Toys That Will improve Your Child’s Brain Activity


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Did you know that you can develop a lot of memory skills and improve your child’s brain activity just by toys and some games? Yes, the possibility of this is a lot higher, but to get valuable results to have to find the correct toy. From the growing stage itself, toys play a major role in the children’s overall physical and mental development.   As children, we often played with building blocks and puzzles which used to keep us occupied for hours. Did you know these toys, taught us to think and use our brain, helping us develop our gross and motor skills as well?

Today, children are hooked to the television or a device, watching cartoons or playing games. However, rather than dissuading them from doing this, give them toys that will keep them entertained and enhance brain development. 

Here are 7 toys that can improve brain activity:

As a mother, I was a lot selective about what toys I should give to my little one to play with. And with this being said, here’s a list of top 5 toys that you must-have for your kid.

Flash Cards 

If your kid is more than 2 years of age, you can buy them attractive flash cards. These cards play a major role in the mental development of kid’s and are considered to be the most effective memory-aid tools. With flash cards you can help your children learn new material or alphabets quickly. They all are also highly portable, you can carry it anywhere without any hassles.

Stacking Toys 

Shape sorters are the most popular educational toys that not only teach children about shapes and colours but also helps a lot in the development of fine motor and problem-solving skills. You can find a lot of varieties of shapes available in the market. 

Matching and Memory Games

Matching games is a must needed toy in the kid’s development stages since they help a lot in improving concentration levels. Also, such toys increase attention to details, and decrease short term memory issues. Kids also learn the ability to find similarities and differences between objects, and can improve their vocabulary simultaneously.

Building blocks

You can buy building blocks or unit blocks for your little one to inculcate the feeling of sharing and bonding. Also, building blocks develop problem-solving skills between children and help them to stay comfortable in groups.


Lastly, even puzzles have a lot of benefits for children in their development stage. You can simply start out with simple knobbed puzzles that would fit into corresponding board cutouts. Later you can buy more complex puzzles of different patterns and colours. This game not only develop problem-solving skills, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, but also improves hand-eye coordination and social skills. 

Rubik Cube/ Puzzle cube: 

A puzzle cube or Rubik cube is an excellent for brain development . They are simple and inexpensive. Your child has to solve the cube. This will help develop hand-eye coordination, boat memory skills and also, hone analytical and problem-solving abilities. It is Recommended for children 3 years and above.


Dominoes is an ideal game to play with kids, because the rules are simple. They can learn how to count and recognize pattern through them. Older children can also play this game with adults.


Tan gram normally comprises one parallelogram, one square and five triangles.Kids have to make specific shape using all the seven shapes. This toy can help children familiarized with geometric shapes , develop visual-spatial awareness and learn problem solving skills. this toy is recomended for children four years and above

Hence, toys, spark our children’s imaginations and encourage them to be creative. It is our responsibility to expose our children to toys that actually their thinking, physical, language and social-emotional skills

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11 Replies to “Toys That Will improve Your Child’s Brain Activity

  1. Happy to read the list of toys as my kids have played with all of them in childhood. Flashcards and building blocks were my younger one’s favorite and Rubik’s cube is still my elder one’s top favorite. He solves the cube in less than a minute and this helps him improving concentration a lot.

  2. Great Mention of toys, Jyoti, that aid in improving kid’s brain activity. Fortunately, My kids have all seven enlisted toys in their rooms. Rubik’s is something I keenly wanted to make my kid show interest in, but he didn’t. Maybe in the future sometime.

  3. These toys are engaging as well as initiate learning in kids. Stacking games were my son’s favorite while my daughter liked jigsaw puzzles.

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