Homeschooling – Steps and Benefits you must know!

Homeschooling - Steps and Benefits you must know!


Homeschooling is not a new concept, instead, it has been practiced by Britishers since 1940. And did you know that the first Indian female teacher, Savitribai Phule, was home educated? From selecting a curriculum and choosing what is best for the kid, it takes a lot of effort. There are several reasons why parents still prefer homeschooling and the major of all is helping the child to follow its own interest.

Before moving ahead, let’s understand What exactly is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is a trend/route that’s less traveled by people due to many reasons!

Homeschooling is not just “Doing school at home”, infact, it’s more than that. It’s also not an easy option, because you have to take care of your little one, both as a teacher and as a parent. Everyday you must think about teaching a subject in a way that’s out of box, and extremely easier to understand.

The imposition of lockdown has made everyone realise why it’s essential to go for Homeschooling. And as childrens are natural learners, we as a parent, have to accept the fact that learning can be done anywhere and at any time. While homeschooling it’s important to build a growing environment at home, and this article covers the same, to help you the best!

Are you planning to Homeschool your children’s? Here’s what you must know!

  • As a parent, you have to give your kid personal attention and constant monitoring. Plan your day beforehand and execute the scheduled work accordingly. Keep a track of everything you teach and the breaks as well!
  • There will be a time, when you might be busy with your own work, but don’t let all of it affect your kid’s studies. Appoint a home tutor for a while, but before that, look after their teaching skills, communication skills, and core knowledge of subjects.
  • You can’t keep your kid every time at a place, they should learn to socialize. It’s essential for them to be with kids of their age. This is necessary for personal development and building a bond.
  • During homeschooling, you will have to look after different ways to teach your kid. You should not keep them wholly dependent on you, instead you must make them independent during the process.
  • Homeschooling can get boring at times, for both the parent and the kid. Hence, move away from the four walls, and take lessons in open spaces. Give your kid the exposure they will need in their life.
  • Take regular counseling sessions to understand what your kid needs the most, and whether they are understanding your teaching process. If you spot any downpart, then work on it before it gets too late!
  • Last but never least, don’t forget to prepare your child for the world they will live in the future. Educate them the right thought differences, culture, society, and the harsh realities.

Interesting benefits of Homeschooling –

As mentioned previously, there are several benefits of homeschooling, but I would like to highlight the major one, like –

Flexibility in studies –

Traditional schooling often restricts a kid in several ways. Whereas, in the case of homeschooling, a child can learn anything and everything without being restricted. They will get more active, strong-willed, challenging, and most importantly creative.

Efficient and meaningful learning

It’s important for a child to get the right kind of attention through its tutor, but somewhere traditional schooling lacks this part. When there’s a low student-teacher ratio, the chances of time getting wasted is very less. There’s just quality studies happening around with less testing manias.

Focus on Mental health –

The most integral part of a kid’s education is its mental health. Often a child struggles a lot with the competition around, and all of it leads to depression, social anxiety, and other severe mental conditions. Whereas, homeschooling provides an opportunity for the parent to focus on emotional and mental well-being. Right mental care enables academic growth, hence it’s very important!

Personal growth –

Children’s autonomy plays an essential role in the learning process, and homeschooling cultivates it effectively. A Homeschooled kid gets a chance to make choices about how and what they want to learn. They will run after their interest, creativity, and passion instead of grades.

I took feedback from two moms who are currently homeschooling their kids

Urvashi , Damuru Creations says:

I love homeschooling and biggest success are colors, messy play with sand, water,  jelly beads, play dough and crafts. Apart from these I have used iPad to keep my kid engaged in learning. Our morning routine of prayer and night routine of poems and songs are great way to revise

Nidhi says “I personally feel that when separated from mum or family at young age babies loose their confidence&they loose the ability to express themselves to strangers. I feel in homeschooling we can Analyse our child interest n abilities and plan things accordingly so learning becomes fun. • 

As Learning is less about a person’s age, classroom, competition and more to do with the person’s improvement itself, I believe homeschooling is the best option. This type of schooling does not just allow a learner to learn the same topic in different settings and manners. Moreover, the main purpose over here is to raise diverse interests and skills by a combination of parents’ efforts and tailored curriculum. Well, I believe a few years later, Homeschooling will be the thing everyone would opt for!

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28 Replies to “Homeschooling – Steps and Benefits you must know!

  1. I agree, homeschooling can be challenging. I am homeschooling my 4 year old this year. And as you said, I plan my day accordingly. His study time should be affected with my buziness. I try to keep a balance between study time and playtime. Like doing Christmas and thanksgiving, we did craft, painted t-shirt – something similar to what he would have done at school.

  2. An interesting post. Till what age and upto what standard do you recommend home schooling. Certainly, personality of a child develops, albeit differently, when the child is exposed to other kids. But home schooling has many advantages as narrated by you. It also needs a lot of dedication and commitment from parents.

  3. Home schooling has its pros and construction. Right now we are forced to do homeschooling And I agree it’s not easy. Managing time that is proper scheduling and right balance between study time and play time is very important.

  4. Home schooling has its pros and cons. Right now we are forced to do homeschooling And I agree it’s not easy. Managing time that is proper scheduling and right balance between study time and play time is very important.

  5. Home schooling has both good and bad points. If you don’t have the time then homeschooling is not a good option. But when children go to school they inact with other kids. This is important since they will learn how to handle different kinds of kids like bullies . this too I feel is important.

  6. Home-schooling is an interesting concept. For primary school, I think it is fine but won’t kids miss out on social interaction and friends in school. This year has been hard on kids and moms. Homeschooling does have its own pros and cons and I think it will be an individual choice to opt for it or not.

  7. Though my both girls are doing their studies with home schooling since last one year and they has adjusted quite well too but personally I believe has become bore now and we are missing our old school days routine so much. your post is really good and you had shared great information regarding home schooling.

  8. Homeschooling has its own challenges but I have loved the concept ever since I have learned about it. You have mentioned all the important points to be taken care of before planning to homeschool a kid, and with COVID19 we all got a gist of it 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Homeschooling has both pros and cons. Specially now with the schools closed down and online schooling, parents have to rely a bit on homeschooling their kids to catch up better but it is also difficult with both the parents today working. When homeschooling was a trend in British era there were teachers who were dedicated to this task and would personally come home to home school a kid but today homeschooling a kid would not be so wise as socializing with other kids is also equally important and that can be achieved only through schools.

  10. I am on the fence about homeschooling. It has its advantages but children do need to interact with kids their age. The pandemic has forced parents into homeschooling so that they can make an informed decision.

  11. It has been noticed that educational quality has been better in homeschooling than traditional schools. With more personal care and grooming, home-schooled kids tend to pick up things easier than in schools. They show more interest in studies, which are more customized than the routine-based courses in schools.

  12. I know a few families which have opted for homeschooling during the lockdown, especially ones with little kids. So either the father or the mother opt to teach the child. I have also seen some take on this job only to give it up halfway and the kid is doing whatever he/she wants. So I feel it is important to research the benefits and drawbacks to see if homeschooling suits your family. If taking up, set up a timetable of sorts and ensure that it is followed stringently so that lessons are completed on time and to get the maximum out of homeschooling.

  13. It’s funny how just before the pandemic my husband and I did discuss homeschooling our son. Then came the pandemic and whilst its been amazing to have him at home, it is doubly challenging and exhausting. I think home schooling requires a whole new level of patience, discipline and a lot of time.

  14. Thanks for quoting me dear. It’s been almost a year. We have learnt a lot right from running to talking. Homeschooling is a wonderful experience for the entire family. Make your learning fun and enjoy with kids

  15. Right now we all are forced to do homeschooling. I am not sure about benefits of this kinds of schooling but my daughter is really missing school. I think it’s more beneficial for young kids but older kids really want to interact with their teacher and friends face to face.

  16. I always like the idea of homeschooling. In fact, it is so much effective, and this traditional pattern is still so much in trend that I came to know only when I land in the USA. Here, I met so many American families that prefer homeschooling to their kids until 5. In India, I hardly saw a serious homeschooling kind of opposite to that I saw we Parents are so much in a hurry to send our tiny tots to playschool. I strongly agree with all the benefits of homeschooling that you shared.

  17. I’m also meeting a lot of parents who are home schooling their kids ; this needs a lot of dedication of time & skills from a parent & im sure it can get burdensome at a point ; though tailored curriculum is the best bet here; my question is for how long can we continue to homeschool kids ? And does it not affect their social adjustment & remations with peers independently.

  18. What a great post Jyoti. Home-schooling is a great concept but it requires great amount of discipline, and hard-work. I personally believe that home-schooling gives in-depth knowledge to children. However, the only negative is lack of social interaction and competition with the wider peer set.

  19. I havent thought anything about homeschooling about my daughter but your post helped a lot. I would love to take a chance to think over the same. Agreed to many points though.

  20. Homeschooling is a great concept to give special attention to kids. I read somewhere that some parents made a group to teach their kids and for that they have opted their speciality and teach kids. Through this way kids are getting education. But they are not going to any school. It’s a wonderful example of homeschooling.

  21. Home schooling is gradually gaining popularity. Amidst the pandemic I tried homeschooling my 4 year old and it was a challenge. I was always skeptical if m following the right way or not. However with time I have learnt to have faith in my son and his learning ability.

  22. Such a comprehensive article for us homeschooling novices. Thank you for sharing all the tips and suggestions

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