Understanding cyber-bullying & it effects

Tweens are prone to getting cyberbullied these days thanks to social media . Cyber-bullying is refer to the use of technology to intimidate, harass or threaten, another young person. These offenders may hurt by send embarrassing pictures or videos, spread rumours, and would leave the victim traumatised. .Once the parents have found out about it, they should try to figure out whether the offender was harming intentionally or repetitively. If it is done intentionally then the offender has bad online manners and if it is done repetitively then it’s a serious issue and it needs to be dealt with.

5 Ways Parents and Teachers Can Protect Adolescents

Discovering cyberbullying can be traumatising for both the parents and the child and make them angry. As a parent you should try to get rid of children from bullying and protect them.  Here are a few steps that can be taken as a parent.

  • Comfort the child by telling them that they are loved and supported
  • Help the children take a break by stepping away from the net
  • If the bully is an acquaintance, then talk to their parents or complain to the authorities
  • Empower the kid to take specific steps

G.E.T.R.I.D method : helps the tweens deal with bullies

G.E.T.R.I.D. helps kids and tweens get through bullying. Of course, parents’ help is needed to get through every step and report the incident as some kids may find it emotionally exhausting to do so.

G—go a block and delete the individual doing the cyberbullying

Blocking people from the friend list who could be suspected may help get rid of bullying. Bullies can also be reached through service providers that can monitor calls and texts of the people misusing the service and their contracts can be breached. Changing a phone number can also be a good option.

 E—evidence should be saved

Take screenshots of all the conversations that took place between the child and the offender

T—tell someone

Kids should open up to their family members, their teachers at school, and their friends as this will make them feel less isolated.

R—Report abuse

There are websites available that help to report abuse. These websites are helpful to avoid the content posted or shared by the bully. If the kids are threatened by the bully, then immediately call the police.

I—initiate control

Kids taking control of the cyberbullying issue can help break the cycle and assure their safety. Following the above step and not retaliating against the bully can give the victim an upper hand. Responding to the offender can further worsen the situation. Taking a break from social media and involving in other activities like walking and exercising can help relax kids a lot.

D—delete the bullying messages

Once the evidence is collected delete them all. Forwarding them might not be a good idea. It’s better to delete them as soon as possible.


Cyberbullying can sometimes lead to serious problems. Fear and stress can lead to problems like sleep problems, appetite problems, energy levels, and mood swings. This can also lead to the child being jumpy, anxious, and sad. For someone who is already depressed and anxious can have detrimental effects on them. Parents should always help and support their children in this situation as it makes them feel safe and strong.

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