How to Teach hygiene habits to Tweens


Tweens are at an age where they are hitting puberty and changes in the body are taking place. This is the perfect time to teach hygiene habits that will help them take care of themselves. Some tweens will be very fussy while adjusting to new adaptations while some will need extra encouragement to get used to the new routine and hygiene habits. Here are some ways to deal with hygiene problems in tweens.

Helping your tween to manage personal hygiene

Establish a routine

Taking care of hair and body is part of growing up and to manage that hygiene habits routine should be setup. Most tweens love to avoid these routine and skip bathing and showering.

Kids need to take showers to stay fresh and active and also to clean themselves.Parents should make a routine for the kids where they take a bath at least once a day and wash their hair twice a week. Some kids may prefer washing in the morning to get ready to face the day or at night to have better sleep. .

Managing Body odour is important hygiene habits for Tweens

When kids hits puberty, Body odor usually becomes evident. It is important that your child washes their body and changes their clothes regularly, especially after physical activity, it’ll help to reduce the build-up of bacteria and avoid Body odour. So it becomes imporatnt to invest in antiperspirant deodorant to stop or limit sweating.Perfumes with a strong smell may be appealing to the tweens but they may irritate the skin.It is important to teach this hygiene habits to Tweens.

Good skincare techniques should be demonstrated

As kids enters tween age or hits puberty , their skin tends to become oilier especially the “T-zone,” . They may develop acne or pimples. So make sure that your child not to pick at any pimple or blackhead on her face. Kids do not know as much about skin as their parents do.

Parents should show kids how to do face wash, moisturise the skin if necessary, and treat acne using products that have benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Also mention how important it is to have a healthy diet,exercise, and rest to have healthy skin.

Make it enjoyable

Although under parent supervision, kids should choose their clothing, perfumes, shampoos,and soaps. Let them be creative with their choices and let them explore. And as always parents should always guide them.

Dental hygiene

Let’s not forget the teeth. Brushing teeth helps get rid of bacteria and other harmful germs.Parents should make a routine of brushing teeth twice a day. Parents should also tell their kids that they should take their time in the bathroom to think about the day that lies ahead of them.

Discussing Feminine Hygiene. 

Tell your tween daughter to manage bacteria which can harm her body. she should not share hairbrushes or makeup, especially things used near her eyes or mouth. Teach her about menstruating, and which products to use, how often to change them, and how to chart her cycle.

Give them space

As their body is changing, tweens become very conscious about their privacy. Parents should give them their space when bathing. If they prefer seeking advice from elsewhere like the net, or siblings and friends then let them.


Hygiene is an important part of life and should be established early in life. It is important to teach these hygiene habits to Tweens. Parents can help do that using the tips mentioned above. Kids will undoubtedly make endless efforts to look good. Parents should compliment them for their effort and help them have good self-esteem.

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