users can also purchase City maps, if they want to explore more. In all, this board game is the best purchase you will ever make for your kid above 5 years! 


This game by dice toy lab is based on honey bees and it’s for kids, adults as well as families. The player is required to place their hex tiles to match colours and after matching up a colour, they get an opportunity to draft a card that gives the location of a flower. The card indicates the distance between the bee and the flower. After matching colours on the hive the player will attract a bee to the Swarm. And in the end, the player who has acquired most worker bees will win the game.

The Honey Scout game has a lot of advantages for kids because they will help them learn Tile-laying, Card drafting, and Deck Building, all at once.

2. Kitki

The Kitki board game is my second best choice for board games. It has everything a kid will require to learn about the fascinating aspects of maths and science and that too by having fun! .

It is basically stem based board game.

I have bought the Three Sticks Board Game by Kitki. The game basically consists of sticks each having different lengths. Through these sticks, the kid can try making different shapes and sizes, and can earn points with the same. Because they don’t get to choose the stick, as the whole game depends on the random cards they’ll pick up. Hence, the kid can get a lot creative throughout the process.

3. Cuweeosity

Cuweeosity has a lot of incredible educational games for kids. Being a Bangalore based startup, their practice is to make gaming fun and educational. They  weave academics seamlessly into their games, and help kids to learn even while playing!

cuweeosity board games

A) Dare to spell

The dare to spell board game by Cuweeosity is a learning and educational board game for boys and girls aged more than 5. This game works on improving english language and spelling skills. It is a really funny game and is available in different colours. More than 200 words are spread into two levels, beginner and advanced. My daughter loves playing this game as she learned a lot of new words throughout the process.

B) Fictionary Dictionary

The fictionary dictionary board game by Cuweeosity is best for kids above 6 years. The game focuses on building children’s imagination and develops their love for storytelling. There are over 300 words and 300 pictures, available through which one can plot a story. Kids even learn to form perfect sentences and also become more creative.

C) Wizard of Words

This board game is ideal for kids above 8 years and helps in improving vocabulary and spelling skills through challenging words. There are different reward cards available throughout the game. These cards motivate kids to learn difficult words and improve their vocabulary. As there are a lot of twists and turns, I believe it’s the best board game one can ever have for their kid!

D) Dareithmetic

Dareithmetic is yet another incredible and challenging board game built just to improve a kid’s critical solving ability. The game plot is easy to understand, two players have to challenge each other to solve a math problem, and if any one fails, they have to perform a hilarious dare!

The kit contains a Game Board, set of tiles, math operation tiles, dare cards, and player tokens. The game also improves STEM skills, and it’s a must buy!

E) Multiples

Multiples is similar to the previous game but over here, the game is all about multiplication tables. It is best suited for kids above 6 years, and it makes the multiplication process a lot easier!

All these board games are interactive, fun, and have a lot of educational benefits. Your kid will learn several aspects of learning, building, and planning, which is a must in the early ages. Some of the above board-games are also aligned to the curriculum, which I personally liked the most. My daughter felt all excited, adventurous, and courageous, while playing these games, since all of it really helped her for personal growth!

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24 Replies to “Some Board Games For Kids You Must Try Now!

  1. These are some great suggestions for board games. During lockdown this is what we used to do and bought so many board games like cluedo.. GameofGames, Strategeo and many more. I agree it promotes family bonding as we spend so much time together.

  2. Iam a big broad games fan. I will be sure to try a few from your list. Even at 42, I love playing Scrabble, Pictionary etc. My husband is my partner in crime for most of these & also have a set of friends who love board games as well. For hand-eye coordination and color-share recognition, you must try this game called Dobble. It is played with a set of cards & is super fun!

  3. Thanks for sharing a long list of board games for girls and boys. This time many from the list are totally new to me. You know your list has helped me get ideas for choosing the best gifts for my friend’s teenager twin’s b’day.

  4. I have never heard of these games but they look interesting. My kids used to love board games growing up. But we did not have so many options back then.

  5. Loved the recommendations. Board games are the best way to spend quality time together.infact my husband and I even bought ludo when we got married. While many lauhhed on us, only we knew the joy of playing it at bedtime.;)

  6. Wow Jyoti, these are indeed some unique board games. I am saving your post. Will go through each game and find which one would interst Ayaansh. All these games look so interesting.

  7. Those were some amazing game. My son loves Board Games and I also believe that board games help in cognitive development of the child. Hope to purchase them soon.

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