Teaching Responsibilities to Tweens

Tween years are most likely the best time to teach responsibilities. The level of conscientiousness begins to rise for the first time as adolescence approaches. When a child is a toddler or in their middle childhood, those are the times when they need a constant reminder about what to do.

However, as they grow up and enter tween years kids start to have more autonomy and are very much able to take charge of their responsibilities very well. These responsibilities can be doing their homework, cleaning their room and helping around the house with minor chores, and more. Children will never get a chance to learn if the parents do all their thinking for them. Allow kids to exercise this ability on their own. There are some tips given to teach Responsibilities to tweens

Teaching is equal to stepping back by the parents:

Tweens should be allowed to fail once in a while. This will help them build their resilience. Parents should choose low stake moments where they learn their lessons. It will become easier this way to teach responsibilities to Tweens

Opportunities at home to learn responsible behaviour:

Doing chores is the best way of teaching responsibilities to tweens at home. In this way, there is no risk of failing in public. Instead, they get a chance to complete it regardless of the number of mistakes they make. Doing activities like chores not only makes tweens responsible but also raises their self-esteem. It also makes them realise that being a part of the family is being a part of a team and that everyone has to play their part in it.

Provide tools that support responsibilities:

Tweens need tools that help them to be organised, be on time, and be disciplined. Parents can take their kids to the office supplies stores and allow them to choose their binders and files that they think are right for them. Remember the tweens have to choose for themselves and not to be imposed by the parents otherwise, the tip won’t work. Although it is completely fine to give suggestions.

Choosing the right time to teach responsibility to tweens

Tweens at these ages are going through a lot like emotionally, socially, and academically. Hence it is best to make them responsible before they enter this age group or let the phase pass first. Do this to avoid burdening the

Take breaks from teaching responsibility to tweens

Teaching responsibilities to tweens is important ask but always teach one responsibility at a time. Making them learn everything at once can burden them. This will make them very exhausted and frustrated.


Kids follow in the footsteps of their parents. To make them responsible parents should also able to take responsibilities very seriously. Kids watch more than they listen. If parents are dedicated to changing their habits for the best then the kids will follow.

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