Is it Okay to Nag tweens to do their homework


While some kids are naturally motivated to do their homework , others may not be. It is easy for some kids to succeed but some struggle to reach their goals. But what can a parent do if the kid is failing a class or refuses to do their homework? Below are some ways to reach a solution and find a root cause. Do not nag and do not force your tweens to do homework.

Finding the root cause

If the tween is failing a class or refuses to do their homework then the act of defiance should not be the first and final conclusion of the parents. Underlying causes such as bullying at school, stress, test anxiety, advanced classes, number of absences, learning disability, and depression are all contributing factors. Parents should also speak with their tween’s teachers and listen to their opinion with an open mind and willingness.Avoid nagging tweens about their homework.

Creating solutions with your tween

Once the root cause has been found, work on a solution with tweens by sitting with them and talking to them. Ask about what they have tried to handle the situation, what have they experienced, and how far they have been successful. Parents should also help tweens establish healthy study habits. They may include: creating a designated homework time and space, removing distractions including electronics, being available to help your teen when they have a problem or get frustrated, teaching them the importance of  time management skills, and helping them to organise everything.

Sometimes it is just laziness

Tween is an age where they can be lazy. Kids may find it bothersome to get what they want downstairs but are too comfortable on the bed. Sometimes they forget it if it is not in sight. Parents can bring their homework to them and motivate them to get them started by placing their stuff in front of them.

Sprinkle positivity

Make sure the positive interactions are more in quantity than the negative ones. Try appreciating their efforts and always do positive acts like hugging, laughing, and joking with the tweens. Kids tend to remember negative more than positive behaviour. Kids will respect and like those who are nice and kind to them.

Lay conditions instead of nagging

If the kids want to hang out with friends or do skateboarding let them go but with conditions. Tell them if they fail or do not do their homework then they may lose their privileges of going out.


According to the experts’ parents should face school dilemmas with an open mind and calmly. The tempting parent techniques like shouting, lecturing and nagging only irritate the child more. Bribing the kid to do their homework is a short-term technique as it may develop a “what is in it for me “attitude. And if the rewards are delayed then it can lead to rebellious behaviour in kids. Instead, follow the above tips as a safer route.Do not nag and do not force your tweens to do homework.

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